What Does The Smart Money Flow Index Tell Us?

It’s our “The Crash Is Coming Video.” We don’t know any of these. Who am I kidding? We do tons of these but I have a lot of books that talk about just that thing and I want to show you something here that is going to be very, very interesting. I will put the picture up and the NGOs talked about the Dotcom crash, the financial crash, and then the Fed bubble they coin it. This is the Smart Money Flow Index. This really basically takes the smart money commercial traders and stuff like that. I’ve only seen this chart a few times and heard them talk about the Smart Money Index. This is the same exact chart. Basically, the same exact dip in the Smart Money Flow Index that happened in the .com crash right before the crash and then the same exact dip right before the financial crisis and the same exact dip is happening now. It’s actually an even larger dip than either of those two right before the crash.

Preparing for what’s coming

I want to start showing more charts and things like that because it’s hard a lot of times for me to explain what’s going on because it takes me numerous, numerous times for me to even understand a lot of times what is going on and what is happening and what these charts are telling me. So I want to start being able to. I’m trying to figure out different ways to be able to show you guys that charge and what’s going on and that way it makes sense. Because the visual obviously is the way to learn, especially when you’re looking at things like this. So I want to do a better job for you guys. That way you can start seeing exactly what I’m seeing and the reason that I – it’s not a pessimistic thing. I think that there is going to be the most opportunity ever – the next crash that’s coming. And that’s what I want to prepare for. That’s what I want my family to prepare for, our friends, family or clients, whatever it may be, investors and business partners. I want everyone to have an opportunity with this next crisis.

Smart Money is always on the move

When you look at the Robert Kiyosaki’s of the world and the Donald Trumps and the Bert Delmands and the James Rickards and on, and on and on, and Mike Maloney and just go down the list and on and on and on. Tesla, you know, Elon Musk built these companies in ’09 or ’09. Well, some of them, not all of them, but the crisis gives you the best opportunity because people are running out of the burning building and it’s why it’s called a fire sale, right? When things are crashing and going down, it gives the smart money “that ability to come in and buy up the good assets.” It doesn’t mean you have to have millions and billions and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to do things other than just the money that you have on hand. You can make some small investments that can really change when you know what you’re doing and when you’re smart about it and you’re doing your fundamental analysis. You’re doing your technical analysis and you’re looking at cash flow and risk management. They’re really the four big pillars of investing. Whether it’s stock, looking at companies, looking at a real estate investment. When you’re looking in, in doing your due diligence, you can make sound decisions and whether it’s the stock market or whether it’s real estate. Getting insurance in your property, getting insurance when you buy your stocks, doing those things that the Smart Money do and in and things that they constantly are protecting themselves with. The Smart Money is always making a killing and making the most amount of money during crises and crashes. If I can get a piece of that, if you can get a piece of that, if we can all get a piece of that and a fraction of what they get when the market’s down or when the market crashes and we’re all going to be way better off for it instead of the alternative, which is just crashing with the market. Losing 50% of your 401k or 40%. Just watching your mutual funds go down with the market, whatever it may be. All those things are tied to the market.

Hedging yourself from what’s coming

So what can you do? What are things that you can do to hedge yourself? We’ve had some hedging videos. We’ve talked about some different hedging videos, whether it’s stop losses and puts and calls and things like that. The stock market, but also in real estate. I see a lot of people that, you know, especially markets like this, unfortunately, bring out a ton of flippers and people trying to flip. And if you are running your numbers really, really well, you can get caught with your pants down. And that’s what happened in 2008, it’s going to happen again now in ’18 and ’19 and 20 or whenever it crashes, it’s going to happen again. That’s why investing for cash flow, that way you’re, you’re making your numbers work, whether the market’s up or down, whether there’s an inflation or deflation, that’s when you are becoming and true investor when you can make money in an upmarket or downmarket.

That’s exactly what we are trying to do here. As I said, it’s, it’s something that not everyone cares about. Not everyone, you know, everyone can do it, but not everyone wants to do it, nor will they put in the time, which is fine. And, you know, truthfully, I want to give as many people as I can. The information that I’m learning and I love learning. I hated school but I love learning. I’ve learned way more outside of school than I have in school. It’s fun to learn about these things and pass along information that I learned because it gets me going and gets me excited and hopefully it gets of you excited as well. So I appreciate your time, your energy in watching these videos, I look forward to bringing many, many more as this progresses. So thank you guys and we’ll see you soon.