Taking Quantum Leaps

Quantum leaps.

Quantum leaps, everybody. I'm just thinking about like when I was growing up as a kid. So many of us want to make huge leaps in our life and do stuff. It's tough, but we don't take seriously quantum leaps and we don't do the little things. It's not grand gestures. It's the little consistent actions every single day added up over time. We are just a summation of all of our actions and decisions, the people we hang around with day after day, month after month, year after year. That's it. That's all we are.

So remember that when we were trying to make quantum leaps, it's because we're trying to do grand gestures a lot of times we're not doing the little things we need to do every single day, all the time that add up to those big wins, those quantum leaps. It's like riding a bike. You want to make those quantum leaps, things, and habits so that they are ingrained in you. We as beings, like when I was growing up as a kid, I would study math. My mom would help me with study or my dad helped me study and when I got something, I got it right. It was like riding a bike. It was all of a sudden you just got it and you couldn't unlearn it. So make yourself learn those habits and those skills that way - Boom! You just got it. You just have it and you don't unlearn it. So make sure you're utilizing that to your advantage, cause that's going to help you with your quantum leaps as well.

I'm sure most of you have had that experience when you're growing up as well when you're trying to learn. So maybe it was reading or maybe it was a language, or maybe it was math or whatever it was, and then all of a sudden you just got it one day and then you never unlearn it. So those little consistent actions every single day are what lead to those quantum leaps that all of a sudden one day, boom, you get it. So I got to run. I appreciate you guys more than anything. Your time and energy really means the most to me and I'm just humbled and honored to have your time and energy and attention. Lennox, Theodora say goodbye and we'll see you soon.