Who Would You Like To See In A Podcast In Metro Detroit For REAL ESTATE, MONEY, And BUSINESS?

We are doing something cool that I want to bring it to you guys and it's something I'm thinking about for a while and it's going to be a podcast form of what we've been doing. The content we've been putting off for the last three, four years. We are going to be in podcast form. So we've got a lot of people that have been like "Brandon, you know, over the years. How do we get this in different forms, different version and audios so I could listen in the car, I can hear the data here, the updates, all that good stuff, but in a different form, right?" A video is hard to consume a lot of times, right? So we started adding transcriptions to the videos and transcriptions to the emails. We send out videos and it's in the blog on our website.

We're going to have in podcast form, so voice form now as well. Transcriptions will be there. So it's something that we are just adding to the repertoire. I've been thinking about for a while now. How do we add a different element? How do we have a podcast to the legacy group, real estate team and how do we do it in the B to C environment. B to c is a little bit different, a little bit tougher than a B to B environment. It's just different. This is something where we can get our value out and get actual edutainment out if you will, through a different medium. But it's also gonna serve people better because we're going to hit them where they are. Right? So many people are listening to things way more now and voice is becoming so big.

Moving Into Voice

So taking the content we've been doing for years now, and it's going to be in podcast form, podcast version as well. So look out for the Metro Detroit Millennial Real Estate Money and Business podcast. It's going to be a part of our group that we have that through our team, which goes by the same name and it's going to be a cool podcast because we're going to kind of rebranding in a way, a little bit. It's going to be through Mitten Made Properties, powered by Mitten Made Properties, but it's going to be about millennials in Metro Detroit but just it's kind of powered by us. Our team is powered by a lot of millennials and the average age is probably about 32 years old on our team. It's gonna be powered by that, but it's for everybody. We wanted to get out updates and we wanted to get out all of that to you. That way you can have everything you need going forward. So I just want to drop that.

Who do you wanna see?

My question to you, the Q and A today though, is what is it you're looking for in the podcast? Different than maybe in the video form. And also the big thing, we're going to start adding here over time, it's going to be interviews. We're gonna start interviewing a lot of big people in the area in Metro Detroit. And there could be some national people on here too, but we're going to start doing this over time. This is not something like overnight we're gonna have a million people. Like if, you know one thing about me, it's I'm consistent as hell and I'm persistent as hell and I'm stubborn more than both of those combined.

So, it's going to be something that we're going to be doing this over time. Like I said, we're going to get some real value in here and big players that way you can see exactly what's going on in the community and the area and make informed decisions. Know what's going around you. I'm really excited because there are so many podcasts that are national and they're worldwide and on and on and on. But this is going to be really regionalized, a local approach. We have national people. It's going to be a regionalized approach to kind of what's going on in this area in Metro Detroit. So that's what I'm super pumped about and super excited about because it's going to be actual value to everyone in this area. So the question is, like I said, who would you want to see when it comes to real estate, money, and business in Metro Detroit? Who would you want to see on the podcast? Because we are going to work on it and bring it to you. So let me know. Thank you for your time and energy guys, means the most to me. It's true. The most important asset we have is our time. So I appreciate that more than anything. We'll talk to you soon.