Why thinking like an investor is smart as a homeowner

Investor needs to know their numbers. That is something that any investor worth his salt will tell you.

No good investor goes into a situation where they aren’t knowing all the numbers before they make an investment.

This is the basic fundamental thing any investor would look for when he is trying to invest in something.

There is much else. Obviously, you were going to do an eye test and you’re going to maybe interview some people inside the company to get The qualitative side of the equation. However, most people only have the quantitative side or the number side to look at when it comes to investing. For the purposes of this article let’s just think about the quantitative side.

The homeowner must know which direction the market is going

The homeowner must know that the trend is their friend

The homeowner must know how to find the right advisor

The homeowner must think about the impact of his decision to buy or sell

The homeowner must think about what his finances will look like or what he will gain from selling

If you take an investor approach towards your own home and remove emotion from the process you are much more capable of drawing clear conclusions towards what actions you should take. Remember, emotion is what makes the herd act. And if any astute investor knows, the herd is almost always wrong. No your numbers and I think like (investor) inside and out. You don’t have to be an investor to act like one or make money like one.