Will There Be rate Hikes On Your Home’s Value In 2019?

What is going to happen in 2019? Will this company, will that company right there, will it go down in value this year? What are stocks going to do? What are rates going to be doing? What’s going to be happening in this market that is going to affect your home value?

The Fed says they’re going to raise interest rates possibly two or three, four times this year. How’s that gonna affect your home value? We’ve already seen the market take a little dive here over the last couple of months. Homes are not selling nearly as fast granted we’re in this time of year, but still we’ve seen the market stats. You guys been following the market stats we’ve been doing over the last couple months. You’ve seen the dip. You’ve already seen the dip compared to the last couple of years, the same time, the last couple of years. So generally it is slower, but still the market is down considerably from what it has been in October to November, December compared to the last couple of years. So what is gonna happen? What is going to happen with the market? How’s it gonna affect your home values?

Dips in Values

Again, home values are going down a little bit from where they were just in this last couple of months. So will that continue into 2019? We’ll see. I think if they keep raising rates. There are so many things are going to affect what’s going on. I mean we have interest rate hikes via tariffs. We have trade wars, we have currency wars, there are so many things that are affecting the US dollar, the strength of the dollar obviously and what’s going to be affecting our values ultimately of our homes and what is it going to happen with that wealth that people have built up, an equity they have in their homes and their portfolio. So all things to keep an eye on. We’re going to keeping an eye on it as like we always do like we have been for three or four years now and giving you all the pertinent information.

So that’s the Q and A for today. That’s the Macro Q and A or this Tuesday. We get this question all the time like I said, what’s gonna be happening in 2019? I hope you guys are preparing. Hopefully, you are taking the steps necessary to get into some different asset classes. Get into maybe some cryptos, gold and silver and have some paper dollars. Well, you want all three to diversify yourself. People think about diversification and they just talk about one asset class. They just think stocks, bonds, mutual funds. You want to be different asset classes, business, real estate, commodities, you want to be in different places. And then the different currencies, even like I said, cryptocurrencies, gold, silver, paper dollars, maybe some different dollars or stuff like that. But just getting educated and finding a different path than what has been sold to you by the school system, by your family members, whatever it may be. So look at this rig. That’s a big company, right there, Caterpillar, right? What’s gonna happen to them this year? What’s going to happen to them in 2019? That’s the question.

I leave you with that, the Q and A for this week and we’regearing up towards 2019 the last couple of weeks of this year. I hope you guys are planning for 2019. We’re doing a ton of it right now. We’re getting clear on our why’s, what is our why, what is our intention, what is our business planI’m going forward. And really why personal why’s, family why’s and stuff, working super, super intentional, super clear things we’ve never done before. Our true why, why am I doing what I’m doing? If I had $100,000,000 in the bank, would I be doing what I’m doing still? Would you still be doing what you’redoing? Right? So you have to think about that in order to make sound decisions and that way you’re not making desperate decisions. So as something that I really realized the last two or three months that I really, truly hadn’t done and really realize that 99.9% of people don’t do that. They don’t have their why. We all get up, we run, run, run, and we don’t think about where we’re going. We just get up and run every day. Then we’d go to sleep and get up and just start running again.

So what is it going to be doing differently and getting that clarity in 2019. So that way companies like this, when they go down in value, when the interest rates keep hiking and then the market goes down, it’snot affecting us as much, right? Because we got clarity, we have purpose, we have a plan. So I appreciate you guys and your time, your attention, your energy. We look forward to an unbelievable last couple weeks of the year and unbelievable 2019 and uh, and the value that we hope to continue providing you guys. So appreciate you guys. The comments, the thoughts, the questions and the negativity. Everything. I welcome all of it. We even had a great listing the other day. It was a fellow realtor, some wonderful gentleman. I have no idea who it was and he was watching our stuff and he thought I looked like Steve inBlue’s Clues. So that was a great insight. I appreciate that. That was wonderful. I got a good kick out of that. So we welcome all comments, so I appreciate you guys and let’s kick some butt this week. Talk to you soon.