Living In Commerce, Michigan

So Commerce Lake is a very interesting lake that it has two parts to it. It’s kind of connected with a small little canal. And so you have the east side and the west side of the lake. And, there’s a sandbar that actually goes right in between the east side of the lake. And if you don’t know where that is, while then you can run around. If you have a boat it’s not good. So before you move there, you’re gonna want to have that information, know what’s going on and know how to navigate those waters. But the lake is great. And on the west side of the lake, there’s a little island too, that people can hang out and have a good time. A lot of pontoon boats, it is in all sports lake. So if you like jet skiing or you like,, you know, tubing and things of that nature, it’s a fantastic lake. It’s perfect, great for families and a lot of fun.

And the price ranges on the lake, if you want to get onto the lake are anywhere really from about 400,000 upwards towards a million plus. And so there’s a lot of transition going on with the homes right now, but you can still have access to the lake. Cause a lot of the communities around the lake have the ability to have that lake access that might be able to get you in around 250, 350 in that range. So you can have that lake living lifestyle, but it is definitely going to be in those price ranges.

So in Commerce, there’s a couple main lakes, but one of them is Lake Sherwood, which is very large lake has another wide variety of types of homes that are available here within the community. And lots of canals that open up, people love cruising on their pontoons. They love hanging out. They love that beach life. And that’s what you get here. When you live in Lake Sherwood.

The far east side of commerce lake, which is a lake that’s in transition. There’s a lot of homes that are really built up high end multimillion dollar homes. But then as you can see, there’s some also some smaller homes that were on the east side of the lake that are being renovated as we speak. But they’re smaller, not quite as robust.

So we’re outside Longs Cider Mill, which if you’re not from Michigan or if you are, you know, that cider mills are where it’s at. I mean, there’s nothing better that when the, the fall weather starts to turn the leave, start to turn, you take your family, you get out, you go to a great Cider Mill, you get those cider donuts. And my goodness, you can add 10 pounds to your body weight in no time. Trust me, especially here, the donuts amazing the cider on point. And there are a lot of cider mills around town, but there aren’t any better than Longs right here in commerce township. This is the entrance to Walled Lake Northern, which is one of the high schools that services the Commerce Township Community. More importantly, there are two other high schools Walnut Lake Western, Walnut Lake Central, but this is the newest one Walnut Lake Northern. So let’s take a look.

Hey, we’re here at the Kickstand Brewery, which is in Commerce. It’s one of the hotspots, so good having a great time, treating some beers, custom, you know, craft gears more importantly, gotta check out this pizza. Holy cow, dude, let’s go.