The time to wake up is NOW…

Many of you that know me to know that I have Book ADD. For those of you who are not familiar with Book ADD, it means that you pick up a book and you read a little bit of it, and then you put it down. You pick up another book and start reading a little bit of that. A few pages here, a few pages there. And soon enough you find yourself reading 13 different books at one time.

So I'm a recovering book-switcher guy, I don't know what you would call that. But you know, it's kind of a microcosm of life though, right? Focusing on one thing. I just got done reading "Outwitting The Devil." If you haven't read "Outwitting The Devil" by Napoleon Hill, I've shared it on here numerous times. I've done think some lives on it, shared it on my stories numerous times. It's probably one of the most fascinating books I've ever read. A year ago, I made it a conscious decision to really start studying my mind. It's something that held me back in my life previously in hockey. I don't want to make a mistake again.

Really a few years ago I'd make it sound like it might have been over to you as it was 2018. So two years ago, I just started studying the mind. It is really just focusing on sharpening this we have up here and that's why I've been talking so much about the economy. Everything is in your head. The economy is in your head. Your relationships are in your head. Your success is in your head. Everything in your life is up here. It's not external. It's not out there. It's not over here. It's in here. Everything comes within, everything that there is and ever will be. It's in her. We've known how to fly forever. We didn't know how to do it exactly. We had it up here. We had the ability, the right bar brothers finally just physically manifested it and figured it out.

Reading "Outwitting The Devil", the premise is it's a fascinating book. You have to read it. You absolutely have to read it. It talks about there are two identities that every human being has - the identity of faith and identity of fear. The identity of faith in God and in having an ultimate faith. Identity of fear is the devil and it's trying to get you away from your goals, your ambitions, your dreams. It's trying to make you scared of everything, of poverty, scared of nutrition. You're scared of taking care of yourself. Fear of ignorance, every single thing you can imagine. So having faith or having fear. At the end of the book, he talks about - in summing up the entire book - he talks about the people who are successful in life and the people who aren't caught drifting, mindlessly running around and truly out without a sense of direction and purpose. Those who are truly successful have a definite purpose. They have definiteness of purpose with definite plans and aided by hypnotic rhythm or habits with the passage of time.

Having a definite purpose with a plan, a definite plan aided by your habits and what you're doing consistently every single day. Are you working out every single day? Are you eating right every single day? Are you putting it into action every day? Are you showing up to your business, to your job every single day with absolute unadulterated, fervor, and just going after every single day and consistency over time. Time has to take its course as well. It's one of the most poignant sentences I think I've ever seen. I just had to read it like a hundred times.

Bob Proctor says that so many people tell themselves lies in their life and those things become true. We hear about it with politicians a lot. If people continually tell themselves lies where they continually espouse lies and they become true. And he always says, right, we always talk about three sides of a coin. Right? Well, the other side of that coin - law of polarity says that if you tell yourself your goal or you tell yourself you're going to have enough times, you'll believe that too and you'll get that.

So I think that sharpening and refining our minds is what's truly going to get us out of it in that book in "Outwitting The Devil" is truly going to get us out of the mess we find ourselves in. We have that book and it shows us, it was written in 1938, it was after the depression. He talks about the depression being just complete fear. Bank runs panics, right? People ripping their money out of banks. It was just fear. The World Wars was the same thing. You're getting people into panic and fear against themselves and fear against other people. It created this resistance and then eventually war. So it's absolutely fascinating, you have to read it.

I truly know deep down in my heart to every single person on the planet, read that book, we would be in such a different place. It's all about this. Like we said, over and over again spreading the message of faith and in having absolute faith in resolution, that it is all up here. We can choose to do what we want to do when we want to do it and make a change in our life. And I think the scary thing is, and I can speak from experience for a lot of my early life, I was reliant on thinking that government or thinking that other entities people above me, the elites, whatever it maybe had an effect on my life. And they don't. As far as freedom goes and things like that. I mean, that's a different story. I think that's a different offer on a different day. However, when it comes to wealth, your relationships, health, love, and happiness, that's all up here.

What kind of relationships do you want? Are you going to go and network or you're gonna go build relationships? Are you going to try to make money? Or are you going to actually build assets and serve other people? What kind of mindset do you have? And that's going to lead you down the path that you are working towards, whether it's positive or negative. You're going to get one of the other, depending on what you're thinking, what your thoughts are. In that book again, the point he talks about your mind being a vacuum. Your mind is a complete vacuum, and it's being filled with thoughts all the time, whether you know it or not. I mean your subconscious, you're thinking of things all the time, you have these paradigms and these mental genetic codes that have been wired inside of you from your environment growing or just genetically from experiences something like you told yourself stories. What story are you telling yourself? Things have to be rewired to think the way you want to think. What way do you want to think? What is it that you want? What is it you trying to do in life? Who are you trying to serve? Who are you trained to be? What kind of relationships you're trying to have? That's what has to get rewired. And those are the thoughts that you continually have to think to yourself. That vacuum has to be filled with positive thoughts every second of every day.

When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, you must have a positive thought on the other side of the coin readily available. So that way you can switch that and immediately start telling yourself that new story, that new fact about yourself. That's no longer the old thing. It's a new thing. It's no longer the other side of the coin fear. It's a new thing. It's faith. So what is that for you? I'm curious to know what it might be for you and how you might be improving your life.

Those are the things I've been working on in the last few years, and it's an incredible change. Namely just happier more working on meditation, which is listening, more intentional prayer, which is speaking. In doing those things I find myself much happier, and much more resolute, more steadfast, calmer. Those are the things that I have seen in my life and now really begun to see in other lives, in the people that I study, whether it's in faith or it's wealthy people. It could be anything, a successful actor, a movie star, a sports athlete. Those people you see that are very successful, have a lot of those qualities. They've really begun to or mastered their mind, I guess. And again, when Napoleon Hill talks about that as well, 'self-mastery, self-discipline, learning from adversity' all the time. And those people that got success were truly people who took every adversity, every challenge, and every failure and looked at it as growth. How do I just come back stronger the next time? Those who failed were constantly the people who took every single little failure and just quit and turn it, did something else. They found it and tried to find the easier way, 'the grass is always a greener crowd.'

So what is it you're doing in your life to sharpen your mind and use this as the best time of your life? I mean, the best time, if you're prepared going forward, the crashes, the unbelievable crashes and just calamity that will take over this country with the collapsing of currencies and just the absolute insane money printing. We're doing all the currency, printing all these different things we're doing. It could be the best of times in the world. If you are prepared if you are thinking correctly, and if you position yourself properly. What is it going to be for you?

That's something I'm just thinking about for a few years now, really studying that. But those are some of my thoughts and really what I've been really honing in on the last few years. Because it can be the best of times, or it can be the worst of time for you right now. And going forward, there are going to be some cruel, cruel times coming for those who are not prepared all around the world. This is worldwide now. This is not 1980. This is not 1933 when there was only the UK, the US, only a couple of countries involved is global now and is going to affect everyone globally. Your taxes are going to go up. If you're working for a job, you're not working for assets, you're gonna start paying exorbitant taxes eventually to pay for all this debt. If you're positioning yourself properly, you have the right mindset and you've begun to speak the language, things are going to be very different for you. If not, you will be subjected to whatever the government, whatever the man gives you.