The BIG 3

The real estate industry has changed greatly over the last 5 to 15 years. We have seen the introduction of the Internet into the industry and the ditching of the "real estate book" among other big changes. One of the biggest changes in the last decade or two is the advent of the real estate team. Now, they're still aren't tons of real estate teams out there as a whole but in general they have really streamlined the process for many consumers. The real estate team enables individuals to work with a team to provide the best service possible. As an individual real estate agent you are wearing all the hats and you are spread very thin. You either have to sacrifice service or you sacrifice your own income because you can only work with a few people at a time when trying to do everything yourself. This is the mindset of a small business owner versus a big business owner. A big business owner looks and says I'm going to try to leverage everyone so we can provide a better service for our customer. The small business owners says, "I have to do it myself as I do it best." To each is his own but in my dealings and my experience I have seen that having a team of people at your side has been the easier and more effective way rather than trying to do everything on my own. When I try to do things on my own my service slacks and my efficiency lacked. Clients are not responded to or taken care of in a quick or professional manner. When I have my team around me though I can get my clients answers almost immediately at any time. So when choosing your representation in a real estate transaction make sure to do your due diligence and go with a team who is a comfortable fit for you but who is also going to provide you the best service, knowledge, and negotiating power possible. These are your BIG 3 qualities in a top-notch team to look for!