What Does A Realtor Do With Their Day?

  • Published on July 1, 

Hey, you’re a brand new real estate agent. Here’s why I get asked all the time. What do I do with my day?

Why? Because they’re used to coming into the business, right? They’ve had a job. They had to show up somewhere at nine in the morning, they had to like, get these projects done by 11. Then they get to go to lunch at 12 and come back at one, you’re able to be free in real estate to kind of choose what you want. And a lot of people aren’t comfortable with it. I mean, honestly, a lot. It takes a lot to get used to like, there’s nobody, who’s gonna tell you what to do, or you’re not gonna get fired.

You know, if you don’t go do something, but then that’s the flip side too, you know, who really tells you what to do. Your bank account? Because if you don’t work in real estate and you’re not consistent, if you’re not driven, if you’re not structured, then you’ll be broke and your bank account will let you know. And so you have to get some structure. You have to learn how to time block. You have to do different things as a realtor to service clients, but you’re running a business and you can work on the business and then you can work in the business. It’s important to know the difference and who you work with matters. So don’t be that rookie mistake learn how to plan

Guys. Our entire platform’s built around expanding and adding good quality people. So let’s have a conversation about it because we’re always looking and sometimes you just need that extra push. We can do that.