Selling Your Home Mitten Made Properties Way

We talked a lot about different problems and creative solutions for selling your home and this is another deal that we got. We’ve got numerous retail listings going right now, just normal every day “put your sign in the ground, get your marketing plan and get the home sold,” right? But we have a number of different things that we are doing. We’ve talked about many times creative solutions for selling your home. There are many, many, many people who need creative solutions to sell their home, creative ideas and this is something that most real estate agents do not talk about nor had the capability to do.

So one of the recent ones we just did and are getting under contract right now is with one of our investors, partners and something that our company is partnering with is a gentleman who grew up in a home on the east side of Detroit, that is, Metro Detroit, for those of you listening nationally. We have a gentleman who inherited a home, his parents’ home. It was a home he grew up in and it needs a ton of work. It’s just not something that, you know, your every day, a new buyer, new families just going to come in first time home buyer and say, “Oh yeah, great. I’m going to take this home with a ton of work that’s needed and we’re going to try to fix it up.” Or we’re gonna get it for some good deal. They’re going to go do an inspection and an appraisal is going to happen and this thing’s not going to praise. You know, they’re going to go through an inspection and as much as their agent warns them or as much as we warn them, they’re not going to be happy and they’re going to back out.

We’ve got a bunch of options for you

So what can be done to help sell this home? How can we get this home sold without the stress and the time waste of going and trying to go onto the market, in the public market, in the MLS, trying to get this home sold to a retail buyer? This is going to be a creative solution. Things like this, we run into. Many agents run into this, right? Many people have these situations that normally they just, most people can’t help you. So by teaming up with investors and people who are looking to remodel homes and rehab homes and give the homeowner some type of solution, whether it’s a land contract or some type of seller financing or long-term interest payments or you’re just a cash offer upfront and you’re out of the deal within 7-10 days, 7-14 days.

We ended up doing that with this gentleman and we took basically a month or so, a month or almost two months for him to get his financials in order to get him to get his things in order. Before he said, “You know what? I want the quick cash offer. That’s what I needed. That’s what I want. Talk to everyone involved and make the deal happen.” The great part is the people that we work with, my team works with are very flexible. We’ve been working with them the entire time to get this process done and moving along and in making it the least amount of stress possible for the homeowner. As I said, this has been happening for a little while now and we’re patiently waiting until things are right. Then we can get the deal done and get money to the homeowner and give them something they would not have had otherwise.

Setting up apart from the typical

So again, just another example. Just a couple of weeks ago I did a video about us literally getting a homeowner $70,000. She didn’t think she was going to get anything and she thought she was just going to lose the property and we got her $70,000. So that’s a big difference. That’s something that I’m super, super passionate about right now because quite frankly, I love selling homes, listing homes, help people sell and get their dream homes. Our team loves doing that, but there’s nothing like getting and helping someone in what they think is a hopeless situation and they think that all hope is lost and there’s nothing they can do and they are stressed out to the max. Their internal fights going on, external fights going on and then we can come in and provide numerous options and then the seller, all of a sudden when they think they have no options gets their pick from a handful of options and then get money on the back side of that and then get a massive headache off of their hands brings a whole new meaning to the business, truly.

I wanted to share that because again, I’ve been talking about it more and more now. I just didn’t have the wherewithal to do it the first handful of years I was in the business and we’re very busy building systems and building processes and making sure things were tight and make sure we have the people in place to do the transactions and to make sure that we’re providing a great experience for our clients. Now, fortunately, by the grace of God, we are able to start providing more solutions than we even know what to do with. Right. Quite frankly, but it’s all to do with your partners, and I’ve talked a lot over the years here about having good partners around you. Business is a team sport. You have to have good advisors and good people around you, like making sure you have a great real estate agent, a great team. They’re the quarterback of everything you’re doing. So if you can’t trust them, then any advice they’re giving you, you won’t believe them so you’re creating extra work for yourself. So make sure you’ve got a good real estate team doing your work with you and advising you, and then that in turn is going to give you good advisors throughout the process. So we make sure we’ve got good systems and good people, processes in place, and then we have great investors that we work with and great inspectors and lenders and on and on. But again, these things weren’t possible the first handful of years and now we are truly able to provide something 99.9% of real estate agents, real estate teams cannot provide.

Marketing by all means

So we are not only setting ourselves apart from the rest of the market. We are doing something like I mentioned a minute ago, something that is beyond gratifying and fulfilling and giving homeowners something they desperately need. Not everyone needs that. But with what we have, our team is doing, I know 100% without a doubt, without a shadow of a doubt, 90 to 95 plus percent of the teams in the country and real estate agents are not doing what we’re doing with the marketing, with the Facebook ads, Google ads and Youtube ads and in all the digital marketing that we’re doing. I know because I researched and I do competitor research. I watch what’s going on. So II not only can take our systems and processes and teams to the next level but also so I know what’s coming. No one’s doing that on the retail side, and then not only that but on the investment side, the creative solutions, creative selling side for homeowners in distress with tax liens on their home, any kinds of liens in their home, they’re behind in their taxes, their going into foreclosure, maybe a short sale, whatever it may be. They’ve got the ordinances coming down and assessments being levied on their home. We can now help them and provide them solutions and outright buy the home from them, give them different selling options. That way they can make money up front or they can make money up front and in the long term and on and on. Things we could not do before and other people cannot do it. They just cannot bring those options to the table.

It’s coming

So it is so exciting to me. I love talking about it and that’s why I keep bringing this up at least once a week and trying to get this message out there because it truly is something that with all the things that we do and what I see coming and been studying currency history and money history of monetary history, fiscal policy for the last 10 years, things are coming. This market is not going to last. The market was an 8-10 year cycle and we’re in year 9-10 right now. So there will be a correction/recession/depression here at some point. Mark my words like. This is coming. This is absolutely 100% without a doubt. It’s inarguable. So there are things coming and I want to position ourselves and give ourselves the ability to help homeowners who are in distress because right now there’s not tons and tons of people that are in distress, but there is a good junk of people. That’s only going to increase as we see this market clout over the next few years. So we want to be the leaders and at the forefront of creative selling and getting people what they need and providing hope for them.

I thank you for watching this because it is such an important message. Again, most people’s biggest investment is their home. So whether it’s you, whether it’s a family member, whether it’s a friend, a colleague, whatever it is, if you know someone or you know someone eventually who needs help selling a home who doesn’t have that cookie cutter, perfect home, needs some help selling, needs creative solutions or in trouble. Please let us know because I can guarantee you that we will have options for them. Whether it’s our businesses buying them or offering, it’s going to be someone that we know and the network of people now that we have established that can now help them and get those homes sold and provide a stress-free as a possible process that they normally wouldn’t have had. They would not have had options, they wouldn’t have had hope, and now we can be providing that to them. So I’m very, very excited that we’re doing this now and these systems are being put into place now before the next few years happened because again, with all the videos we’ve done, all the studying that we’ve done and all the things I’ve shown you and all the things that we’ve talked about, many of us here, I know many of you I’ve talked to you, there are things coming.

He who has the gold makes the rule

There are things coming. You follow anybody who was paying attention and they know things are coming. It’s a reason why China and Russia are buying massive amounts of gold. They’ve been buying gold like crazy for the last 10 years. Why do you think that is? He who has the gold makes the rule. They are buying gold because they are worried about what the United States is doing. Printing money, printing currency and we’re not gonna get into that now, but there are things coming and those are reasons why. Those are reasons I can tell you 100% without a doubt, those are happening right now. We have the charts to prove it. Chart after chart after chart to prove that we’ve gone over them on our videos here, those things are happening.

So what can we do to help? That’s what we’re here for. What is your goal? What is your why and how can we help? So I appreciate you listening to this. Please let me know if there’s anyone that you know, that needs help, anyone that we can help. Our teams here, our real estate teams, our investment partners, we look forward to helping as many people as we can now and into the future. So I appreciate your time and your energy because it’s the most important thing we have. We’ll see you soon.