Success Story: “How My Wife And I Are Beating Stress And Anxiety”


This is the success story for today and it is a personal story. It is about my wife and I and us just starting to take action and get real serious about what it is we are doing and how we’re doing it. This is everything and when you’re not taking action, you start getting frustrated. There are little things in our life that we’re starting to get frustrating because we were making plans and trying to make plans. When you’ve got little ones running around, it gets hard, right?

So when you’re not taking action on those goals and you’re not taking action on those little things where there can be little things with going and running simple errands or whatever it may be, and you’re not taking action on some of the highest priority tasks like Gary Keller’s book, “The One Thing,” you’re not knocking out the A-level tasks. You’re doing a bunch of C, B, and C level tasks. Those A’s can start to build up and then you start to feel overwhelmed. So taking action is really the remedy for all that. It’s antidote to stress. It is the antidote to anxiety. It is an antidote to making sure that you’re getting your goals.

One Big Thing A Day

So take some action. That’s the success story. That’s something that we started doing, it’s one thing a day. And I think the one thing that I struggled with the most is I want to do 100 things a day. I don’t know if it’s competitiveness. I don’t know if it’s ego, I don’t know what it is, but I think I could do 100 things a day. I want to do 100 things a day and it’s just not possible. It’s not humanly possible. I don’t have enough hours in the day to do 100 things. So what’s your top task or two. The reason we talk about some of this stuff a lot is that a lot of times it’s selfishly me trying to reinforce in my own head and teach myself what I need to do. So take action is something that my wife and I just really started to focus on. Just taking action, one action, a one big ticket item a day. That way if you do 30 of them and you plan out one a day and if you hit at least 20, 25 of them, your life’s gonna be radically different in a month. Then in two months, it can be completely different again. So you take action on one big item a day as a couple, as a business, as a single person, whatever it may be. You’re gonna look back in a month and be like, “Wow, this is unbelievable.” I think just us kind of looking at it and breaking it down into one thing a day really kind of puts light to where our issues were. It was really just kind of the overwhelm of life getting in the way and trying to stack too much on top of ourselves.

So take action. One thing a day. What’s the one thing today that you can do that’s gonna make everything else pointless, useless, rendered, just void because you just don’t need to do anymore for you’ve done the one big thing and everything else took care of itself. So take some action. That’s the success story for today and we look forward to see you guys later this week.