What To Look For In A Real Estate Agent

Let’s talk about what you should be looking for when you’re hiring an agent.

He Should Put Money Into Your Pocket

So what does the agent actually do for you? That’s the real question, right? What an agent does for you is he puts money in your pocket. Okay? That’s what he does. That’s the main thing. There are other things that we do, but putting money in your pocket is the main thing that makes us different than other agents out there that might not be the same as us. So, that differentiates really a good agent may be from a bad agent. Alright? So what does that mean? Like on the sell side.

He Should Properly Price The House

Well, if you’re trying to sell a house, you’re looking at pricing it properly, pricing it at the top dollar value that you could get in that particular marketplace without going over that value. If you price a house wrong, you will lose money. That’s the reality. If you go a little bit over, even if it’s just five or 10 grand over what the market would bear on a house, you will sit out there a little bit longer, you’ll lose windows of opportunity for interest and you will potentially lose money. If you price too low, of course, you’ll leave money on the table and then, of course, negotiating that contract. So you walk away with the best price that you could get as a seller. That’s a huge value.

He Should Do The Best Marketing Strategies

Of course, maximizing all of the opportunities with Internet marketing as well as your grassroots marketing efforts. That’s what a selling agent does for you. It just translates that regardless of fees, you’re walking away with more money. That’s really what it is. You’re selling your home. That’s what you want. You want to get the most out of your home, right? So, what about a buyer? What if you’re a buyer, you know you’re looking to buy a home. Well, it really boils down to the same thing, boils down to money in your pocket.

He Should Be Knowledgeable Of The Home-Buying-Selling Process

So if you’re an agent well like myself, where I have enough construction knowledge where if I go through a house, I can tell you things about that home that that seller might not even know. As a buyer before you even place an offer, so what that allows you to do is negotiate a good price for yourself. If you’re buying a house that’s not in new construction, for example, there might be little small things that differentiated from the neighbors. There might be a grading issue that could cause a flooding or leaks later on. There might be some roofing things that we noticed or there might be different little things. Maybe the carpentry or flooring quality doesn’t match those of the comparable properties in the neighborhood. These are all things that maybe you would be okay with and still purchase that home. But you know, you would be looking at not wanting to necessarily pay for that stuff, right? If we could get a better deal for you on your price so that seller understands, “Hey, this is not quite the same as some of these other houses.” You walk away with more money in your pocket. We ensure that you don’t over even from appraisal stuff that you don’t overpay, that you get potentially a deal or that you win the property sometimes in a really aggressive marketing. The goal is just to get the property and actually win it. Either way, all these things translate to you not overpaying, you getting the best deal you could on a house and that’s on the buyer side.

He Should Make Sure You’re Compliant

So the one thing, because there’s a lot of things that we do, I mean shoot compliance stuff too. If you’re selling a house. I mean it’d be great to not get sued later, right? Which is why we make sure you’re in compliance. Make sure that we dot our I’s, cross our T’s so that you don’t lose whatever gains you made in dividends in a lawsuit later on either side by yourselves’ side. So these are a number of things that we do, but all of it translates into money in your pocket. So, a real estate agent should be ensuring that you save your money or that you make the most money that you could. That’s what we do here on our team. So thanks for tuning in. I’m off to a team event. I’m really excited about it. So hopefully you guys enjoy this beautiful Michigan Fall Day. It’s supposed to be like 80 some degrees and I will take that and thank you very much. All right, take care.