Success Story: Business as a Team Sport

Advisors and your team, just like sports, just business, life, your family, it doesn’t matter what it is, but you know, a big win and all these Wednesday videos we do, giveaways we do testimonials, we do success stories or whatever. But I just want to talk about a success story of just having good people in your corner and advisors and people in your life that you can depend on and count on like I said, whether it’s family members or teammates, whoever it is, sports, business, life, you know, religion, doesn’t matter. You need teammates, need people around you that are gonna support you and uplift you and provide value in your life. If you don’t have that I suggest you start taking account of who you’re hanging around with, start finding people who are gonna help you.

I just got a call, 9-minute call with our CPA and a number of things that I’m gearing up for the end of the year and then looking to next year and the different things that we want to do. Just serious question, some of them very elementary and things I’ve literally heard three, four, five, ten times, but not having true clarity or maybe I got discouraged in some way or I found some conflicting information and just having them reassure me and then walk me through some situations, walk me through some different financial sheets or whatever it may be and walk me through different scenarios that could happen. Having that at my disposal is incredible and it’s very comforting, provides a lot of clarity and a lot of focus. I think that that’s something that I lacked for a long time, for many years. I think that’s something that a lot of people lack and I’m still trying to gain more and more every day. I’m just at the beginning of my journey and but just getting in the last few years, getting more clarity and getting better people around me and not trying to be the smartest person in the room as many men try to be. I’m definitely guilty of that. But trying to get people that are smarter than me around me, that way I can then take the information I have and make better decisions and it’s life changing. It’s game changing.

Be With The Right Company

So that’s my success story. It’s finding better people, taking account of who you’re hanging around with, who you are around, who you’re taking advice from, is it uncle Jim and uncle Bob who just sit at home all day doing nothing. Or is it an incredibly successful CPA, incredibly successful business owner, is that a boss of yours? Is it someone that you work with? Is it someone that you know in your family that is super successful and it always seems like they win and always seems like things just come to them? It’s because they hang around people. It’s because they’re around people that are successful and know how the game works. So, take account and you know, we talked about this earlier this week on Monday take account, but my success story is that it’s the never-ending quest to find a better people to be around and who are going to support you and help you find answers that you can’t find on your own.

So I present that challenge to you. I want to present some of my just small success story and just the comfort and the clarity I feel after talking to people like that. Then some of the success that you know, the challenge I present to you just to go forth and try to find people who are going to support your dreams and not put them down, but support your dream, will help you find the resources you need to complete and succeed and thrive in those dreams. So I present you that challenge, but I appreciate your time and energy. That’s a success for me and of itself. Just having your time, your attention, your energy, because it’s the most important thing we have. So I appreciate you spending with us as always. We look forward to seeing you soon.