Remove Yourself From The Matrix

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Remove yourself from the matrix.

Just a few notes that I'm writing in my journal and thinking about. I think we all need to remove ourselves sometimes from the matrix, whether it's the political matrix, the news, financially, your job, whatever it might be in your life. You have to remove yourself sometimes because as we all tend to do from time to time, we tend to get in our own heads and we let other people or other things influence what we're doing. We just had so many questions lately, and truth be told, it's very hard to even follow and figure out what is going on right now because things are moving so fast. I keep giving this analogy of things are moving at light speed or the coyote running off the cliff chasing the roadrunner. We haven't even looked down yet. We're going so fast. We have so much momentum because we're so big and the economy is so big that it's just going straight still and we haven't looked down yet.

History repeats itself

I've had a lot of good talks with a lot of different people. Everyone's got different thoughts, right? The economy is going to collapse. We're going to be totally fine. It's funny you talk to lenders, and you talk to people in the financial world and they tend to think, they just see the past and what has already happened and that won't happen again. Because that's all they know, right? They've seen well. Banks are stronger now and they're better now. So things are going to be okay. It''s funny because that's such a fraction of the economy and what's actually going on. There are so many massive things like the FED talking about bailing out student loans and things like that, which is the biggest asset of the federal government, by the way. That is such a fraction of what's going on. There's so many. We already, I think, have contract 40%. We contracted 33% in the last downturn and we contracted 40% already in two months, two or three a year last time.

Anyway, the whole point of this is to remove yourself from the matrix. Remember 10 years ago in 2008 or twelve years ago, I was a senior at Michigan State. I remember being in my apartment and watching the economy just go crater through the floor. I remember thinking to myself, I just remember vividly thinking, "Wow, what is going on right now? I need to figure out this game. There's something going on. There's something that's some type of game we're in. There's a matrix we're in. I need to figure that out and find out what is going on and what this all means." Because it really was a defining moment in my life.

Beanie Babies 

The first defining moment in my life when it comes to the markets and economy was when we bought a bunch of beanie babies in the late nineties, so 10 years prior to that. And then those lost all their value. Then, all the hockey cards I had as a child. I remember reading back in magazines. So if you guys, any of you card collectors, remember Beckett's Magazine, they would have the prices for all the cards. I remember there are cards that were $30, $50, $10, whatever. I remember going to just pennies on the dollar after the dot com crash, after 2000 and the same thing with beanie babies, et cetera. There was so much excess money in the system that it just didn't have anywhere to go. And so people were just buying, which brings me to another point actually really quick, which is there are pensions that are out there that have invested or investing in beanie babies. Just to show you what's going on in this world right now, of your pension may be or 401k what those things are being invested in. Just coming full circle, just make sure you're doing your due diligence. So anyway, removing yourself in the matrix.

I remember my next real adult experience in the economy was watching the economy just go through the floor during the 2008 election. Just months before the election. I remember thinking, "Wow, there's a matrix we are in and we have to figure out." I have to figure out what is going on. I mean, there was a game being played. Some people are getting wealthy clearly and a lot of people aren't. So what is going on? What's the difference between these people that are winning and what's the difference between these people that are losing? We've spoken about is in the head, right? A lot of us between the are alive, it's in the mind. A lot of it's your network and relationships, where you went to school, who your parents were, and what IV league did you go to. That's a lot of it right there. There's a big chunk of that there. However, there is still a chunk of people. If someone's done it, that means that you can do it too. If someone's done it that wasn't in the IV league school or there's someone who did it, who was your same skin color or whatever it is. If someone's done it, then it means it can be done. Right?

Just like Roger Banister breaking the four-minute mile. No one thought it could be done. Then he did it. Now seemingly everyone can do it, right? It's been done a lot after that. The same thing with Edmund Hillary, I can't remember his exact name, but something like that. He's from New Zealand I believe, and he was the first one to climb Mount Everest. People tried, frozen up there, and never to come down again, right? He was the first one to do it. He and his Sherpa, they wouldn't say who was the first one up there, which is pretty cool actually. Both of them. Then how many people have done it since then? Right? So it's on the mind. It's unbelievable when you really break it down and think about, "Okay, what is in my mind, and what's going on in the story?" I'm telling myself constantly between my ears. All my relationships aren't great or my spouse sucks, or whatever it might be, that's a story you're telling yourself. "Oh I'm not making the income I want to" or "Oh I'm overweight all the time" or "I'm too skinny. I can't put on weight." That's just up here. Are there things that are physically challenging your life? Yes, of course, there are. However, everything that you're telling yourself is what's actually manifesting itself out into reality. So if you think the economy sucks right now, it's going to suck. If you think it's great, it's going to be great. It's all up here and it all depends on your thinking and that's going to get you from point A to point B. So whatever your story you're telling yourself that's going to get you, that's going to be the path you lead from point A to point B.

So, removing yourself from the matrix, that is key in all this because everything's coming so fast, so hot and so heavy right now that no one knows what's going on. There isn't one person, you watch all the billionaires out there, all the different people, they all have different things and slight variations here and there of what they think is going to happen. I was talking to one of my friends today and he was just asking about gold and silver and real estate investing, in hedging, your wealth, and things like that. And it really is fascinating because most people, you can't even talk to them about it because they don't speak a language. I remember Robert Kiyosaki always said in Rich Dad - one of the big things he told him was to speak the vocabulary of a wealthy person and be able to speak with them and talk like them because it's really another language to be able to talk like that. Talk about bonds, talk about interest rates, talk about ROI and internal rates of return, know how bonds work or in interest rates, know what negative rates mean which is a new concept and we'll talk about this week actually and do a separate video on. But know how those things operate. Then you can then act when you hear things. You can then act. It's like a language, right? Most people have no idea what's going on because it's a different language to them when it comes to TV or there's a new news article or something that happens. They see something on Facebook, they just automatically shut off because they have no idea what's being said. It's like someone just came up to you and spoken Mandarin. You have absolutely no idea what would just happen. And that's the game coming now in a full circle.

I remember 10-12 years ago and I'm sure most of you watching right now. Thank you for all of you jumping in and joining in. I can't even see you right now because I don't have my glasses on. I'll have to read them in a second. Get really close to the camera. I remember thinking that 12 years ago. I have to speak this language. I have to understand what's going on. I can't stand being unable to speak the language I want to speak. I can't stand that feeling of being trapped and being held back by something that I can figure out, I can learn. And that's what the last 10 years have been for me personally, has been how to learning that language. It's been audiotapes and in seminars, in meetups, talking to people, Zoom calls, more books, more audio tapes, podcasts, and just hours upon hundreds of hours of doing that over and over and over again for 10 years.

Do the real thing

Doing the real thing, simulating the real thing, playing games, doing the real thing, doing the real thing, and talking to more people. That's what really sets the tone for your life and gives you that ability to then remove yourself from the matrix ultimately. Speak that language so you understand what's going on. You can make decisions that are best for you and your family moving forward. You can be prepared and really calm in the chaos. As Bob Proctor always says, "The biggest opportunities lie in crisis. The deeper the crisis, the bigger the opportunity." That's what's coming forward. Just coming in a full circle and putting a bow on some of this, a lot of people asking what's going to happen with the economy. The aggregate of everything I see in big people I listen to, and I'm not talking about economists and all that kind of gobbledygook. But I'm talking about the real, legit, billionaires, multimillionaires and people that have businesses, that are huge investors. To most of those people, the aggregate is things are not looking good over the next year or two. And again, people on the micro-level, they, they look at one thing like, "Oh, banks look good" or "Well, rates - that'll really help the economy" or "Hey, they strengthened the lending standards." That has nothing to do with what's going on. No one should ever have that in their head anymore. That happened in the path like breaking a bone. That's a strong point of your body now. It's going to break somewhere else. It's not going to break on the spot. It just did again, so stop looking there.

Life's an hourglass

Stop looking in the past, right? There's nothing you can do about it. As Bob Proctor says as well, "There's nothing you can do. Then you have the hourglass. All the sand that's falling into the bottom. There's nothing you can do about the sand that's underneath. Now, there's nothing you can do about the sand on top." You have no idea how much sand you have left either in your life. All you can focus on is that sand passing through the middle of the hourglass right this second. So it's going to be something different, right? We have massive, massive credit debt, consumer debt. We have a massive national debt. We have massive unfunded liabilities. We have massive global debt, an incredibly, just insane money printing, currency printing, and just huge bubbles of our student loan debt obviously, right? Nearing 2 trillion, getting closer to 2 trillion. So it's going to be a number of other things. Coronavirus obviously just locking everyone down. Those are those pins that are going to pop the bubble. The music will stop at some point. There are only so many chairs left.

Play the game

Removing yourself in the matrix is understanding the game, understanding the language is what's going to ultimately give you that ability to thrive to make this transfer of wealth from the people that don't understand, the people that can't see what's going on. That transfer of wealth doesn't go from those people to the people who understand the game and are running the game, either one of those two. You gotta be running the game or you have to understand the game. You have to speak the language. Those are the two ways and it happens every crash. If you study these crashes guys. It happens every single time, every crash.

It's just history. I am fortunate because I love history. History is fascinating to me. My father made it very interesting for me and I loved it growing up wherein school they make it so boring and so terribly painstaking that you don't want to learn history. I think there's a reason behind that. I think that there was something bigger behind that and that's why they don't know. People don't want you to know the history. It keeps you under people's control and you don't understand the mistakes you've made, your ancestors have made in the past. You were doomed to make those mistakes again. It's just common sense. It's just human history. Reading history and learning history, that is how we learn from the path. It doesn't automatically say it's going to happen again, but it rhymes. Right? There are very similar patterns and charts. We have thousands, thousands of years of history to go through and watch those patterns. That's what enables you to foretell the future.

Anyway, remove yourself from the matrix starting where we started from the beginning as well. Make sure you're spending some time in thought. This big thing really in the last two years has really helped even level up more. It's just getting into my head and being quiet, being still, more meditation, more prayer, stuff like that. Writing my thoughts down and then keeping a journal for two years now every single day, those kinds of things are just things that not only might I look back on and be glad I did and I hope my kids, my posterior you will be glad. But also just being able to get my thoughts out. Be clear, be calm, and not have that all built up in my head. Because we all do that, right? We all build things up in our heads.

I appreciate you guys all jumping on. Literally, you guys thought I was joking. I literally can't see. But anyway, I appreciate you guys a ton. We'll have a video this week about not that removing yourself from the matrix. It's getting way darker on the camera than it is out here, unfortunately. But negative interest rates and some more tactical stuff. I wanted to get into that more this week and how it's gonna affect us because this is something that we talked about last year that I really thought was going to be coming and I think it's going to. We're seeing the signs already. We're seeing some of the futures points towards negative rates and that literally impacts every single one of you, every single one of you talking on here right now.

Negative rates will impact you. Just give you a sneak peek, which means you are paying the bank to hold your money so you have that savings account or checking account, whatever it is. That means you are paying that bank, a credit union, wherever it is, to hold your money. There are a million ways around that. We had Ron Snell around the other day talking about life insurance and how the wealthy and how banks actually save their cash and stuff like that. There are a million ways to do it. There are also things you can do with your cash. You don't have to necessarily go into life insurance and get more life insurance or whatever. But there are tons of ways, different ways to do stuff. So we'll get into a handful this week and the positives and negatives of that because. As we always say, "There are three sides to the coin. Knowing each side of the coin and being able to be on the edge of it so you can make the best decision for you."

Also, I'm hoping to have some big guests on the show this week, on the Podcast, on YouTube show. We'll have an array of people as well. We'll talk about adversity talking about creative real estate. It's been different stuff like that. So we're going to have some really fun people over the coming weeks. And I'm excited because we're gonna share it on you, whether it be on YouTube and the Podcast, stuff like that. Still working on a name, I got a project name. We're still working on a name there. So let me know if you have any ideas before I drown out in the darkness here. That's gonna be fun. But I think you guys will get a kick out of that. We will be putting them onto a Facebook here as well.

Meditate and reflect

I appreciate you guys more than you know. I can't even see you guys anymore because it's so dark. I appreciate all you guys jumping on. Bunch of silent warriors here watching. So I appreciate you guys. Let me know if you have any questions. As I said, I look forward to talking about negative rates this week and all the people are going to bring it on the show here in the future. If you guys know anyone, any really cool people that should be on the show, that we should interview at some point, please let me know that as well. That would be awesome. I have a huge list of people that I have kind of pointed out and I'm pegged. But yeah, I'd love to know what your thoughts are and who you might know. So appreciate you guys. Remove yourself from the matrix. Take time to do some more prayers and meditation. Be with your family obviously during this time, but also get inside your own head. What are those thoughts that are going on? I think one of the coolest things too. One of the cool things - I remember Bob Proctor years ago, like seven or eight years ago. I saw him in person a bunch of times. I had the good fortune of going to his house in Toronto and his wife gave me a couple of his books somehow, some way. I was gonna say no. Go watch Bob. That's all I got to say. Go watch Bob. He really is incredible. He is someone that will change your life and he's changed mine. So it's removing yourself from the matrix. Get into your own thoughts. Get in your own mind and be calm. Be still because that's going to ultimately bring you self awareness.

He always talked about this guy. He would talk about how when he had really hard thoughts or hard problems or things he needed to do, he would talk about going into this state where he would either meditate or going into like a pre-sleep or something like that. He would go in with the people that he admired the most in his life and he would basically have a round table, put out these thoughts to all of these people, and let them solve them. I can't remember who exactly was in his on his table, but it was like Nikola Tesla, Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, something like that. It was like 12 people where he would go through and then literally act out and think about what they would say to them. How would they act, what would they say to him to help resolve his problem? And I think that that was probably one of the coolest things I've ever heard. Who thinks of that number one? But number two, I've tried that numerous times in my life. That's one thing I've not done consistently though. I'm going to try that more actually because that's really such a cool and fascinating thing to do and like a smart thing to do with that. You get into the mind of someone else, how they would act, how they would think, and then help them or help you solve your own problems by thinking about how they would look at that. He would literally create his own panel of all-stars and advisors and they would help him. So pretty dang cool.

But anyway, I'm gonna get the heck out of here. Just have nine o'clock. It's getting super late. I gotta go finish my notes. I finished my thoughts. So we'll see you guys later this week on some of the shows, but also, like I said, negative rates coming this week. I hope you guys have a good night.