Living in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Hey guys coming to you from Auburn Hills. And we are at the famous Hoops Restaurant and bar, which is actually just down the street from what was the Old Palace. So, it’s something that was a kind of a local staple, but obviously the Pistons aren’t here anymore, but don’t worry. We have, a lot of other things that we are gonna be showing you in the video. we went through a couple of neighborhoods and one of them was the Moceri Subdivision, amazing brand new builds, great amenities. A matter of fact, had a clubhouse and a pool and that neighborhood and a lot of really cool new ones going in. So watch our video, check it out and let us know what you think.

Hey guys, we’re here at Auburn Hills, Michigan, a really great spot. It’s actually a really small town, a kitty corner to Rochester and a lot of really great areas, but we’re right here in this nice little downtown area. We’ve got some cool shops, cool restaurants. We’ve got Blue Skies Brewery over here. We’ve got Duffy’s Pub over here as well. In a really great stretch. And then we’ve got some amazing apartments and some other housing that’s been built around here. It’s really, really gorgeous and relatively new.

So we’re also right next to Oakland University, which isn’t Rochester, but it’s right on the border. And some really cool places, tons of restaurants in downtown Rochester as well. But Meadow Brook music theater is another spot. Got Avondale schools here, really great school district. Really awesome.

And the nice thing about downtown Auburn Hills and just the surrounding area is that we are a stone throw from M59 and the 75 interchange. That means you can get down to Detroit pretty quickly, 35 minutes, and we get to Royal Oak in probably 15. And then you’re about 40 minutes from the airport here. So great little spot up and coming. And, uh, like I said, a lot of new developments here that have some really great housing options for those that are interested.