What Does It Mean To You As A Homeowner When The Market Goes Down?

Hey, what’s going on guys? Just want to make a quick update about the stock market. I know the stock market went down a ton over the last week or so down a couple percent and people just have been asking about it and people have been talking about it. So I just wanted to make a quick video for our 0 Macro Q and A today, just look at the market and the global economy in general.

A lot of interesting things going on. We’ve are a little bit late on our macro Insider Report from September, that’ll be coming out here soon. It’s very overwhelming just to do a lot of research for it so we got backed up a little bit. So that will be coming here and kind of going this more in detail.

A Little Bit Slow 

We had that little pullback that’s very common, very common for the stock market. A lot of times that does end up happening at the end of the year. Basically September, October, we see a pullback a lot of times and there are numerous reasons why, but we just generally see that. That’s really the biggest thing you need to know from that, that generally happens, kind of real estate market when you have the September or mid-August to mid-September, that little pullback that will slow down with people are getting back to school and things like that. You have earnings reports, things kind of coming out because quarter four, again, it’s kind of weird in some business. A lot of businesses, they end up starting their year in quarter four actually. So there’s a lot of different dynamics and things, weird things going on around this time of year, like the start of fall basically. That does happen and that is very common, very normal it rebounded, it bounced back after that.

But again, overall, remember, the economy goes in 8 to 10-year cycles. We’re entering year 10 here and things are going to happen. The interest rates have never been this low for this long ever. The bond market’s all over the place. The bond market, we’re going to talk about more as we go forward here over the next handful of months. The bond market is the biggest market there is and that is loans from governments or loans that the government is giving out or loans that companies are looking to get because they want to get money, they want to build and grow so people can invest in that and get a bond. Just like when you were a kid, a lot of us, when we were kids, right? You’d get a bond from somebody and it would mature and increase and in 5 years or 10 years or 30 years, you could redeem it for x amount of money. That is a bond and that is the market we’re going to get into more and we’re going to talk about more and how it affects us.

Again, it’s a very common pullback we had. Interest rates have been rising, which is really interesting. The Fed last few years has been righted raising the interest rates, which they have to do. I mean they just have to because there was nowhere to go other than negative. You could go negative interest rates, but the Fed needs somewhere to go when the market crashes again, they need somewhere to bring the rates back to which I again, who knows? It’s anyone’s guess to see how much that’s actually gonna help things, but they need somewhere to go when that does happen.

Life as we know it

So again, life is life right in the end. I know there’s a lot of things going on with censorship and the Internet and all kinds of BS which this very anti-American and we’ll put it at that right now. You can’t silence people’s voices, whether it’s something you totally agree with or something you don’t agree with. You do not silence people’s voices. That’s why America is exceptional. And whether it’s any type of entity trying to censor de-platform people, it’s not how America works. Free speech and free thought are what makes America one of the biggest pillars that makes America a wonderful, exceptional country. So we all stand together and stand with those we agree with and those we disagree with. But we do have to also – on the back of the economic side – we have to understand and realize that there are economic headwinds and forces coming that are just natural. There’s also some that are artificial and unnatural. We’ve got to deal with those things. Life is life. People will make massive amounts of money during the crash and people are going to lose massive amounts of money during the crash.

It’s up to us. It’s up to each person individually to be prepared for that and to know what’s going to happen. That way you can mitigate that. You can head yourself. Maybe you can profit so you aren’t wiped out. There are things you can do, many things. We’ve talked about many things over the course of the three or four years we’ve been doing videos here. So, we’re gonna get into more stuff like that. Again, I look at it as a business owner, as someone who’s in the real estate market and trying to take care of all of you. It’s my job to inform not only my family and my team and my employees, but also you, our customer, our clients, and to make sure that we are providing the best knowledge, the best value we can anywhere. I feel like we truly do that. I really don’t know anyone else that does those things, a lot of things that goes into depth as what we do. So I appreciate your time and attention, energy. Again, the stock market going down kind of natural this time of year, look forward to rebound and then keep climbing a little bit. Again, to wrap up is anybody’s guess though, to know where the market’s going to go, when it’s gonna re-crash, go into depression, correct. Whatever it may be, that is coming, that’s life. We have to understand that.

Preparation saves you from what’s coming

We’ve got to know that the government seems to think they pushed their projection now it’s going to be 2028, 2029 when the next crash is, that will be 20 years. We, I don’t think we’ve ever had either. It’s the second longest recovery we’ve had right now and we’re nearing the longest recovery, so we would double the longest recovery ever in existence. So the government’s a little optimistic and I don’t particularly agree with that assessment, but that remains to be seen and just prepare either way. That’s the cool part. You can prepare your way and be prepared for the things that are coming. So, don’t be worried. These are natural ebbs and flows. There are ways to hedge and positioning yourself properly. So you are winning no matter if the market’s going up or down.

So I appreciate you guys and your attention, your energy, your passion, the questions we get from all of you. I really appreciate it more than anything. So thank you guys and we look forward to talking to you very soon.