Living In Novi, Michigan

Novi has a lot of fun things to do. And one of them is hitting the links. So come check out the links at Novi and, get your golf game in. You can hit nine or 18 either way. Hopefully you hit them long. Hopefully you hit them straight.

So the No.6 Steakhouse has a lot of things that you would expect from a higher end steakhouse. And it’s right here in the heart of Novi, you’re gonna be able to get all the finest cuts of meats from ribeye to, you know, Sirloin to Filet Mignon. And I highly recommend medium rare plus that’s what you should order that steak at with lots of great sides. They’re very, they’re delicious. They have a lot of heaviness and richness to them, but I’ll tell you what it’s worth. Every penny you’ll thank me later.

Toasted Oak and Novi is one of the hotspots. If you’re a foodie, cause it’s a little bit different, but it has that menu that is reflective of local markets, local farmers that bring their food here. And so it’s a farm to table experience and the food is delightful. I mean, obviously it’s incredibly fresh and it’s got a wide range, but I highly recommend you check that out. If you’re looking for a night out or a cool place to hang, have a good conversation, little fireplace in here too. Really nice sets the mood and it’s delicious food. What’s your favorite thing here? I mean, I personally love the little steak they have, they slice it up. It’s just so beautifully cut. And if you get a medium rare plus, which is what I recommend, everybody get their steak. I’m telling you what, it’s juicy. They have fingerling potatoes, too. Roasted fingerling potatoes that I’ve had here. Sometimes they’re on the menu sometimes they’re not, but I’m telling you what they’re, they’re totally delicious. And if you can score those, I’ll tell you nothing better, nothing better.

So we’re right here, right outside of Tricho Salon inside of 12 Oak small I’m out getting my cut, gotta make it look pretty. You know what? Got to see my boy David Arena. He’s gonna take good care of me.

So yeah, we gotta do the experience experience with David Arena.