We Are Asking The Wrong Questions

We have some really cool interviews lined up here the next few weeks, in the next month or so really.

The "Freedom Isn't Free" show will be coming directly to you on this platform. I really just wanted to see what kind of people you want to see on here. We've got a lot of people lined up already from NHL hockey players, former NHL hockey players to Crypto experts, to insurance experts, to real estate experts. You name it. We add a little bit of everything coming at you and it's all about developing freedom in every area of life. We have some health and fitness people coming on soon and I'm going to be sharing some things to get health freedom in your life. So a lot of cool stuff, a lot of cool things I'm looking to learn and level up in my life as always, and hopefully, you are as well. Most importantly, hopefully, you are well, hopefully, you're doing well and your health is good. You're staying well. You are spending some time with family and enjoying the summer months here coming up. Please, when you have some time, let me know who you would like to see, who you would like to have in your life, and see the level up in your life. That's the most important thing in life, leveling out constantly, constantly getting better and constantly evolving in your life. Because if you're not doing that, what are you doing?

Jim Rowan - I always butcher the quote, but Jim Rowan always says, "It's better to live a life of adventure and live a life of growth than it is to live it safe in the corner for a hundred years. Live a life of adventure for 30 years and in a life of growth instead of just sitting around the corner, nice and safe and secure for a hundred years.

So what are you doing to level up? What are you listening to? What are you learning? What are you reading? What are you watching? I'm curious to know that as well, and I'm going to be sharing a lot of stuff. We're doing a lot of stuff that we've been listening to for years. I got a lot of questions about what it is that I watch, what it is that I read. I'm gonna be sharing that a lot more because there are so many incredible teachers out there and most of them rely on YouTube now. Most of them are in books and most of them are on YouTube now. They're not in your traditional modes of what we've been conditioned to. The general education board wanted us to be taught a hundred years ago, a hundred plus, 120 years ago. Breaking out of that mold, breaking out of the old Industrial Age mindset and in some cases, the Agrarian Age mindset, but breaking down those mindsets and getting into the Information Age, getting into the Invisible Age. That is the difference.

I was just watching one of Mike Maloney's videos this evening that he came out with today about just what we're going into and the depression that we are already in and the depression that we're going to be into. Everyone, the media, Wall Street, they're going to tell you that, "Oh, things are great. Just measure the DOW against things of actual value. Just do some homework. Do a little bit of homework and prepare yourself for what's coming." We are in for some incredible times and we're already seeing it physically. A lot of the things that are happening are because governments intervene, because of idiotic policies, inflation, things the Federal Reserve has done, and things that we're doing because we've set the course a hundred years ago. We're now reaping the rewards. The fun, as Tim Kennedy says, "Play stupid games. You get stupid rewards." And boy is that true.

What are you doing to get better? It's all between here. As we say, every single time, right? Freedom is not free. What are you doing to get better every single day? What's in between here? What exactly are you doing to grow every single day, get better, and level up because that's what this is all about. Things ain't getting any easier in life. I'll tell you that. The government doling out money - that's not going to make your life easier. When prices of bread triples, quadruples, it's not going to get easier. So what are you doing to level up? I appreciate you guys joining. Hopefully, you had an awesome day an awesome week so far. And like I said, let me know who you're looking to see. Let me know who the people you're looking to learn from. Because I'm on a mission to bring it, bring some awesome content, and hopefully level up together.

It's a mission

I appreciate you guys again on a mission to create freedom in every area of life. That's what I know my mission is here. We deal with a lot of real estates obviously, and that's an incredible way to achieve freedom. And I hope to help many of you do that along the way. But there are so many other ways to achieve freedom in your life. Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, whatever it may be. There are so many freedoms in our life that we have, especially here in America, that we all tend to take for granted. What are those things in life that we are continuing to level up on and get better at and to grow as individuals and also as then communities and then States and then nationally? I think so many of us and we are all guilty of this looking top-down. What's the national government, what's the President going to do for us? What's Congress going to do for us?

Privacy isn't free

It starts down here. It starts with you. It starts with your family. Then it's a locale. Thr=en is your municipality. It's your state. Then it's top, it's bottom-up, not top-down. That's the way we're designed. That's why we were so great. The reason we're on this phone right now, the reason we're on these computers and have technology is because of Capitalism, because of the way we are founded and the structure that was created by brilliant geniuses. Those are the things we're going to talk about because even the thing I shared here in the last day or so people are just, the third of people are completely willing to throw a poll up. Who is ready to give the government access to their money and have them know everything will think about their life? And I can tell if people are going to argue and say, "Oh, already know everything about your life." They do and they don't. So many people, a third of people already said, "Yeah, I'll do that." I didn't even give and hold the carrot out. I didn't even say like, "Hey, you'll get your stimulus check through the app, through government controlling you in your life. Then you can download the app and then they control you. They'll give you a stimulus check. I didn't have to throw out a carrot on. A third of the people that responded already said that they were willing to just hand over their rights.

We live in an incredible time right now. It's so incredibly cliche, but the founding fathers - boy, would they be rolling in their graves if they had seen what we have done with the incredible Republic. The Republic in which they have given us. Again, another simple thing that for some reason, the media, schools just don't understand. We don't have a democracy, guys. This is the Republic. This is a place to learn. It's a place to grow. That's the one thing I do know. There's not a billion things that I know or a million things that I know, and not a lot that I know, but that's one thing I do know. We have a Republic and we pledge allegiance to Republic, guys, not to the democracy. So just so many incredible things. I hope that you're along for the ride and the journey. And like I said, please share. Please share the people that you want to see, things you want to see, and things you want to learn because it's going to be a hell of a ride.

The Digital Dollar

There's a lot of thoughts that I have that we're going to get into as we go. I think my thinking is backward from a lot of people. I don't actually think I know. It's inverse, I should say, as to how general society thinks. How long until it acts as a society. I mean soon. It was already happening in China. The things I read that they already had in the initial draft of the stimulus, the Cares Act, they already had a digital dollar in there. So then they took it out at the end. So it's coming. It's absolutely coming. We'll definitely do some Q and A.

It's definitely coming. The digital dollar is coming and the fight will be with people who like their freedoms and don't want to be tracked. They like their privacy and they don't want the government to be able to - they're trying you as a guide. They don't like what you're doing, the government, it doesn't matter who you are, right? They don't like it if Trump's in power or Obama's in power and they don't like what you're doing, cool. They can just block you out of that system. Cool. You can't travel. You can't buy that thing. You can't go across state borders. Those are the things that were - that's the fight. I think that's probably the biggest fight coming on our doorstep of any single thing you can ever imagine or think of right now. That is probably yet your complete relinquishing of rights and abilities to move freely, purchase freely and government having full control of what you are doing. I honestly don't even know how else to put it. That's the biggest fight that all of us are gonna have on our hands. Again, probably 20%, 30%, 35% of people already don't even care. "Cool, it makes my life easier, bro." Does it make your life easier truly? Really? Does it? When you get blocked from that plane flight when you're ready to go, but the government doesn't like something you're doing and then you're kicked off the plane flight. Or you're not even able to go, you're not able to purchase your ticket upfront. Does that make your life easier? You're a Republic if you can keep it.

Those who seek security deserve neither and we'll have none. It's freedom and security. What do people want? That's what we're going to talk about, that's what we're gonna get into more and appreciate you guys all jumping in that's for sure. Bill Gates, for sure. He's going to get his. He's going to his vaccination. Everyone's going to be in on it. That's another topic that we're going to talk about and get some people on, hopefully, that know a lot more about that. It's going to be incredible times we're living in. I mean, it's already incredible times, but we are going through the hockey stick curve right now.

I appreciate you guys a ton. As I said, let me know, please let me know. People, We're going to do like a Q and A. We're going to do interviews, we're gonna do some stuff with people that hopefully brings a ton of value, especially to this area also. Just to Metro Detroit, Michigan, and people that are local, which I know a lot of are right now. A local scene. So we're gonna do a lot of stuff that hopefully benefits you and brings you some actual value. I appreciate you guys. I appreciate the questions and we will do a lot more of this and bring people on that are much smarter than I am. Please let me know though, whether you're seeing this life or seeing this later on, who you would like to learn from, what you would like to learn. Like I said, we're gonna have a lot of different people here in different niches, different areas, different walks of life. So appreciate you guys and we'll see you soon. Yeah, Coach, let's do it. Let's do an interview for sure. And let's roll. Let's absolutely do it. And I would love to do that and fire questions at me. Love it. We'll see you guys very soon.