The Game Of Monopoly


The game of monopoly - we've all played it. I used to love it as a kid. I loved being the banker. You know why? Sneaky secret - because the banker can print or steal as much money as they want and never go bankrupt. That's why I loved monopoly as a kid.

It's the same thing in real life. The Fed can print money, a checkbook with nothing in it, and then they tax you and me to pay it all back. That's our national debt.

So just praying for our team and our company, praying for all the people that are suffering from Coronavirus, COVID everywhere, the people that are in panic, grief, and shock. While that's happening, we pray that that gets better and a miracle takes place. We have to be vigilant and diligent to make sure that we know what the other hand is doing at all times.

Stay vigilant. Stay hard. We'll see you soon.