Total collapse of society

A total collapse of society - that is tail risk. The tail risk is something when you're looking at a bell curve, you have the things that are most likely to happen in the middle here and you have the tail risk here. What's the worst-case scenario? What's the best-case scenario. The best-case scenario is that nothing in society changes. We just go back to incredible times, living high in the '90s, and everyone's flushed with cash right? That's over here. Over here - the total collapse of society.

That I believe is what more of what we're headed to. We're probably somewhere over here right now. What in the world is going on? That is what we got to prepare for. The school didn't teach you to think critically. It's there to help you memorize things and to go get a safe, secure job that you're one step away from getting fired from. That's what school is there to teach you. Critical thinking - that's what real life's all about. What are we doing right now?

One-third of renters didn't pay their mortgage in this past month. Are you kidding me? A third of people didn't pay their rental check or their mortgage, what have you. That's insanity. If you don't think things are coming in our direction, you've got another thing coming. I think 2021 is going to be - the chickens are going to come home to roost. If not 22 at the very latest, I mean, this is absurd what's going on right now. And the fact that the media and the different people around us in our lives aren't giving the facts and the truth is criminal. Criminal. It's up to us to do our homework though. That being said, that pisses me off. I'm pissed off, but it's up to us to do our homework. It's up to each one of us to do our homework. It's not up to someone else to tell us what's going on. We have to do our homework. We have to figure out what's going on in our world so we can do things better.

Just looking at some things is going on right now. As I said, a third of renters didn't pay their rent or mortgage this past month. FED buying junk and blue-chip bonds - are you serious right now? Junk and blue-chip - those are opposed. So what's going on there? Can anyone explain what's going on there? Are they buying junk? Just complete garbage, the blades of grass here? Are they buying that, that way they can mask "Oh, we're buying both, both ends of the spectrum." Well, they're buying incredible companies to sit in their balance sheet because they're making a profit off of it because they're private organizations.

There are shareholders making tons of money there. Yet we, most people think it's a federal organization. They are making tons of money off of the blue-chip company sitting on their balance sheet and all we're going to offset it with junk. "Look, we're good guys. We're doing both. We're going to buy junk and blue-chip. I mean, this is absurd. What's going on that again? Another criminal activity going on there. The FED just in general, another criminal activity in and of itself, its existence. But again, that's a story for a different day.

Then the collapse of purchasing power to throw another one in here. These are some of those things that you have to really truly look at and critically think. I just had an example today of an investor I was meeting with, an awesome guy. He was talking about a property he was purchasing from a guy who bought it 23 years ago. The guy thought he was making 20-30 grand yet we've lost 45% of our purchasing power. The dollar's lost 44% of its value since only the year 2000. Think about that for a second. So this guy should've sold his place correctly had he, he would've made money made currency. However, he thought he sold at $30,000. He bought it to say for $175,000 and sold it for $205,000. Well, he should've sold it for $295,000. That would have been the true inflation-adjusted value. He sold for an $80,000 loss. That is what's happening when you can't see when you can't read between the lines and critically think. You lose big time in life.

That's the purpose of the "Freedom Isn't Free" show. That's what we have going on. The show, the people we're interviewing in every walk of life. It's about freedom. It's about freedom and every area of life and the things that you need to prepare for to give yourself freedom, being detached from the government and not needing that handout, hand up, whatever it may be. Detaching yourself, removing yourself from the matrix, and understanding what's going on in your life. I mean, people want to talk about money, currency and this and that, and truth of all evil and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Guess what? It affects every single aspect of your life. Who you vote for, "Oh, we're going to vote for this cute lady that comes into office, or we're going to vote for that handsome looking dude." Well, guess what that handsome-looking dude and that cute lady are destroying what you have built your entire life or could be destroying your entire life. That I think is something we're talking about and something worth paying attention to. These kinds of things, being able to read between the lines and critically think, I mean, this is insane. It pisses me off for people. I mean, I'm beyond the point of being pissed off myself 10 years ago. So now it's just the point of if it's just hurting so many other people that we have to start waking up.

These things are huge. Again, this is the thing - imagine if dollars were beanie babies. This is the example that people I think need to, again, another thing to start talking about. These things aren't sexy. They aren't fun, but dollars, money, your wealth, you grinding away 8 hours, 10, 12 hours a day for years and years on end, hoping you get a great retirement. I met with another seller today and talking about all the things, even though he's having to pay for and doll out now. And he's like, "I thought I did the right thing for decades and decades being an engineer. I thought I was doing the right thing and planning appropriately. Now I'm having to doll money out here and doll money out there to all these other people who didn't plan properly and didn't do the right things." Who's to say, right? What's fair, what's not? I mean, that's insanity, right? If you structure things and figure out what going on critically think, you can plan appropriately. You can protect yourself from these things.

Imagine dollars are beanie babies. This is huge. People are holding dollars in the bank and there's like $20 trillion held in banks. It's incredible. I mean, you're holding an asset. That's not making you any money. It's not an asset anymore. It's a liability because you're losing.

Interest rate - inflation rate = real rate

If your interest rate is 0.003%, and you're making 3 cents a month but inflation is at 2%, which I mean, we just doubled our printing in the last couple of months, we know inflation is probably around two, three minimum. It's probably up at four, five, or 6%. You're losing 5%, right? We just talked about the dollar lost 44% since 2000. These are just things like I said, I want to bring these things up to spark interest, hopefully in one person. To say, "Yeah, what is going on? I'm losing money. I'm losing wealth every single month right now. The real rates, they're losing money." And then eventually it's probably gonna go negative interest rates. So then hopefully that will wake a lot of people up.

But if dollars were beanie babies - back in the day, beanie babies are super popular 20 years ago. You had the Tie-Dye bear, the Dinosaurs, and all these different beanie babies, they were super rare because they stopped making them. They were super rare, right? So the price went up. Well, if you have a bunch of dollars and holding a bunch of dollars, but they keep printing them. What happens? The value of them goes down, right? If you're holding the dinosaurs or the Tie-Dye bear and they just keep making them all of a sudden, they say you're holding them. You're like, "Oh, this is great. It's worth a couple of hundred dollars." And then all of a sudden they start producing them again. Well, now what happens? Now the value starts going down, right? If everyone had a Babe Ruth signed rookie card and you had the only one in existence, well probably pretty darn valuable, right? Well, what happens if they just start making a million of them? Then a bunch of people starts all of a sudden, "Oh, I've got this signed" or I guess he's gone now, but take someone else who's alive. They started printing a bunch of more and making more and then getting those signed. Now, what happens to the value of the one that you had? The only one in existence before? What happens? That value starts going down.

That's exactly what's happening with the dollars that you hold. We're printing at such a massive, massive rate that we're just destroying the value of the dollar. So what happens? Total collapse eventually. Total collapse. We've had a new monetary system on average every 20 to 40 years. It's coming, right? You're like 40 or 45 right now. So it's coming. How do you prepare? What do you do? We're going to insurance buying time, right? We've propped the bubble up a little bit.

Preparing food supplies

This thing right here has me the most worry. This is the thing for months and months now. I'm going to try to have someone on the "Freedom Isn't Free" show soon, trying to get her on, who knows a ton about supply lines. She is predicting big problems in the fall, coming up here with supply chain, food shortages, stuff like that. I've been worried about this forever. So getting freeze, dried food, storage, getting canned food, stuff like that while you can. Prepare while you can. Prepare your money, your currencies, your financials. That is what we just talked about obviously here a bit. Preparing those things. That's going to be massive. Getting hedges in place, whether it's Crypto, gold, and silver, and then real estate producing cash flow, something that can hedge and hopefully go up in times of crisis.

Prepare your education

The most important thing, as I said, this is the time to learn to critically think in terms of these crisis hedges and reading between the lines, understanding money, and currencies, monetary policy, fiscal policy, how they affect us in our life. Because putting your head in the sand is not an answer. That is not an answer anymore. We've done that now for 50, 60, 70, 80 years. I'm just sick and tired of it. I'm sick and tired of hearing, "Oh, I don't want to think about it. Oh, it's just too much to understand." Well, guess what? We're in the spot now because too many of us have been putting our heads in the flipping sand. There's no more time to be putting our heads in the sand and not understanding what's going on because we're going to hell in a handbasket. If we haven't noticed yet with your freedoms, one by one every single day. Your freedoms, your purchasing power, everything is slowly being ripped away from you. Whether you like it or not, it's being ripped away out of your arms every single day of our life - of our purchasing power gone in the last 20 years. Think about that. That is incredible.

Let's start getting prepared. Start critically thinking. I guarantee that I'm going to continue to study my butt off and keep educating myself, keep putting myself out there, purchasing things, investing in things, getting the experience, education. That way I can come and report back to you. Also, that way I can do my job and do what I need to do. Help inform as many people as I can because that's something I feel called to do. So I'd love to know how you're preparing and what you're doing. If you're mad, if you're not, if you're just like, "You know what? I don't care, Brandon. It is what it is. I've had a great ride. America's had a great ride. It's been 230 great years. Hey, it is what it is." It is a great run.

Let me know, be curious. We can have it in the show. I love to debate someone who just doesn't see the point in having personal freedom and individual freedom. That'd be fun too. So I hope you are preparing hope. You're doing something one way or another. Remember some action, any action is better than inaction. So I appreciate you guys. Your time is the most important asset we have. So I appreciate you joining us here, please, but please let me know what you are doing to prepare or not prepare. We'll talk to you guys soon.