What Will Happen to Real Estate Brokers When All The Jobs Disappear?

We have a question for you today. It is “What is the future of jobs? What is the future of brokerages?” More specifically, because we’re talking about real estate, our real estate team, our real estate business, their page here. What is the future of that? What is the real estate industry is very antiquated in hundreds of different ways? I’m not going to go into all of it now. If you go to our website, we talk about stuff like that, our YouTube channel. But what is the future of jobs? This is something that I think we are entering now a time period that we have never seen in human history. The possible job loss that will have as a society. We have it with the Industrial Revolution. Farmers losing their jobs, but that was the majority of the country and now it’s less than one percent of the country.

We’re going to see industries get hit so hard and we don’t even know what we’re entering right now. And it’s his life. We’re humans, we’re smart. I think I hope, we’ll adapt. But what is that situation? What happens? What happens when we have massive job loss, we have a universal basic income. Is that the right thing to have where no one works and we just get a paycheck for doing nothing. We will lose our sense of value? What will happen? Things that everyone needs to talk about and think about. But more specifically, like again, just brokerages. I think the real estate is very antiquated and there are hundreds of different ways that real estate needs to be changed. It is so incredibly antiquated that there are big sweeping changes that are coming.

Change is everywhere

We already see many of the just the FinTech or financial tech company is starting to change the game of real estate, brokerages are in trouble. Agents are in trouble. I myself, my opinion, I think brokerages are more in trouble than agents are. I think people are going to still need other people and to do transactions and to do the hand to hand combat and to do this stuff day to day. Where brokerages where you’re just. You’re just piling in massive amounts of people and trying to get people, any people as you can under you. If you’re not providing value as a brokerage, you are in trouble and people are going to leave you. So it’s incumbent on every single person to provide value and to do everything they can to provide value to their agents, to their employees, to their clients, to your customers. Whatever you are doing, those people under you, whoever you are serving, you need to provide massive value or else people are going to be gone. Not only because they might just lose their jobs outright, but because there were any other people vying and competing for their attention and vying and competing with better offers, whatever it may be. So we are entering an unbelievable time. I think who wins though in the end I think is the consumer. The consumer wins because all of this competition, this industry, real estate specifically, it has not changed in so long and it at least hasn’t over held itself with major changes. I think that the consumer ultimately wins. We’ve already been seeing that for the last decade or two with the Internet. People now, the consumer, has the information that the realtor used to harbor and hold tight to the vest and now you can’t do that. The realtor can’t do that.

Consumers prevail

So the consumer ultimately is going to win, which is good. That’s the free market. That’s capitalism. And that’s what makes us great. It’s just incumbent on business owners, incumbent on those of us that handle those businesses to how are we going to provide better value to those consumers and make them want to come to you to get that information. Even though they could spend hours and hours searching out on their own, what’s going to make them come to you to find the information and have you worked with them, et cetera. Just a little PSA, also a question about what’s coming and what is going to happen and how are we going to deal with it and just some of the changes I see and I think should be coming in the real estate industry.

Transparency is good. I think the time that we’re entering now as a society with technology, as much as I love my privacy and I believe in privacy and it being something that makes Americans, makes America great is having that privacy and not having the government be able to snoop on everything you’re doing. The one thing that’s dwindling away, number one, but number two, the lack of privacy will expose many people. We hear about the emperor having no clothes, right? We’re going to start seeing who is truly a good person and who are truly good businesses and who are truly good operators and good human beings. And it’s going to expose the bad people quite frankly. So I am for one, I’m excited about that. I mean, that is one thing that I can take as a positive and as something that I am excited about truthfully if there are negatives and there are negatives about lack of privacy and things that are happening in society because of technology, that is one positive.

So, these are debates that we need to have and it’s going to be, I think, good overall because it’s going to start engaging a lot of us. It’s going to start engaging a lot of people who haven’t been engaged for maybe ever, maybe for a long time. So let’s embrace it. Let’s embrace the debate, in the talk, the communication and the arguments and whatever it may be, but let’s embrace all that because I think it’ll create ultimately a better future for all of us when more of us are engaged and we start really tackling and combating the issues and the lack, inefficiencies that we have in real estate specifically, in a lot of the job markets, but real estate specifically because obviously that’s what we talked about here, for the most part, but I appreciate you guys more than anything. Let me know your thoughts and what you think about all of this and what’s going to happen because it’s gonna be interesting. So let me know what you think, I’d love to know and look forward to talking to you guys about some other wide range of topics obviously, that we do here on a weekly basis. So I appreciate your time, your attention and energy because it truly is the most important thing we have. So appreciate you and we’ll see you soon.