Living in Livonia, Michigan

Hey, welcome out to Livonia’s newest new construction development. It’s a windmill park homes building it here out on Lyndon between Inkster and Middlebelt Rd gonna have 38,39 homes built right here. Some ranch style homes, some colonial style homes. If you want more information customization, it’s gonna take about a year to build these so, cost today. I already know that half the lots are already sold. I happen to know that because I’m planning on living here, so go check it out. It’ll be awesome.

So, Livonia has a very diverse community from the standpoint of having lots of variety of the homes we started building in the late fifties and there’s ranches and small bungalow type homes that are over in the certain parts of the city. And then in the seventies, it really had a boom era where a lot of these houses that you see the colonials, four, three and four bedroom colonials really came onto the scene. And then fortunately in the late nineties and into the two thousands, a lot of newer construction popped up. And, we’ll take a look at some of those folks, too. Lots of great families, one of the biggest cities, and actually it is the biggest city, Metro outside of the Metro Detroit area. So the biggest suburb, by population with well over a hundred thousand residents. So this is the new heritage development that was recently built in Livonia. It’s all brand new construction. They just finished this in the last year of 2021, started building in late 2019, 2020. And, they acquired this land actually from the local church, the St Timothy Presbyterian church. This used to be all just open grassland in one of the rare spots in Livonia that had this much open acreage. And so a developer was able to come in, build out a bunch of new homes. And so if you’re looking for newer construction homes, this is where you wanna be right here in Livonia.

We’re here at the Quick Pass Carwash right here in Livonia. It’s also at five mile Levan. One of the best, one of the absolute best. We’re gonna go right through this thing. Want your car clean while done right? The first time here we go, walk through Livonia. So this is St. Mary’s hospital located at five mile in Levan in Livonia here. And it is a full service hospital with an emergency room and maternity ward. So, you know, when you’re looking at homes and looking at communities that you wanna live in healthcare is one of the biggest options or biggest criteria. And, it’s good to know that there’s a great hospital right here in Livonia St. Mary’s Hospital. This is the Livonia Civic Library. It’s actually one of the bigger libraries in all of Metro Detroit. It’s relatively new. And for residents of Livonia, you can come up here for your charge and use the facility, check out a bunch of books all at one time, and then bring ’em back. So it’s pretty great. They always have a constant churn of new material, too. Perfect for kids. Perfect for lots of things, they even have internet connections for the citizens of Livonia.

The Livonia rec center has almost everything you need as a family to just get away and just enjoy some different activities. They’ve got a full pool inside swimming, lap lanes, a big water slide. There’s tons of workout equipment, there’s basketball gyms, but more important. There’s even a rock wall. You want to go climbing. Let’s go climbing baby. It’s a good time. And it’s a great time for families. Bates is a Livonia staple. You got to check it out they got some sliders. It’s so good.