What Do You Do In Case Of Economic Collapse?

We talk a lot about just, you know, the market going down, going sideways, recessions, all these good things, but what are some ways to hedge against threats of that? We talked a little about insurance the other day and different stuff in that regard, but what is a good way to protect against threats of the economy going down and a vast majority of people have invested in the stock market and some type of paper assets, equity assets, sometimes maybe debt like the bond market. But what are some good ways to hedge against that?

Gold and Silver

Well, gold and silver hedge against that. It’s money insurance. It’s insurance on the currency. You have gold and silver, that’s true money. That’s a hedge.

Real Estates

Real estate is a hedge. It’s a hedge against the dollar. It’s shorting the dollar, all these are short positions. You’re shorting the dollar because you don’t trust in the American government. You don’t trust in governments, you don’t trust them fiat currency, you don’t trust in the currencies now, fiat currency staying because every fiat currency in the history of the world has a 100% failure rate. You heard that right. Every fiat currency in the world in human history has failed, all of them. One hundred percent failure rate. So do we think the US dollar is any different or better in that regard than everyone else? We have the same, all the currency. Just because it’s the American dollar doesn’t mean it’s any different. It’s the same all the dollars, all fiat currencies. So they’re all the exact same.


So two other ways are crypto. Crypto is a hedge, is more speculative, but it is a hedge. It’s shorting the dollar. You’re betting that the money, your currency won’t do as well in the stock market. It will be better with Crypto, it’s going to have more games there. So you’re hedging and shorting the dollar there.

Stock Market

The last play is in stocks, but it’s giving yourself insurance. It’s stock options, puts, calls, straddles, any type of short position there. You’re shorting the dollar there, giving yourself insurance. I’m not talking just, you know, investing in Apple and just, you know, putting some money in and buying some shares of apple or 401k, IRAs, stuff like that. That’s just saving it or saving, that’s not investing, that is strictly savings in the stock market. So it’s tied to the stock market, but you’re not making money as Warren Buffet does. For instance, he is shorting stocks. He used doing things given he’s buying insurance and stock options. That way when the market goes down, he still makes money or if it goes down too much, it automatically popped them out of the market and he’s on to invest in our thing.

So those are a couple different ways, like I said, to short the market and hedge yourself against downtimes, hedge yourself against a dollar, Crypto, real estate, stock options, gold, and silver. So hopefully you got something out of that is the Macro Q and A for today. It’s a question I get asked a lot – what to do. What do you do in case of economic catastrophe, collapse, sideways trend, downward trend? Anything that’s not optimal, anything that’s not straight up, right. So hopefully you got something out of that. Let me know what questions you have, what your thoughts are on that, and we’d love to hear them. I appreciate your time and energy because it’s the most important thing we have. We’ll see you guys soon.