Business is a Team Sport!

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Mitten Made Properties wholeheartedly believes in surrounding our clients and ourselves with the absolute best in business partners and allied resources.

  1. Lender - They handle all the financing and the mortgage. They are critical to the process because without the funding, the buyer can't close. Because of this It is important that the lender is thorough and reliable.
  2. Inspectors - The inspector will go through the home for YOUR benefit, notifying you of any potential problems so you have the peace of mind knowing you are getting a sound purchase.
  3. Insurance - Protects you in the event something goes wrong with the home or an unforeseen event takes place.
  4. Builders - The critical component when it comes time to build your new home is which builder to choose. Who your builder is can be the difference between great construction and a great experience or disappointment for not making the right choice. Not all builders are created equal, so let us help you choose the best builder for you.
  5. Attorney - they will protect you in the event of any legal disputes or questions outside of what your agent and broker are legally able to handle.
  6. Contractors - When you need something upgraded or repaired, call us first! We have contractors who do great work at great prices.
  7. Wealth Mgmt - Your financial advisor will be able to ensure that buying or selling a home fits with your financial goals. Always consult your advisor before purchasing!
  8. Financial Services - Like wealth management professionals, your advisors here will make sure you are making the right financial decision.

Partners Disclaimer: The vendors we recommend are preferred vendors by Mitten Made Properties but are not required to be used by buyers or sellers. Buyers and sellers have the option to use whomever they would like and are not limited to these select few.