May 2020 Insider’s Report: What Is Your Purpose?

We are Americans.

We were built for this, these exact times that we are in. We've seen pandemics before. We've seen other atrocities before in this world and this is something that we are built for. This is where Americans thrive. This is where Americans take-off and set an example for the world. This is why people come to this country. This is something that we have forgotten here as Americans. We have completely abandoned, forgotten this idea. The world needs leaders. The world seeks leaders. Humans seek leaders and we are those people to lead. We're also people to be led but were there to lead first and foremost and be led when the time is appropriate.

Our Insider's Report - this is something we've been doing for years now, four or five years. Again, Brandon Gentile, Legacy Group Real Estate Team. We have been doing this for years now and it's really been the macro view, the 30,000-foot view of what's going on? We do our Market Updates. We've seen the calamity in that. We just did that last week or a week or two ago for April. We did it from March and we see obviously just catastrophic numbers in the last month here. The last month or two obviously with the pandemic and what's going on. The biggest thing out of all this - I've gone through my own ups and downs. I'm sure you've gone through your ups and downs in your mind F's if you will and getting yourself in these crazy states. I've gone through two of them so far and fortunately, I have my lovely wife, Jessica, to help get me out of them among other things. In faith and prayer, the good Lord, books, mindset, training, things like that. The Bob Proctors of the world - thank you for all of that.

We've all gone through incredibly crazy times in our life, right? This is just another one of those times. You can either be beaten down and you can just fall off that horse and give up, or you can use every last remaining ounce of strength, get back up on that horse, and keeping the fight. That's the biggest thing, staying in the fight. And so many people, I feel like just listening to the news. I mean you can't even - I mean it's mind-blowing. I mean, I can't even, you can't even turn on the news. You can't even actually don't look at the news, I don't watch the news, but I can't even pull up Twitter or some Facebook account or whatever it is. You can pull up social media without just being inundated with just absolute insanity. And we live in this world for the last 10 minutes. This is something that our podcasts - I'm trying to think of a name for a while now and I believe it's going to be "Freedom Isn't Free." I've gotten a lot of good feedback. Let me know your feedback. I love it. A lot of people have said that "That's just me and that's who I am to the core." So that's good feedback I hope.

Define your purpose

We're going to talk about a lot of stuff. We're going to talk about financial freedom. We're gonna talk about just freedom in general. Because I think the one thing that binds us all together and brings us together is freedom. The one thing we can all agree on is we want freedom. There's five or 10% of people who don't want freedom. They want to just be led, cradle to grave and have their handheld and everything is taken care of. I get that. I'm talking to 90% of people, people on the left and the right up, down, black, white, doesn't matter. Your sexual orientation doesn't matter. We want freedom. You want freedom. You want to be free to do what it is you are set out to do, your purpose, your calling. What is your purpose? What is God calling you to do? What is it that you love doing and you feel compelled and called to do? And that's I think really the way out of all of this, whether it's in business and making a living for yourself, whatever it may be. But I'm going to touch on a few of these things here.

But again, I think we've lost that freedom quotient in our life. We're expecting the government to give us a handout. We're expecting people to surveil us. We're expecting to know where to turn on the Snapchat location or find my iPhone or whatever. They weren't going to be able to find everything right at that second at the snap of a finger. That's not how life works. We've been jaded and we forgot who we are and we forgot where we've come from. This is something that I studied as a kid actually. For anyone who knew me growing up knew I was into politics and history and law as a little kid before it was cool to be a kid and into politics, all that stuff. I was a psychopath. I was into those things, arguing with people and arguing with adults all the time. I was branded as that. And then I got out of it in 2012. I realized that I was just in this really - for lack of a better phrase - this negative state. I just realized there wasn't a lot I could do quite honestly. One person can change a lot obviously, but it was just for me at that time I needed to go and make my own mark, develop something else and develop other skills, business skills and get out in the world. And I got away from that. Now what we're going to be doing, the show we're going to be building is going to be a podcast and YouTube shows. It's gonna be something that we're going to be having people on and talking about all kinds of freedom.

It's something that we see in the different countries around the world, different things going on and people losing their freedoms. People here, people in the state of Michigan, people all across the country that are losing their freedoms. And it's paramount that we know why we have those freedoms and that governments are instituted to protect those freedoms. Remember, we are electing those people. They work for us. Those people will work for you and me not the other way around. We always need to remember that. I think so many people have forgotten that.

It's easy to forget that time when we live in just the last 10 minutes, the life and culture we live in of just opening up Twitter. What's the next new thing? What's the next new thing? When we just pay attention to current events, we forget and we lose sight of what's actually going on and the actual principles and foundations of how we were set up and how we are supposed to live. And that's where we are now seeing ourselves. We're seeing the manifestation of the last hundred years of just letting government or letting other people take care of our life for us. We've seen how that turned out. I would say that we have a better life than we did a hundred years ago, but I would say it's a much different life. I would venture to guess that there were a lot of people you asked, and it's again, an opinion that they would be in shock and in awe of all the technology we have. But they would say, "Yeah, but you're not as free as I was." I can't help but think that, just the surveillance and the privacy we've lost. Whether it's Republicans or Democrats, each side has taken privacy. Each side has taken freedoms. That's something we have to get back to if we're -going to continue to be Americans, quite frankly. If we're going to continue to be the "shining light on the hill" as Ronald Reagan said. Are we going to be those people? Are we going to be the people who are looked up to in the world like that? That's the standard. That's the gold standard. And of course, every country, every people has their ups, downs and their downtimes. We've all had them. The fact that that's all we focus on is just absolute insanity because every country has that. So why would you focus on that, right? You're gonna focus on the good things and how can we get better? How can we grow? So focusing on the positive, what is your purpose?

It's time for massive change

Usually, we're talking here a lot about in our Insiders Reports about macroeconomics and things like that. This, I think, is the most important macro-economic thing there is. It's your mindset. It's that thing in between your ears, it's the six inches between your ears that are going to get you from point A to point B in one piece. That's something that we just completely abandoned, completely gotten away from and we need to get back to that. Because this is what most people are missing. Most people are missing this. People are sitting on their couch now making more money. I mean you have to sit back and ask yourself why in the world would someone make more money sitting on the couch and they would be going to their job? What's your purpose? Is your purpose to just sit on the couch? Do you think you were really put here on this earth to just sit on the couch? Anybody knows me to believes I'm not some person who is "Yeah, everyone's got to go work. Everyone's got to go work a 9-5. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying - what's your purpose? What's your calling? My purpose is to go to work just to work. What is your calling? What are you being called to do? What is your purpose here on earth? How are you making a difference? How are you doing more with less? How are you impacting more people? What are you doing to change and be that change? What is your purpose? Why are you here? What are you called to do? Time for massive change.

Obviously it's time for a massive change in many, many ways. I don't think the answer is just paying people to sit at home, paying people to be non-productive because again, the government doesn't create anything. So the government's just paying for people to do nothing. That cycle comes to the end at some point. There's an amazing meme out there of the government summed up in one picture. It's an electrical outlet or electrical strip plugged into itself. It doesn't produce things now, could it? Yeah, I mean it could if you change a lot of it and in really kind of got rid of America in essence. We've seen different countries do that over the years and it worked for a while until it doesn't until it implodes. So the capital system is what has given us this freedom has given us the amazing companies, the Apples of the world, and the different companies that make your life. What I'm recording on this on right now, this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for capitalism and that's what we all remember. We're not taught that in school anymore. The school curriculum is given to them by the government and the governments don't want you to think those things that. They ride that line. They ride that little fancy line as they say, between socialism and capitalism. They want that because they want to think as Barack Obama said, it's a constitution, it's a charter of negative liberties. Well, he's saying that as a government employee, that's why governments hate that.

Freedom isn't free

People who want power hate the constitution. They hate that because that constitution was there to protect the people. It was there to keep those rights sacred, those self-evident rights handed down by God to protect you. Life, liberty, justice for all, all those things that we hold to be self-evident. We used to hold self-evident. We used to learn in school. Unfortunately, I don't think most people even know what those, what those rights are, what they truly are. It's not right to housing. It's not right to having food. It's God-given rights. It's the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. That means finding your passion, finding your calling. It means not being run over at the border by people sprinting over the border and being a farmer down there. The farmer down there who is trying to make a living, who was trying to protect his family. Yet he's got people running across the border like absolute insanity, right? So that's what we're talking about. It's being protected and having people follow the law. We're a country of laws. We're a country that follows the rule of law, or we used to. We used to hold people to a high standard. We used to hold our elected officials to a high standard. Now we don't. It goes across the board. It goes, it knows no boundaries, across the aisle. Time for massive change. Again, what are you doing? How are you finding your purpose in life? Freedom isn't free.

The podcast, the show we're going to be doing, or have a lot of people on here talking about all kinds of freedom. The one thing I truly believe is that freedom knows no bounds. People want freedom everywhere. Whether you are in a far off, a distant country from America or you're in America, you're on the right of the left. You want freedom. You want to be able to do what you want to do. At the end of the day, I can't judge you. God's going to judge you so you're free to do what you want. That's what's so great about America. That's why people come here. That's why people literally risked their lives. That's why all of our ancestors risked their lives to come here in some way, shape, or fashion. They risk their lives to have the American dream, whatever that dream might have been. In a large part, do they have the freedom to not be told what to do, to not be told to stay in their home, to not be told how they could or could not run their business, to not be told what religion they had to pray to, a God to pray to, what religion they had to practice. That's freedom. That's why we were founded. The freedom of religion.

The First Amendment, the Second Amendment, those things were given to us so that we could practice what we wanted to practice gathered together, and then those rights were protected by the Second Amendment. It's very simple stuff, very simple. And it's there. It's instituted by men to uphold those rights given by God. So we're going to talk a lot about this. We're gonna talk about freedom in all shapes, forms, and fashions. As I said, financial freedom, just freedom in general. Because I truly believe, and I've thought this for about 10 or 12 years now, the one thing that always blew me away. People are going to have different ways they're going to get to solutions, right? There's not one right answer in the
world. In school, they always tell you the one right answer. That's wrong. That's completely wrong. There are thousands of millions, limitless, infinite ways to get you an answer. And I know people are going to argue on ways to get there or not. However everyone, most people I should say - most people want freedom. They can agree on freedom and everyone might have a different little path, a way of getting there. But freedom is freedom and people want freedom. So that's what we can come together on.
That's the constitution. That's the declaration of independence. That's why this country is so amazing because of those rights. The government is there instituted to protect those rights.

The world is on fire

Obviously, I mean, it's insanity, right? You can't open up a social media platform without being inundated or something. You can't turn on the news without them feeding you some
garbage. I mean, it's absolutely insane. It's remarkable what's going on. So unplug yourself. We talked about it before. Unplugging yourself in the matrix. You gotta get some news, you gotta be informed, but you also unplug yourself. Make sure you're going into battle armed every day, making sure you are getting up early. You're arming this, the six inches between your ears, that way you're ready to go to battle. That way you're ready to stand and fight and give every last ounce of strength so you can protect those freedoms. So you can protect your freedom. Your freedom to go earn a living, your freedom to go
practice what you want, whatever that practice may be. Your freedom to be able to go to the store and wear a mask or not if you want to, it doesn't matter, right? I don't care which way you're choosing. I don't care what you're doing. I want you to have that freedom.
I want you to have that freedom. I don't want someone to be shut off of social media because they're saying something you don't like. That is completely anti-American. We don't do that to people. That is de-platforming people and trying to shut people out. Probably, the most un-American thing you could possibly do is to silence someone. We don't have to go through the list, the litany of people who've done that history of silencing people in the countries that have done that. We've seen how those things have worked out. That's not what America is about. We're Americans. We can figure this out. We can
get back to the freedom that we were given, the blood that was shed.

I was reading something today about Memorial Day and it used to be called Declarations Day. It was started around the 20th president. I can't remember exactly who it was now. But it was called Declarations Day and started around the Civil War. You think about all the people, the 600,000 plus lives that were lost. I think it was the total of the Civil War, I believe. But you think about all the lives that were lost and the blood that was shed for our freedoms, for our rights in the revolutionary war in the civil war, the war of 1812, the World Wars obviously. I mean, you go on and on and on in the blood that was shed to give you those freedoms to be able to do the things you wanted to do. And that's where we're going to continue to have problems. We're going to continue to have problems if we don't come back to these guiding principles, to the Bill of Rights, to the declaration, to the constitution, to what all binds us together and gives us that ability to come and have healthy debate. You're going to have a heated debate but come and having an actual debate and doing things that are going to actually advance, progress us down the line and help us evolve. That structure is what gives us and the people out there that say "All those are antiquated documents." How are they antiquated? Those are self-evident, God-given rights. Are we going to change the right to life, the right to liberty, the right to pursuing your happiness? They talked about was it really going to be land and owning land? They changed that to be a little bit broader like is that what we're going to change? What about that do you not like what you know? Which amendment do you not like? Do you not like the right to assemble and do things together? I'm just curious. These are the questions that have to be answered. These are things that people aren't talking about because it's all about who can I jab on Twitter? Who can I stick here in this YouTube video? Who can I blast on social media? Who can I blast in this interview? That's insanity. We're Americans, dammit. We can figure this out. This is not hard. It's simple stuff. We already have the documents for crying out loud. We should probably open them up. And when's the last time you heard
someone talk about these documents? I mean, it's just mind-blowing. We're sitting here convicting people of things we don't even have any evidence of it. You're guilty until proven innocent. We're completely backward and we wonder why we have problems. It's time to get back to the guiding principles that gave us this life, that gave us the life that 95 plus percent of us really didn't have to do much for. There's a handful of us in society that have actually gone and fought for those rights. Most of us were just given it. We won the lottery. We won the jackpot and we're out here just "Whatever. I'm gonna throw it away. Let's throw it down the drain, whatever. Don't care. It is what it is. We're America,
we'll figure it out." It's just like an awful attitude is that we're Americans. We lead. We are lead at times, right? But we are leaders. This is what we do. This is the Insider's Report. You can tell this is a huge passion of mine and it's something that I feel is so important because we all can do this together because we all are bound by freedom. That's what brings us together. We all want freedom. As Americans, we're used to freedom and when it's being infringed upon, then we start losing our minds whatever way that may be. So let's get back to this. How can we get back to square one and then less they're having to talk there, then we can start deviating. We're so far down the line. We know we're putting bandaids on bullet holes. Let's get to the root of the problem and then start from there.

So that's the Insider's Report for this month. The mind, the six inches between your mind, that is the most important thing we have by far. And I feel like the world is losing it. I feel like the world's losing their mind. If we can get back to that, step out for a second, step out of the batter's box for a quick second. As my buddy, Andy Dirks would say, "Step out of the batter's box." Regain ourselves, regain our composure. Think about it, think about what makes us great, what's made us great, and get back to those guiding principles. I think we're gonna be a lot better for it. So I'm excited. I'm excited because again, there's a show we're going to be doing going forward really I think it is my calling. I think it's my purpose. That's something that I've thought about for 20 years basically - how can I help people and how can I help educate people? I love nerding out on history and we're going to hopefully make it fun for you and not just reading some stupid dates in textbooks. That's insane.

There's a reason I think that's done and we'll get into that later on. But I appreciate you joining in on the conversation because it's truly the most important thing we have. And unless you feel like being the subjects, like they were in England where a lot of the American ancestors came from, then great. Don't pay attention, don't do anything about it. But we'll just have to call you "Sunshine Patriot." That's all. We want to be winter soldiers. That's what we want to be. We want to be winter soldiers.

What's your path? What's your purpose? What's your calling? Remember the six inches between your ears. I think we'd get back to these principles and the stuff we're gonna be talking about going forward. Your life and all of our lives are gonna be much, much different. Actually. I know that. So I appreciate you guys tuning in. Come see if anyone's jamming when I come and turn this off. I appreciate you guys a
ton and I look forward to doing this together because we all need each other. That's for sure. That's another huge lesson that I've learned. You can't do this by yourself. I did that in the first part of my life and it just doesn't work right? You need each other. You need to band together. People that love freedom, you need to band together, and that's all of us. That's 90 plus percent of us, I would imagine. So appreciate you. See you guys in the next one.