What Did The Feds Say About Interest Rates This Year In 2019?

I just wanted to drop your quick Macro Q and. A. It's a Q and A that we do, talking about big stuff, 30,000-foot view stuff that's going on in the world. These questions I get a lot of times. Well, this is about interest rates really quick. I'm gonna keep it really, really short.

Interest rates may go up later this year. I was just reading an article. I believe it was on Zerohedge. Again, great site. If you get one thing out of this, it's Zerohedge. If you are looking to see what's going on in the markets, the economy, look at the Zerohedge. They talked about the interest rates, the Feds cooling on what they said they were going to do. The interest rates going up.

It's a pretty balanced year

So again, it seems like it's going to be a pretty balanced year. Good for buyers and sellers. The prices are still up a bit. So it is a great time for sellers, but again, buyers, I think are going to be jumping in quite a bit. it looks like. Just because interest rates looked like they might be steadying and the Fed said, "You know what, don't think that we're going to end up raising rates later this year." They might have one later this year. It looked like maybe even December. So we will see. But again, even if it goes up a little bit, it's going to be a quarter point.

Bubbles everywhere

If there is turmoil, look for other things to be the catalyst for that. Trade wars, North Korea, China, Iran, and some of these other things that are going to really - credit card, the different asset bubbles, bond bubbles, credit bubble, student loan, debt, stuff like that. That's the stuff that could kind of tip the upset the apple cart. But interest rates look like they might be steadying, this year, the Fed just said. So I don't think that's going to be it this year. So we'll see. It's yet to be seen, but just want to give you that quick updates. Something I get all the time. Interest rates were always a big thing.

Interest rates at lows

The one thing I will say though, also guys is that interest rates - we are still at incredible historic lows. So remember that. We're in the four and a half range basically. Give or take a little bit, but we're in the four and a half range and that's something that is just historically so low. So people freak out about that. We're talking about dollars, literally dollars a month difference when you're talking about going 0.1  or 0.2% change. Our parents, grandparents, a lot of them dealt with 10 plus, 15 plus percent interest rates and we're at four and a half, so historically low. If you're on the buying side, I would honestly not worry about that or worry about as a little as you can. On the selling side, just know that it's going to be balanced too. You're going to have to price correctly though. You have to price correctly or else the homes will not sell fast. It'll take a month or two, take a couple of months. So I know sellers aren't used to that. So the price correctly. Know what your home is worth. Have an agent that you trust that's worth or their salt, giving you a proper analysis that we can price the home correctly and then you can sell your home. Take that equity and go buy the next dream home or downsize or whatever it is you're trying to do.

So appreciate you guys. Just wanted to drop you that quick Macro Q and A. Appreciate your time and energy more than anything. That's the most important thing we have. So appreciate you guys. Hope you guys crush today and now we will see you here later this week.