“Market Shift”

Oakland County (2015 in comparison to 2014)

* Active Listings = 10,000 vs. 9,576 in October 2014

* Sold Listings = 1,206 vs. 2,168 in October 2014

* Days on Market = 37 vs. 39 in October 2014

* Average sales price = $199,415 vs. $188,368 in October 2014

So what to make of this data?

The last few months of the year are upon us. We have not seen a year like this in the real estate market since before the Great Recession. The stats above have stayed pretty consistent over the last handful of months.

In saying that, the market did slow up a little bit over the last month. As you can see there were nearly 1,000 less homes sold compared to this time last year. The usual slow down during Labor Day has been dragged out because of the national and international market uncertainty.

Again, everyone is holding their breath regarding rates but I am still putting my money on next year. Every day that goes by, it looks more and more like that will be the case. But, of course, you never know with the government…

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