Living in Rochester, Michigan

Hi, my name’s Chris. I’m from Mitten Made Properties. Deighton, Where are we right now?

We’re in Downtown Milford. Hanging out on The Proving Grounds. A fresh cup of coffee is seen here on Downtown Milford.

It’s Downtown Milford it’s got a lot of amenities a lot of great restaurants. If you’re ever foodie like me, I love hitting up gravity, good lord. That’s a good food. It’s exceptional definitely something to check out. You want a whiskey head on down the road here to Charlie’s On Main because that’s a hot spot too. It’s a lot of good food especially if you like barbecue I mean how can you not go wrong with a little barbecue Smoke Street that’s where it’s at all right here in Downtown Milford.

So we’re downtown here in the Village of Milford but even the surrounding township isn’t far from many other things there’s Kensington Park that’s really nearby it’s a neighboring thing. If you’re into a lot of the outdoor life there’s the GM Proving Grounds it’s right over there on the west side of the township not far from the airport either about 40 45 minutes as long as there’s no construction which there’s always construction but about 45 minutes the metro airport you can get out any direction. Even if you want to head north at 59 it’s not very far away

So Milford has quite a bit of different types of places you can live whether it’s a single family residence or you can actually get into a condo here. They have something right downtown and there’s good apartments as well that are right around the corner here downtown area it’s close proximity to everything. It’s fantastic. But very interestingly that you’ve got a little bit older homes right here down in the village and then a lot of newer construction for homes that are outlined around in the township and we’ll show you those.