October 2019 Insider’s Report – Diversification Is Your Shield

Diversification is your shield.

That is what will protect you and no, it's not always what you think it might be. People diversify in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. That's one asset class. We talk about it many, many times throughout the years here. You have to diversify into different asset classes.

I'm just reading an article here from Tika Tori, just another mentor that I follow and right here who talks about "diversification is your shield." Then he talks about getting into private placements with regulation, A offerings, getting into collectibles, art, things like that, cryptocurrencies, rental real estate. Getting into things - silver and gold, that are going to hedge you against the coming down to whenever that will be. I mean, we were talking about this for five years now since we've been putting out content, doing videos for you. Quite frankly, again, we're now in the longest uptake in the economy we've ever had.

Unpredictable things happen

So, we thought it was going to crash two years ago. No one can predict the time. We can go buy all past indicators and that's usually what we go by. And that's why for a couple of years now I've been saying and sounding the alarm saying, "Hey, this is going to happen." However, now with things - interest rates going negative, going zero and things like that, this could go for another five years. Who knows? I mean, is it going to be two, three years, five, seven, nine, could it be tomorrow? You just gotta be prepared and now's the time to take action. It's not tomorrow, not the next day. Now's the time to take action. It's preparing yourself if you have any money saved up at all or anything available to you to go start. One: investing in yourself. Go invest in your education first. It's the first thing you have to do until you've got $10,000 - $30,000 saved up at least bare minimum to be able to go start putting money into some private placements into silver and gold, just hedging yourself a little bit. Because when you have all your money in one asset class, like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, you're getting taxed up the ying-yang. The most fees come out of those products and you're really just making Wall Street richer, right? That's the only thing you're doing. You're taking your money, giving it to wall street. You're saying "I can't do anything with my money. You know better than me. You go do it." That's the way society has been set up and that's the way we've all been taught. That's the way the system works. That's the way Wall Street takes your money and makes money off of you.

The Wall Street Bait

The financial planners, banks, everything is set up to get you to funnel your money to the system. There are some amazing financial planners out there that get it to understand it. For the most part, most financial planners, there are salespeople for Wall Street. There are salespeople to get your money into Wall Street and keep it there. And that way other people, people that are smarter, that have actually studied money, currency and finance history can go take that money, go make more money, become very wealthy with it. Then you sit there and take what's leftover at the end of the day.

This is our Insider's Report for the month of October. We've been doing this, like I said, for five years. I could give you countless stories and millions of stories. I try to keep it a little bit shorter for the time being and just kind of beating my head against the wall. I think eventually we're gonna start a newsletter or something more private where we can do newsletter stuff, maybe in groups, Facebook groups, whatever it may be, different stuff maybe through the website where we can really talk candidly about what's going on. There's a lot of issues at the forefront today. I think people are noticing. The thing is, again, with the technology and just how much information is out there, people are really starting to understand that there are issues. There are things going on that are really beyond our control and we gotta learn. You had the system work for us.

Becoming the bank

Robert Kiyosaki always says, "become the bank." Don't put yourself on the side of the bank where you are constantly getting mortgages and putting yourself further and further into bad debt. Become the bank. Put yourself into good debt. Go borrow money, go use other people's money and then go create other money with it. Go buy rental properties, go by self-storage units, go buy apartment complexes and figure out ways to do that. It's not super easy right now by any means, but can figure out ways to do that and then have those assets. The rich work on acquiring assets, not working for money. Most people work every day for money. Nine to five, nine to five. Money doesn't work for them. They work for money, they work for a paycheck, but they're rich. If you look at the Fortune 400 or anyone with true wealth, they have assets. They work on acquiring assets. Assets that then pay them, whether it's businesses, real estate, it could be stocks and options. Warren Buffet does this all the time where he has millions of shares of Coca Cola or whatever it may be, Wells Fargo. And then those, he then sells options on those and collects income, collects option premium from that every single month because he's selling insurance, selling a contract but never lose it. He's just collecting cash flow every single month. So it can be done in any, any asset class. But it's something that needs to be talked about. And again, I feel like a broken record. It's just one of those things that we're going to continue to talk about more and more. The problem is not gonna be solved ever, but you and I, and we can do things to mitigate it.