Why would Realtor join a team?

So one of the biggest questions that you get when you’re considering joining a team is why on earth would I ever part with my money and give more money to the team when I could just do it myself?

I get it. I’ve heard that a thousand times and what I would argue, or even just like, maybe just point out just a perspective is breaking down and doing a time study for yourself of where you’re really spending your time. A lot of people don’t wanna do that. They feel like, oh gosh, I don’t really want to know how I allocate my time. But if you really did that, you would see that by joining the right team, you would free up your mind and your time. And what is that really worth? I could make the argument that it’s worth a lot more, cuz you leverage out, you’re able to focus on the things that you wanna do, the things that you want to specialize in and become great at. If you’re distracted with all the other things like uploading the listing or you know, driving documents around town or trying to just figure out accounting things or like things get messed up instead of doing what you love, you know, maybe think about that.

And I put a number to it and say, what is that worth to me? What’s an extra couple hours worth for my family. Can I spend more time with them? Can I go spend time with my parents, my kids, whatever, you know, just get around town. Maybe you want to go on a vacation. You wanna know what a lot of ages can never go on vacation when they’re solo agents. Why?, Your clients. Would you want to have a backup system? I know I do. By the way, couple hot spots, Key West Las Vegas, Hawaii, all good places. If you leverage out your time and make more money, maybe those become a reality.

So call us today. Let’s set up a private meeting. Let’s take a look at what you’re doing and what we could do to help you go to that next level.