Updates from a CHAOTIC weekend 🔥🔥🔥


Hello friends crazy, crazy Monday off of a crazy weekend. We, a couple of us went to the red wings game that had 17 total goals scored on Saturday night. Well, that was wild. So for context, that’s insane because some of the highest, like record scores in the NHL were like 22 goals total. And we were at 17. It’s just absolutely insane in this era. So that was pretty nuts. And then, had a listing go, live last week and we accepted some offers. We had over 40 showings, which is just nuts, nine different offers. So, this weekend was a little chaotic, but wanted to dive into something that, we have been talking about as a team just a little bit. And, just kind of the listing process and how to go about selling a home, how that’s changed over the past couple years, especially with the pandemic and stuff like that.

Used to be a little more traditional you’d go and sit down, you know, at the table, walk through, you know, other nuts and bolts. And, we found over the past, you know, couple years or so it’s been kind of a combo of a bunch of different things, one, you know, kind of an upfront conversation. So ultimately, you know, for us, especially with, you know, the investment side of our business, and being able to make cash offers and things like that, and potentially, you know, potentially partner with a seller and see if they wanted to make some improvements or what have you, but we can advise on inventory, but ultimately it starts with just having a conversation about what it is that you want to do as a seller. You know, are you looking for quick and easy? Are you looking to make the most money possible?

And, you’re willing to wait a minute or, you know, depends what your payoff is. Do you have a bottom line number you’re trying to hit? So we just love having an initial conversation with people and just kind see, you know, Hey, where you’re at, what you’re doing, what you’re looking to do. Are you looking to downsize? Do you have to buy and go find somewhere else to be, and just figuring out all those nuts and bolts so that we can then advise you best on, you know, a next move, for instance, Sat down with a seller, just this fall and, just having a conversation on what potential improvements could we be aid to the home. And I honestly advised him and said, Hey, you know, anything you put into this, is you’re not gonna get money out on the back end, just because of the way, that the market has been lately.

So my advice is to get this on the market as soon as possible, because we have a lot of point people looking in that price range, you know, so now, you know, that’s not, that’s not the case for every to everybody.You know, certainly there’s times when it’s worth, you know, maybe redoing a kitchen or redoing a bathroom or what have you, but inventory was so tight in the price range they were looking at, we got it on the market within, you know, 30 days or so instead of taking four months to go through, the improvement process and things like that. So, so really just sitting down and kind of understanding what those goals, and then after that, what we do is we, we’ll actually come meet at the house, um, you know, do a walkthrough. That’s always the best thing for people like us to get our eyes on, cuz not only is it great to meet, you know, each seller in person and just, you know, start putting a name with a face face and developing that relationship and what have you, it’s important that we’re able to see exactly what the state of the house looks like and, just opportunities for improvement.

We have tons of vendors that we use where it could be, Hey, as simple as, Hey, let’s get this carpet cleaned or Hey, let’s refloor, you know, an area in the basement or something just so that you’ve can, you know, could have a little bit better appearances, things like that. So nothing too crazy, um, especially in this market, you know, not recommending blowing out walls or doing any kind of restructuring, but, I’m sure that will come, but inventory is just so tight. So we do a walkthrough, you know, we’ll talk through any recommendations that we have and, and what you might be able to do. And then we sit down and walk through our entire process, how we go about, handling the entire transaction from start to finish. So it’s not only just, Hey, what, where are we pricing it at?

That’s definitely part of the conversation we’ll run through comps, we’ll run through, you know, kind of what our thoughts are there. And then what we’ll do is, is dive into, you know, the listing paperwork, all that kind of fun stuff, but, just sharing with you what our marketing plan is exactly how it is that we are going to share this property get as many eyeballs as possible, how showings are gonna work. Are we gonna have it be going show? I actually advised my buyers from this past weekend. It’d be best if you just vacated the house for a few days and let showing’s roll. You know, but sometimes people don’t have the ability to do that or they don’t have a place to go. So whether or not we need a 24 hour notice or you can just go and show it whenever you want.

And that sort of stuff. So then kind of running through, you know, timeframes as well. So do we need, do we need to get you some occupancy? Do you need time to move? Do you just wanna get out as quickly as possible? All these things matter? And all those little details do come into play over time. So we like to get all of those things really dialed in and then, finally we just decide, okay, well, what’s our plan gonna be for potential inspection issues and things like that. Do we want plan ahead for anything, you know, maybe the root a little bit old, you know, certainly not something that, you know, you wanna worry about too much. Maybe you don’t feel like putting 12 grand into a brand new roof, but you’re willing to give some concessions potentially for the new buyer to help pay for something like that.

Or maybe your house is pristine and you’re like, Hey, let’s, let’s do the inspection, but we don’t anticipate any issues. And, we’ll I ask about the age of things like mechanicals and when the last thing, the last time things have been replaced so that we can, best negotiate with those buyers and those offers coming in, then handling again, the transaction from, from the offer to negotiation, to acceptance, to getting the buyers earnest money deposit, talking to the buyer’s lender, make sure that they are legit, you know, things like that. And then, handling an inspection and handling an appraisal in the event that you don’t have maybe a cash offer. And, and then we get you all closed up and ready to go. So,it’s been really crazy over the past couple years just because that process used to just be, you know, handled all at the table.

And, that’s just not something that we’re doing as often now. And it’s just something where we can do a little bit virtually. We can even give you some advice based off pictures and things like that. So we’re just trying to adjust to the ways of the world now. And it’s been a lot of fun. So, anyways, thanks for, listening, had some showings canceled today, so gonna go ahead into the gym and take care of the take care of the body. And I hope we’ll talk to you guys a little bit soon. Take it easy.