July 2019 Insider’s Report: NIRP And ZIRP

Paying the bank to save your money.


It does sound like a Dr. Seuss book, but it's not. It's just interest rates coming soon to a bank near you. It's something that I've been reading about a lot over the last handful of years. As everyone knows, when you put money in the bank, you get interested. Generally, we get very little interest now because the interest rate is so low. So it's making people go invest in other things like the stock market and fine art collectibles, in real estate, whatever it may be. That's why those asset prices have all ballooned. Consequently, that's why there's a bond bubble. There are bubbles all over the place because interest rates are so low. It's making people jump into other investments, looking for a return. Because remember, inflation is 2%-3% they say a year, probably more.

So think about your wealth being eroded. If you're not making more than 2 or 3% at least a year with your money and you're making what - 0.01% 0.1%, half a percent, 1% in the bank. So you're losing money every single year. However, what's coming, and it's already happening all over negative interest rates.

Detailing NIRP and ZIRP

NIRP is a negative interest rate policy, ZIRP is zero interest rate policy? We're already in ZIRP land. A number of countries are. What does negative interest rates mean? It means you are paying the bank to save your money. You have $100,000 in the bank and you pay them $1,000 a year to hold your money. Again, a little known fact, right, is it's not your money. When you give the bank your money. They can do pretty much within legal limits. They can pretty much do anything they want with it. They go gamble in the stock market, buy assets with, make money for themselves and then pay you a little bit of fraction of interest.

How it affects you

That is what is coming. We saw Cyprus a handful of years ago, they came in and just took the money right off, right at the top of people's bank accounts. Anyone above $100,000, I believe. We always do these videos, These Insider's Reports for how it affects you and that affects everybody. So many people in this country are living off, trying to live off of interest still their retirement or whatever it is. They're living off the interest in their homes or at their investments and there is no interest anymore. And if you are paying them, you're paying people to save your money. What does that mean for you? Where are you gonna put your money and what are you going to do? What kind of hedges are you looking for, alternative investments and asset are you looking to put your money in? Is it is Crypto, is it real estate, an income-producing real estate? Is it buying businesses? Is it buying stocks, options and making cash flow from the stock market? How is it you are changing your attitude about money and how is it you're changing the direction you're putting your money in? Because that's what the government's trying to tell you.

The government's trying to tell you what they want you to do by saying "We're going to make you pay for saving money and we're going to make you, or it's zero interest rates. You're not gonna make any money." They're trying to get you to go speculate, they're trying to get you to go invest other places. So that's what's coming within the next handful of years. I mean, we already see we already inflate or die mentality where if we have the Fed meeting tomorrow actually, so we're going to see which way are they going. They probably should just stay put, but they're likely, it seems going to either raise interest rates or cut them or who knows what. A lot of people think they'll cut them. So paying attention to what's happening there is huge. Again, it's not a fun subject to talk about. I know so many people want to not think about it even. Unfortunately, it's just life and we have to deal with it. Money is a tool to be used and it stores our blood, sweat, tears and all of our energy we've expelled in order to obtain it so that we can get goods and services, right?

We have to know this because we all grown-ups have a duty obviously to protect our family, serve our family and those around us and to provide for them. So it's something that affects all of us. It knows no boundaries. There is no president prejudice with money. So we need to understand what's going on in the things that are coming. NIRP and ZIRP are coming. They're here, they're in, they're coming and they're already in countries all around the world. Zero-interest rates are all over. Negative interest rates and possibly. I was reading an article in Denmark the other day. A story about them paying for mortgages. So again, another reason to own investment property and to buy rental real estate could eventually, and they're trying it out in Denmark, I believe I was like a month ago, I read it. I believe they are trying in Denmark, but it was another way to get people to move their money and get it out in the velocity of money and get that going. And they're going to pay people for mortgages. So if you held a mortgage, you're going to get paid. So if you're paying interest, you're going to get paid. If you're holding your money in the bank, you're going to pay money. So what's gonna happen? Most people are gonna sit there still with money in the bank losing money. You got the people that are investing in real estate and they have rental properties. Say what if you had a thousand units? What if you had a hundred properties? What if you had 10? What if you had one, what if you had five and they are paying you every single mortgage they're paying you. The government wants to take that money. They're basically taking the money from other people and paying you to do that. The government tells you what they want you to do. But it's up to us. The tax was written for all of us. It's not for the rich or poor or middle class, it's for everybody. So that is what's going on and what is coming down the line.

It fascinates me who are studying human psychology, behavior and how people react or don't react and putting their head in the sand or not putting our heads in the sand or whatever may be. I remember 10 years ago during the crash, no, nine being a senior at Michigan State and just watching the economy just go down and down and down. Just thinking, "Wow, like what is going on? Like there's something going on and I've got to figure this out. Like this game is set up and it's set up for certain people." Those of us who choose to study it have a path out of it. It's there for anyone. That's the coolest part. If it wasn't for everybody then it wouldn't be fun to talk about. Right. But it's there for everyone to take advantage of and we're just in an incredible place right now as a society.

The collapse of the USD

We're talking about the dollar collapsing. Eventually, it's going to have to at some point. We're down to 90%. We've lost 94-96% of our purchasing power since 1913 since the Federal Reserve was created, which is the process. That's what it's supposed to happen. Their goal is to slowly decrease the wealth of everyone and lose the value of the dollar because it makes the rich richer. So that is the game plan that's been played out. We're getting near the end and there's not a ton of time left. There is a little bit of time left. There's not a ton of time left. We're in a place now as the country, as the reserve currency of the world. The dollar is the reserve currency of the world. So the dollar has to be used for trading all around the world, for your commodities or whatever it may be. There is a process we're entering where we are the reserve currency. The world has to be in a surplus for our economy to do well, but we have to be at a deficit for everyone else in the world to do well, which is impossible. That can't happen. It's the triggering effect or something like that. We are entering that time and we're here and it's knowing how to take care of yourself and those around you.

Get yourself into the trend

That's what's gonna that's come. History repeats over and over. I just don't know how else to say it. I appreciate you guys watching and listening, at least the very least get my thoughts out of my head, so I stopped going crazy. So I appreciate that. We're entering some interesting, interesting times. And if any of this interests you at all, please let me know. I'd love to talk to you about it because it's fascinating to me. I could talk about it all day, every day. Believe me, my wife wants to kill me some days. Let me know if you have any questions about him because it's super fascinating. I have hundreds of books that I could point you in the right direction of. You can talk about it, wrap on it. That's about it.

So, NIRP and ZIRP, the Doctor Seuss book. It's coming. Come into a bookstore or come into to a bank near you. Negative interest rates, zero interest rates, paying the bank to save your money. I appreciate you guys, your time, your energy, everything. I appreciate a bunch of you guys, everyone jumping on and listening. Let me know if it interests you or intrigued you at all. Like I said, most people don't, they don't care. That's totally fine. So I'm intrigued by the handful of people that do and would love to talk to you about it. Appreciate you guys. Talk to you soon.