The Epicenter

As a real estate agent or real estate team you have to understand that you are the hub and the control center of the real estate transaction. You are the one with the incoming clients that are sent off to your trusted vendors and referral sources. You are the one that has to have a quality controls in place so that the operation runs smoothly.

 Each transaction is like running a small business every time you run through it. There is a leader (the real estate agent) and there are all of the employees and consumers ( the vendors and clients.) You must take responsibility for the entire situation in it's entirety. Anything that goes wrong all comes down onto your shoulders. Whether you believe this to be true or not, it is.

The only way that you can get better and better your experience for your clients is to take control of the situation. What I mean by taking control of the situation is having the controls in place that ensure a smooth process and an enjoyable ride. If you believe that each individual vendor in the transaction has to do their part and they are solely responsible for everything that happens you may be partly right. But as the agent you have to be on over watch or have your administrators over watching everything. This might mean having your systems and checklists in place so that things get done properly. It does not necessarily mean that a human has to be watching over all time, you just need systems in place that ensure a smooth transaction every time.

You have to treat your business like McDonald's. Ray Kroc was one of the brightest entrepreneurs ever. He understood that to grow his business he must have the same process and his food and service must come out exactly the same every time no matter where it was at in the world. This is called leverage. It's the easiest way to get more done and serve more people in an efficient and timely manner.

Study this and learn this. Take responsibility for absolutely everything in your life and it will give you the confidence and clarity to move forward and grow.