Lets Test Positive

There are always good things to come out of any issue, any situation in life.

In a great crisis lies great opportunity. We've seen that throughout the years, whether it's financially, inventions, medical breakthroughs, whatever it may be. There's a huge opportunity when a crisis presents itself. So I think that's something that we need to take the silver lining out of all of this. Us humans, we are an incredible species, we always seem to adapt and find a way to get better, get stronger and get smarter. That's what we're gonna do again this time.

At the end of the day, it's affecting everyone in some way or another. Health-wise, hopefully, it doesn't affect as many people as it could. But financially and just in some way, it's going to affect all of us. We have to take things and learn from them. That's I think the most important thing. One, just paying attention to those around you, stopping and taking a second to remember what's important in life. I think that's one of the most important things.

Saying that I think one of the most important things we can take from out of this as well, at least in my opinion, is the reliance on other people. There are many forms of capital out there. Relying on the community, relying on other people is good. You need to do that and you need to be around other people. However, I've just seen so many people relying on the government to do things, the federal government, the state, whatever it may be.

Taking care of oneself

What made this country so amazing and it kind of gets lost in all of this. Unfortunately, they don't teach it in school anymore and many don't study it anymore. But it's the rugged individualism that we all have heard of. A lot of us don't know what it means and that's something that I'm not going to sit around and explain it now and go look it up if you want. But it's taking care of oneself first and one's family and your local community, the people around you and taking care of that first. Because when things happen - because bad things are always going to happen in life, you have to then be able to go and take care of yourself, your family and then those right around you because you can't take care of the entire world. It's physically impossible for me to go and take care of the rest of the world. You have to be able to take care of yourself that way the people that need help can be served by those people that are above you quite frankly.

Don't be a burden

There are medical professionals, there are people with special specializations and that they can do things for other people. So taking care of oneself, being in good shape, good working order, eating healthy, things like that, and being able to take care of yourself so you're not a burden on the system. You're not sitting there asking for a handout, asking the government to do something. It is nothing but sad and makes me feel very sad for so many people. Whether it's on talk radio shows or the news or social media and you see people just say, "Where is the handout, what is the government going to do this and that?" That's not America. That's not how Americans have ever acted. It's sad to see that.

Stay positive

I think there are so many good things and I wanted to talk about a little positivity because there are so many things and if there are positive things that to come up from you, I'd love to hear about it. Are there things you think could be positive that comes from this? Because there are many positive things in common. I think there's gonna be unbelievable breakthroughs and unbelievably awesome things, awesome stories around here about as time goes on, about this period. The news wants to get you in a panic and get you all crazy and wants to just feed you negative, negative, negative and get you in a hysteria. There's potential. It could be very bad. It could spread very fast and very quickly and it will start to spread because we're just now testing here. But all that aside, what are the positives that can come from it? That's what we as humans need to focus on and get in our heads. What's that positive that can come? What can I learn? What's the silver lining? Where's the opportunity in this crisis? Where can I grow? Where can I expand? Where can I get closer to my family? Where can I get smarter in my business? Where can I get smarter? In my faith, my job, my business, whatever it may be. That's what we need to take from this.

I was just telling a couple of our, our employees the other day that the saddest thing from failure or the crisis, the saddest thing from all of it is not learning something and just letting it pass, not learning anything from it.

So I hope that we can all take something positive from this. As I said, if you have some positive things that are happening, please share them. We could all use that, right? It's easy to get buried into the deep chasm of negativity, media and things like that. So if there are some positive things that you come across, please share them. Share them with other people and take care of those around you. Do your homework and don't just listen to other people. Don't just listen to what I'm saying. Go do your homework on some of these things. Go look up rugged individualism. Don't just take it from me. I think that's something that among many other things are going to change going forward in life, I hope that's one thing we get out of this is to one, start doing our homework, being a little more accountable to ourselves and our families and being a little bit more resilient and adaptable, being able to shrug things off and not have to look to other people to get by. It's a huge quality each one of us has. We all can do that. Look at the little Spartan warriors out there, seven years old, fending for themselves, right? We can all do this. We all have this in us as it's up to each one of us to bring that out. So Godspeed and I hope you're staying healthy and safe. We look forward to seeing you guys very soon. If you have any positive stories or anything, please share them. We'd love to hear them.