Why Sell with a Professional Real Estate Agency?

Why sell with a Real Estate Team? Why sell with someone who has been through the process? Why sell with someone who understands the home sale process? Why do that?

I just spoke with an awesome lady today and she had sold a number of homes like two or three homes I think maybe one or two, but she sold a couple of homes for sale by owners throughout the course of her life and she’s looking to use us to sell her home. She was just, you know, she’s really struggling with the commission and she’s like, “I know I can do this myself. I’ve done it before.” I don’t disagree with her and I don’t disagree with anyone. You know, I’ve changed my oil in the past. I’ve rotated my tires, I’ve changed my windshield wipers.

I just don’t do those things normally. You know what, I’m in a crunch. It might have to do it. It’s a very small thing and sometimes you know, once in a while, once in a great moon, once every few years, whenever it might be. I ended up maybe doing it, but I have people that I go to generally because it’s faster and ultimately cheaper because my time is worth money and it’s not something I’m good at. It’s not something I do every day all the time. Right?

So why do those things, you know.


Time is one of those things. How much time do you have? Maybe you are someone is retired. Maybe it’s something that’s a big passion of yours. Maybe you quite frankly, you’re going to become a real estate agent someday, started a real estate team. Who knows, but maybe you have time.

We give you people time back, right?

We give people time back. We give people’s money back. The vast majority of for-sale-by-owners end up falling apart through the escrow process. A lot of people can find buyers, especially nowadays. On the Internet, it’s very easy to find buyers with the Internet. But it’s hard to close a deal. You don’t get paid as a home seller until you close that transaction, right? So the most difficult part of that process is the escrow process, is the pending process, getting to the closing table. So that is the number one thing and that is what we give you back. Unfortunately, not every real estate can do just like it’s not every window washer is amazing. Not every car salesman is amazing. Not every financial service person is amazing. Not every real estate agent or real estate team is amazing.

You’ve got to do your due diligence upfront in order to find those people that you trust and that you like doing business with. So we give you time and money. Those are really the two of the biggest things and money is truly a container for time, right?


You make money so that you can spend your time and you can pay other people to do things for you. That way you don’t have to. That’s what the essence of capitalism is. That’s the essence of America. What makes America exceptional is a true capitalist system. Again, that’s an argument for another day, what kind of system we truly have now. But we give you those things back. You know, again, she was arguing with me on a commission and this, that and another thing and again, not everyone provide the same service, you know. The marketing that we do, going through Facebook ads and not just boosting posts, but going to the ads manager and actually going and targeting specific people in building ads for you and Youtube and doing video watchers in hiring photographers for you and taking all that upfront costs off of your plate that way a home can sell.

Those are the values of the things that we provide and that a good real estate team is going to provide you when it comes to selling your home. Whether, like I said, whether it’s here in Metro Detroit or across the country, across the world. Those things are an absolute must when it comes to selling a home nowadays. So you need people who are going to get that done for you and do those things for you and that’s what you are paying for. You’re paying for that time. You’re paying to get a higher price in the end for your home. Because most for sale by owners, just the fast, just the stats. Don’t sell nearer even near the price that a homeless do with an agent does, because for seven hours usually underpriced or overpriced their home. They have when people come in and offer them as a buyer on a for-sale-by-owner, they usually get undercut.

They know the for-sale-by-owner usually doesn’t know truly what’s going on because it’s not their job, it’s not their business. So they get undercut, they don’t know how to negotiate the inspection process, the appraisal process, the closing process. They don’t know how to handle the docs. They don’t have the right documentation. So all those things, X, Y, and Z: paperwork, you know, closing, inspection. Do you have the right inspectors? Do you have the right appraisers? Do you have the right lenders? Did you VAT them? Did you VAT the buyer, make sure that they’re qualified, you know, did you make sure that there’s a solid, reputable lender? Because in that the appraiser comes out of the lender. So are there solid, reputable people on that side of the transaction? In any agency, also who is going to undercut their own price. Again, we’ve done it in the past. There’s been certain situations when we’ve done it, the usually extenuating circumstances.

What sets us apart?

But anyone who truly doesn’t know their value, that they bring in a systematic and I say this because we’ve spent a lot of blood, sweat, and tears and I can confidently say the system, the process and the people we have in place have spent. We spent a lot of money doing it. A lot of time, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears doing it.

“So I can confidently say that I know the value that we have and that a good real estate team has. Truly, when it comes down to it, if a real estate professional can’t negotiate their own price with you and they don’t know the value that they bring to the table, then how in the world you expect them to know the value of you and your home and get you the top dollar that you’re looking for?”

So that’s again, money, big time, right? Knowing the value and knowing where the value that someone provides, that is what it comes down to you and again, time and money obviously.

So that is the difference between frankly our team, Legacy Real Estate Team and most other real estate professionals and teams out there. Again, we’re not the only ones. There are other good people out there, but it’s up to you. It’s up to the consumer to find the right real estate team, to find the right CPA team, to find the right insurance to get things done for you because you are paying for that time back. You’re paying for experts to get things done properly for you and provide ease of transaction for you.

So, I hope you got something out of this. This is again, a little bit more tactical today and just kind of the things that you should be looking for when you’re hiring a real estate team. This is so incredibly important. So I hope you got something out of this today. Please let me know if there is something that you have a question on, something you got out of it, something that you didn’t like, something you want to, you know, yell at me about whatever it may be. I appreciate your time and energy. It truly is the most important thing that we have and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon.