Living in Clarkston, Michigan

Coming to you here from Clarkston, Michigan. We’re about 45 minutes Northern Detroit here. So the Metro Detroit area here in Oakland county.

Clarkston, Michigan’s amazing born and raised here actually. So, really cool, you know, kind of a small town feel. So we’ve got a beautiful downtown, we’ll walk you through some great restaurants, some really choice places. And, award-winning schools, Clarkston public schools is amazing here, got a couple private schools as well. Great athletics, and just really, really a couple of family members as well, actually teaching in the district. So a little bit biased there. But a lot of places around here that, you know, are a lot of fun and really great for families in the community. So you’ve got, not only, Pine Knob Music Theater, which, you know, takes hundreds of thousands of spectators a year, and a lot of acts coming through. You have the Pine Ski Hill as well. So a lot of attractive options for you to come and enjoy for you and the family.

We’ve got parks all around. We’ve got a few natural parks, we’ve got Independence Oaks the city as well. We’ve got a number of different lakes that are amazing. We’ve got Deer Lake Beach which is amazing for families, you know, whenever you are looking for something to do so that’s something you can actually go right to the beach, check it out, run by Independence Township, which has a great parks and rec department as well for young families and young and old, sports as well, baseball during the summer, you know, soccer during the fall, all that sort of fun stuff. We are about to check out one of the premier schools in the area. We got Clarkston high school, amazing school around, I think 2,500 kids. We have about seven elementary schools in the district and then, two junior high schools as well.

And then down the road from the high school is Clintonwood Park, amazing place for baseball, softball, sand volleyball, play scape for kids. There’s pickleball leagues, there’s tennis leagues, you name it. They probably have it. Amazing, cute little spot. Just take the kids soccer fields as well. Little league baseball, the whole nine yards. So, then right down from, there is something that I think us Clarkston people really do take for granted. We’ve got Pine Knob Music Theater where tons of acts come through during the summer staples like, you know, kid rock, Bob Seger, Incubus is coming this year. They’ve got all kinds of big name, asks coming through Dave Matthews band comes every year, and Eddie Money used to, you know, before he passed away, but he used to be one of the openers that came to Pine Knob every single year was always really something that everyone looked forward to coming through.

And then driving past that just a little bit is you got Everest Academy, one of the private schools in the area and, some really great options up and down , Sashabaw Road as well. They got a veterinary clinic, more restaurants and shops and things like that. Some really cool stuff for Clarkston people. And we are actually at Oakhurst. So it’s an awesome community in here. Got a private gated community an amazing, amazing clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, and a really, really nice golf course. So Clarkston has a handful of really nice golf courses in the area. So, Oakhurst being one of them, Shepherd’s Hollow is another one that is amazing. And we’ve got Pine Knob as well. So really beautiful ones, great leagues. If you want to join them, depending on whether or not you have an invite sometimes, but there’s a lot of great places to go, as well as a handful of private courses that, are really nice. And, you can definitely enjoy on a good summer’s day that we have in Michigan. So enjoy guys.