Living in Rochester, Michigan

We are here in downtown Rochester. And today I’m gonna tell you the three hot spots that you have hit along with a bunch of other information. Let’s go.

One of the best parts about Rochester is it’s filled with tons of boutique shops, everything for bridal salons, all the way to the little knickknacks that you can pick up. That’s really high quality. It’s very elegant and it’s a place that you definitely want to check out.

So we’re here outside of the Rochester Mills Brewery. One of the things that they have here on really solid, red beer, if you’re into red beers, you gotta check it out. It’s actually very well acclaimed. It’s even distributed here locally in the Southeast Michigan here. So definitely come in, grab some food, grab a beer, Enjoy the rest. So here at the brewery, in addition to great beer, you can get some pretty good food too. And gosh, there’s not many places that have Shepherd’s pie. And let me tell you if you’ve never had it. Some mashed potatoes, some vegetables, a little meat. Oh my gosh. It’s all mixed together. And it’s done great here, but not to be outdone. Is the beer battered fish and chips. Holy moly. This is one of the hotspots in all of Michigan to get your beer battered fish and chips. Unbelievable good. Trust me. I’m a foodie. Totally forgot to tell you about the best beer. If you, I said the red beer, right? In a previous video, you just watched, well, if you like a milkshake stout who to die for. So smooth, so creamy, so good.

So we are here downtown Rochester. We’re about to check out the Rochester Brunch House see this. You’re gonna wanna see this. You’re gonna, check it out. Let’s go. Where are we,Mr. Dayton? Rochester Brunch House. One of the hot spots in downtown Rochester. Amazing. Great food, better coffee. So we’ve got amazing breakfast here. Here’s basic breakfast, this is build your own bowl. Also taste. That’s good. It’s just when it hits your lips, you know, it’s great.

Kruise and Muer amazing seafood. Great steak. It’s like the surf and turf of downtown Rochester. But if you’re here, do not miss having the Tortellini . I mean, if you want stuff that just melts in your mouth and is delicious, it’s not better, but you gotta check out the bread too. Trust me. I’m a bigger guy. I get it. And I’m addicted to bread and I know where the best bread spots are. This is one of them. Dare I say heavenly.

So Rochester is definitely a far Northern, suburb of the Metro Detroit area, but you’ve got close proximity to M59 and can actually get out to I75 pretty easily. So it can take you in any direction. So if you’re wanting to check out a great golf course, the great Oaks country club is where it’s at. You can get in, you can play nine, you can play 18. It’s a fantastic course, definitely highly recommend. And there’s plenty of other parks around town too.

So a lot of great scenery and a lot of people like the aesthetics of that. Sometimes think if you get into a downtown area, it’s all and kinda crazy. So when you come to downtown Rochester, there’s a lot of times when you hit a downtown area, that parking can be a problem, but actually there’s a ton of plentiful parking. It’s easy They have the parking lot that makes it very, very convenient.If you download that you can get a spot typically anywhere and then walking around town