Would You Rather: Go Online Or Meet In Person When Transacting With Your Real Estate Team?

I just have a question for you guys today and that's our video for today. We get a lot of questions and try to give a lot of answers hopefully over the last few years, but I really don't ask many questions of you guys. I just wanted to see, just kinda like a poll almost, but how many people, if they could do the entire real estate process online, through and through from start to finish, would you rather have that? Or would you rather have that in house person, that person you can go to the office, you can go see homes for them. You can go through the mortgage process and sit down with a lender.

What would you rather do? Would you rather be that person that's in person doing things with that one on one touch? Or would you rather be doing things completely online and just having things in the comfort of your own home from the comfort of your couch and just doing everything through there?

Life's changing

I just think the real estate's really changed. I mean the life's changing in the next 5, 10 years. We have AI and robots and all the AGI's and general intelligence and super intelligence, all these different things are coming and it's really going to disrupt so many industries. Real estate is not alone. It's going to get crushed by technology and some really cool things coming along. But I think the local people are still going to be there big time in a national level is really changing the scope of things. But, locally things are going to change a little bit but not gonna change all that much. You're still gonna have people locally that are doing things.

But basically what I want to ask, like I said, is if there something if you could do completely on your own, on the comfort of your couch doing the entire process basically, except seeing properties. You can even go through virtual tours and things like that online. But if you could do everything on just through a portal, just through online or if you could do it conversely going one on one approach, something like that. What would you rather do?

So that's my question for today, a little bit of a Q and A back at you guys and see what you would rather do and just trying to get a general sense of the way that we can best serve you. And that's kind of Wednesdays we do a lot of success stories and things like that. Just how our clients are winning. We talked about a lot of options that we give home sellers, whether it's cash offers, we might offer them joint venturing with them on their own home. That's another story for a different day. We've done those videos in the past. So check those out. Or just regular retail listing and getting it sold for top dollar. It doesn't matter. But this today, I wanted to make it more about you. Again we get questions that people are asking those questions and that's from one person, but we can get a general sense of what people are wanting and what people want in the future. Then it will help us provide that service better.

So Daryl Hall and John Oates, by the way, providing the music in the background. Unbelievable song. Unbelievable. I can't go for that. This song- our trainer, when I was at Michigan State, he would play this song. He played Earth, Wind and Fire, and he played this song all the time. We were coming in for pre-game skates, morning skates, for warm-ups, two hours before a game, whatever it is. And we're coming in and doing our thing. They would play this ace baby. Love you. We all love you. That is just an unbelievable song. Just the throwback. Unbelievable. Cool.

Well thank you guys. Let me know what your thoughts are. Let me know what you would rather do. Would you rather do everything in person or have maybe even a little both? So three options, would you have rather than have a little bit of both, we'll one-on-one and just online or would you rather have online or do you rather have everything in person. Going to someone's office, meeting in them in the beginning, going through the process and then going and looking at home with a person and then going and signing contracts. I'd love to get the feel because again, I feel like just the way some people are acting in just what I've seen in even just reading stuff from across the country and talking to other agents and brokers. There are people out there, they're kind of going back to the old model and what I mean is 20 or 30 years ago have kind of starting to do a lot of things in person now. I think for whatever reason our brains and just kind of our culture has sped up so much so fast that people are kind of forgetting where they are and who they are at times. I know that's, that's me on a lot of occasions. So how can we get back to what made us tick a decade or two ago and when things were slowed down just a little bit and kind of escape the hubbub and do things a little bit more and be more present? Do things a little bit easier on ourselves truly. So let me know what you think. Really curious again, a little inverse Q and A, little backwards Q and A today. So let me know your thoughts below and we look forward to seeing you guys very, very soon.