January 2019 Insider’s Report

We have our last or the fifth video in our Insider's Report series and it was going through this structure over the last five months of 2018. Again, just to recap what we had done, Price versus Value, Everything Bubble, Death of the Dollar Standard, Crypto, and Gold/Silver. If you miss any of those videos, go back and check those out there on our Facebook timeline. They are on our YouTube channel. They are going through just kind of what is going on in the economy, the overall economy.

Our Insider's Reports, as I said, are the macro look at what's going on. I've been selling this stuff for 10 years and it's helped me get to where I am today. I'm very fortunate because of that. It's just really a quest. I'm listening to a lot of Alex Charfen lately and our team is talking about the entrepreneurial personality type. The personality type that I am is the hunter and it's constantly seeking answers, seeking, seeking, seeking, looking for answers, looking for answers, always trying to push the envelope, pushing the boundary and it's why I do things like. This is why I seek this value. Then try to give it to any of you that I can because I just feel that it's truly important to all of our well-being. It's something that I, after the last crash in 2008, remember being a senior at Michigan State and just watching the market do this and this and this and this, just wondering what is going on. I need answers. There's got to be answers. I need to find them. It just led me down this journey of studying currency, monetary history, monetary policy, wealth creation, wealth destruction, wealth transfer, everything. So what does that look like? How does that look for each person individually? How does that look for countries? How does it look for a real estate market?

So that's what's led me into all of this. And again, like I said if you missed any of these. There is some pretty incredible video of just regarding Price versus Value and what it means. Really, what it means too, what the difference is between something of value and the price that is associated with that. So what are you truly getting out of that asset? Again, this is because people always get it twisted. They always think when the market crashes, gold, and silver goes through the roof, it's going to be this price. I'm going to have that much money or that much currency, which is not really true. What you want is value. You want what it is valued. What is the actual value of that thing? How you determine value is by comparing that asset to other assets. That's how you determine the actual value. Then you ended up getting your price.

The Everything Bubble 

We talked about just everything that's going on in the world. We have student loan debt, national debt, total debt in the whole world, credit card debt. I mean there are just some astronomical numbers that we're dealing with. Again, China, there was a report that the Chinese just printed like $50,000,000,000,000, just incredible, right? So there are some really never-before-seen things that are going on in this world that we just don't know how they're going to turn out to be quite honest. So how do we prepare for those things the best we can? Like I said, going through the Everything Bubble, there's a lot of things, the bond market, the real estate market, obviously just the equities market or the stock market if you will, those markets. A lot of people think their bond market is going to be the one that crashed, isn't kind of sets a lot of these dominoes off. So that's an unbelievable video.

Death of the Dollar Standard

So when that does happen when things do end up going down, and again, this is a very, very interesting time. We're going through the last handful of months. I mean, we've all seen the stock market turmoil, right? The market turmoil and stock market turmoil. This is why I did this series. I took this from Mike Maloney. He was one of the best guys I've ever seen with currency history and monetary history. I've studied him religiously over the last, eight, nine years and this was the five-part segment he did. I'm kind of getting just the bullet points and all these videos of what he has spoken about and to manageable chunks. So you have to go listen to the 30 to 60 minutes of each of these series, of each of these videos.

So, the Alex Theatre, actually I paid dues to watch this one. A lot of information is free, but this one was actually paid. So you can't even get this information without paying for it. That's why this is important. Death of the dollar standard - so what happens when things actually do crash? The monetary system changes every 30 to 50 years, we're already in the year 40-50 right now. So that monetary system usually changes. We had a couple of different monetary systems in the 1900s. We're going to have more in this century and we just all grew up with a certain way of life happening, but that's not the way life usually goes. Usually switches and turns over and transfers to other things. So what does the death of the dollar look like? What does that mean for all of us and where is it going?


Again, crypto is a speculative flight. I think has got an unbelievable life ahead of it and I think there is a serious place in our society and will as time goes forward. It's not right here yet. It's not obviously expansive and worldwide yet. It has isn't in every walk of our life yet. But I really truly believe that it will be just with technology and the way things are going. I just saw in Los Angeles, they had been testing. I didn't even know this. I don't know if this is that recent. It must be fairly recent, but they're testing. If you've ever seen minority report with Tom Cruise, predictive crimes and trying to predict crimes before they happen with AI and technology and stuff like that. This kind of stuff's coming. It's already here in some instances, in some industries and real estate, they're trying it out, in title insurance, things like that. That stuff is coming whether we like it or not. So how do you see that industry playing out? What to look for, how the Blockchain operates, hash graph, what kind of system we'll be using. Will it be Blockchain, will it be Hash Graph? What will it be? And like I said, that's a speculative play, there are people making a lot of money on that right now and you have to be very savvy going into it. But it's also something where if you are jumping into it, be speculative. Have a speculative mindset. Just gamble. It's gambling with what you can. And again, even if it's only a hundred bucks, 50 bucks, 100 bucks, 200 bucks, it can still be life changing if you put it into some things like Bitcoin and the potential for that to grow, it could be astronomical.

Gold and Silver

Then, gold and silver are the last ones. Like I said, for today, I want to do the quick review. I want to go through a couple of quick things because again, this is our last video wrapping up this series, this five-part series. Gold and silver have always been true money for thousands of years. It's always been true money and it's in the Bible. It was used throughout all the ancient civilizations and it still is and will be because it's true. It's only made when a star implodes, I believe. I can't remember now. Any of you astronomers can let me know. But it's natural, gold and silver. It's that when those elements are made and that's what makes them so rare, so valuable. That's why they are true money. Another one of the things that make gold and silver are valuable and why it really is a hedge, a hedge on your money. It's money insurance, it's insurance for your currency, your true wealth. In the past, you could not invest, not every country can invest. Now every country in the world basically can just hop in their phone and go buy some gold and silver. They couldn't do that before. It was really only a handful of countries like Britain and America. So it was limited to just us that could do it. Now anyone can do it. So that same amount of gold and silver is having to be spread out through many, many more people. They say about 10 times the currency and about 10 times the people chasing the same amount of gold and silver. This always revalues. Gold has to account for the currency that has been printed. We have printed trillions of dollars before the '08 crash. Then we had like around $1,000,000,000,000, we now have four or five trillion dollars that have been printed since then. Gold and silver have always accounted for that. So again, just very simple - basic math, history repeating itself concept. Gold and silver have always accounted for that discrepancy, that difference in currency printed. So just to get to those levels of currency, gold has to rise to at least 14,000, 15,000, 18,000 just to account for some of that money that we have printed. That doesn't even count some of the revolving credit and the things that are all there as well. We're talking about big, big jumps in gold and silver prices eventually when things are actually accounted for and when the chickens come home to roost.

Gold has to account. Right now it's low, prices being suppressed, gold and silver on sale. It's really the lowest cost asset that there is right now in the market place from any of the asset classes. Whether it's businesses, commodities, real estate or paper and you could include crypto that was a fifth asset class, but it's the cheapest commodity. It's the most undervalued asset class there is right now. It's like being on sale. It's like seeing T-bones steaks on sale for a dollar each at the supermarket. Most people run to the store to go grab that sale. Well, this is the same type of thing, gold and silver are just on sale right now. Same thing on the stock market crash. Those companies, those organizations are just on sale.

Again, we always have shifts in the monetary policy and he who has the gold makes the rules. We've all heard that quote, monetary policy shifts these things shift. Like I said, the dollar standard, things like that will happen eventually and he who has the gold and the silver makes the rules. Those are the people that profit. Money is never destroyed, as Mike Maloney always talks about money is not destroyed. It's merely transferred to the people who have real assets. So again, it could be real estate, gold, silver or what have you.

Crypto - it's just very basic natural points. Crypto and the tech world wouldn't exist without silver. Gold is generally used in jewelry and money, but silver is used in many, many things. It's really more valuable. It's using all of our technology, in glass, in the crypto, in computers. A lot of it is just sitting in landfills right now. People have thrown away their electronics or whatever it may be. It really is a precious, precious commodity. And like I said, in the end, it's a hedge against chaos. It's a money insurance policy. It's just like getting insurance on your home if it were to burn down or car insurance. It is a hedge against craziness. So I wanted to, like I said, wrap on that. The reason that was the last thing because it really is the most proven out of everything. It is the only thing that has stood the test of time.

So I hope you guys got something out of this series. Like I said, if you haven't seen the other four parts, go check those out. We did those over the course of the last five months of 2018 and we're just wrapping up now here in January. I really appreciate the feedback that we've got from this and the videos that we've done. This one is probably one of the most intense videos I've ever done and just writing out that and explaining how the treasury and the Fed and stuff like that, which is a crazy video as well. So check that one out if you haven't seen it. Price versus Value - really kind of mind-boggling to see how wealth can be built over time. Switching from currency to gold, housing.

So please go check those out. I really appreciate all the comments that you guys have given us. If you guys can please comment in the comment section here because we want to keep the conversation on here, include as many people as we can. We have so many conversations with people just off the air, through texts, email, what have you and I really appreciate that, but I really do want to try to keep it to the comment sections, that way we can include as many people as possible. It was the only way that we're all going to benefit is by doing these things together. So I appreciate you guys more than anything. I hope you got something out of this series. This has truly impacted my life for the better times, a million. So I hope that rubs off on some of you and you can contain some of that passion for this, which I know is not super sexy subject necessarily. But it's preserving your wealth and building your wealth which I hope interests something to you. And really it touches all of us. So I appreciate all of you. The reason we do this being a real estate team and a real estate organization is that your house is one if not the most, one of the biggest purchases investments you're going to make in your life and for most people. So taking care of that asset and having a roof over your head is super important and that's why we're here and we don't want to be a real estate team that is just out there just to do a transaction, get it done with. We wanted to provide actual value for people, whether it's through the listing presentation, listing someone's house, doing digital marketing with this home, communicating with the seller like no one else will, or whether it's providing education for people like no one else will. That's why we're here and that's why we do what we do. So I appreciate you more than anything. I appreciate you guys tuning in and all of your feedback more than you'll know. And again, I appreciate your time and energy because it is the most important thing that we all have. So I appreciate you guys and we look forward to seeing you soon.