It’s About Where You Finish

These books - phenomenal.

We've been talking a lot about the mind lately. "Limitless," "You Squared," "All About The Mind," all about what's up here in between your ears. It's the most important thing there is. It's not about where you start. It's about where you finish. I'm a great example of that. There are so many things going on in life right now. There are so many things in general that we all deal with. For some reason, again, I did a video yesterday about Americans. We're Americans. We're leaders. We're better than we are right now. That's plain and simple all there is to it. It's not about where you start in life. It's where you finish. Are you getting better every single day? Are you changing your mindset and becoming a better person? Are you being a better person every single day? Are you progressing? There's never a finish line. It's just constantly getting better every single day and never giving up, never quitting.

There are so many people, as I said, I'm a great example of this. I have had many advantages growing up. I was a big kid growing up. I played hockey growing up. I was a big kid. I was bigger than the vast majority of people. So it made me a better hockey player for the vast majority of my life. I had a lot of advantages - advantages other people didn't. One of my good friends growing up plays NHL is half of my size. He had the biggest heart I've ever seen of anyone in the world. He had a very different upbringing than I did. It doesn't matter where you start. It matters where you finish. I think it's something that we have now. We've just completely lost in this country and getting so caught up on trying to make everything in life fair. Life's not supposed to be fair. It's about the struggle. It's about getting better every single day, finding that purpose, and finding ways to get better in ways to grow. We're all given that cross to bear. We all have to figure out our own purpose, our own way in life, and get better in our own ways. Obviously, there are so many things going on just in our own country and around the world. Different diseases, different things going on that we can't even mention because we don't the videos to get pulled down, et cetera.

We have to constantly be working on ourselves. What's in here, these things, what's going on here, because it doesn't matter where you start. It does not matter how you start, where you start when you start. All that matters is how you finished. How are you progressing every single day? How are you becoming better, serving more, and doing more with less? Demoralization.

Buckminster Fuller talked about this principle all the time, the Femoralization, doing more with less. How am I going to serve more people with less and be more efficient with it? And like I said, I'm sure there are examples. We all have in our lives, there are advantages that we had over other people. And for some reason, we spend so much time, especially in this country, because I think we have too much time on our hands. Especially now we do, we have too much time on our hands to think about negatives. I think what these things do, we all have negative things in our life. I've surely had one million, too many negative thoughts in my life. We all do. We have to start thinking about the positives we have in our lives and the advantages that we have instead of all the disadvantages. Why are we focusing on the disadvantages we have? That is the path to disaster. That's the path to non-growth, that's the path to no transformation. That's the path to a bottomless pit and of agony. That is what's so sad to see. I think in so many people, everyone can have their own, their own way, their own path, and it doesn't have to be what the other person's path looks like. That's something that has taken me years. I'm still working on that today.

As humans, we've we tend to constantly judge and compare ourselves to other people. That's not what we should be doing. That's a path to the bottom. It's a bottomless pit of agony and despair. If we're continuing to do that, where are you at? What are you given? What advantages do you have to start flipping that on its head? What advantages were you given? What are the things that you can do that others can't do and use those positive, use those advantages, and seek your own path? Seek your purpose and serve more with less. That is the path out of agony and despair. That's the path out of a bottomless pit. It's sad to see so many caught up in that world. I feel like I'm a decent example of this. I spent much of my early life with many advantages and I didn't achieve a lot of my goals that I was initially setting out to do.

A lot of other people I saw that did achieve those goals and they didn't start out with as much as I did. Just because someone starts out with as much as you do or more than you do, it doesn't mean that's how things will end up. It doesn't mean that's the end all be all. As they say, the famous quote, a famous poem, sometimes it's the man who thinks he can, who beats that bigger, stronger, faster, man.

So what advantages do you have in your life? What are those things in your life that you have advantages,? That is your separator, that is your differentiator. What is it that you have that you can then deploy and serve the world with? That is one of those things that I have really realized the first 20 years of my life. I didn't understand that. When I looked back, there were too many victims in my head. There's too much blaming of other people and not taking accountability for my actions or things that happen in life or circumstances or whatever, and that was me. But when you start getting into this, you start getting into the Bible and these books that really transform your mind, you start to realize, "Wow, these things are under my control." There's a lot of things in your life that isn't on your control. But it's how you react to those things, that is the separator. The separator is how you react to situations because we all have situations that arise in our life. We all have negative things that happen in our life or perceivably, negative things that happen in our life.

It's we react to those things. How do we change our mindset to use what's happening in our life as a positive and as a growth tool to then springboard us to our goals, springboard us to helping more people and serving more people with less. Buckminster Fuller talked about, the demoralization.

So those are my Friday night thoughts. I welcome any thoughts, any questions, comments, concerns about this topic. Again, I think it's paramount, we talked about this yesterday. Liberty and pursuit of happiness, freedom, we can all agree on those things. We're all going to disagree on those passed away to get there, but we can agree on those principles. I'm sure 90 plus percent of us could agree with those things. There's going to be some that don't obviously. We're not talking to those people. We're talking to the vast majority of people who are the common sense, logical individuals out there, which is the vast majority of people. How do we come together? How do we do the things that we need to do by coming together and serving more with less federalization changing our minds, changing our bodies? We all have our stories. We all have stories that we've learned through these transformations.

As I said, I was a great example of having a lot, being able to play hockey, and being lucky enough to play AAA hockey and do things that most people have no ability to do. Being born in the right place, being born at the right time, and having parents that had the means to put me into those situations, are things that a lot of people can't do. I'm so grateful and glad. It shaped me to be the person who I am at the same time. I didn't achieve those goals. Even though I had advantages that others didn't, I didn't achieve all the goals I set out to. And some of the people who may have as life deemed them started out way behind. They ended up achieving those goals. Some of them did, obviously not everyone. Of course, not everyone does. It's not where you start. It's how you finish. Where are you finishing at the end of your life? As Timmy Teebo said, that's the dash in the middle between the date you were born, the date you pass this from this earth. What does that hyphen represent? Is it people coming together? Is it you transforming? Is it you reshaping your mind, how you think, and how you're going to react to the events that happened to you. Or are you going to be a victim?

This is the dirty secret. If you are a victim of your circumstances and to things that happen in your life, you will never ever be in control. And that is where depression, despair, pits of agony, everything just builds and builds. You trap yourself in not having any control in your life at all because you have abdicated responsibility. You've advocated any accountability, and now you have no control of your life. That is the saddest and miserable way to live and it makes me sad. We've all kind of touched those areas in our life. We've all been there some more than others. I've had those times. We've all had those times. But when you start changing your mind, the things that mentors of mine, the people I saw 10 years ago, that really started to change my life again.

I hope and I share these things that I can touch. One person, these things changed my life completely. I started to realize what I was doing in my life. It wasn't life-threatening, things like that, but it was just quality of life. There were things I wasn't doing that I should have been doing and now I am doing. I see things so much differently. I used to be more so involved in politics, history, and law. Literally, someone who doesn't know me will laugh, but literally, while I was in middle school, high school, and college, I would argue with teachers. I would be arguing with my teachers in high school, arguing to teachers in college about professors, about politics in history and law and you name it. I stopped doing that years ago, almost 10 years ago because I realized that I needed to work on myself first. I needed to know right, wrong, or different. It didn't matter. I needed to work on myself. I needed to change myself and be a different person. Really, I just never came back to it because you realize once you start working on yourself, focusing on yourself and maybe your family, the immediate people around you, you realize that the politics and media, all these different things, they're really just noise. Studying history, studying some stuff like that is obviously different. You learn where you're from. That's obviously very important. But politics in general and in watching the media, like I had done as a kid over and over again, hours and hours, that really was just a pit to nowhere. It was just current event, in argument after argument and things like that, it just didn't get you anywhere and you're not making a difference.

That's what I had realized. Ten years ago I got away from and realized I had to turn inward instead of worrying about everything else externally outward. So like I said, that was my Friday thoughts. I would love to know some of your thoughts and maybe some of the transformations that you've had, some of the trials and tribulations that you've had over your life. Because I think it's something that I just see so clearly now. Being on both sides of the aisle and that sense of being a recovering political junkie. Also, the first 20 years of my life or I guess in the middle of 10 years, and then the last 10 years taking control and saying, "No, I'm going to change. I'm going to take control of my life and work internally instead of worrying so much about external and trying to change other people."

I would love to know your thoughts. Those are my Friday thoughts. Interesting times we live in as always, every time in human history is the most interesting time to live in. But at the end of the day, I know I've heard people put mathematical equations on it and odds of becoming a human. I don't think it's calculable. I think it's an error. Then you just get an error on the computer if you're trying to calculate the odds of you becoming a human being. So at the end of the day, we're all incredibly blessed and lucky to be alive, to think about how incredibly hard it is to just be a human being. You literally won the jackpot a million times over. You think about the right circumstances at the right time for you to be conceived. You can't even go down that black hole because it's so incredibly daunting to even think about the odds of you being here right now at this second. I think that's something that I try to focus on every day. I'm not great at it. I try every day to focus on that. When I'm feeling down, I'm feeling despair, I'm feeling victimy or whatever, it starts to creep my head. Because we all have those things, no matter how mentally strong you are, no matter how physically strong, it doesn't matter. We all get those negative thoughts from time to time. Those are the things I try to come back, how lucky are we. Anyone watching this right now, we're literally alive right now, freaking alive. We're human beings for crying out loud and it's just delivered in the time we live in. It's an absolute beyond a miracle.

I'd love to know some of your thoughts and what you think. There's some transformation if you've gone through some different things you've gone through in your life. So stay safe, close to loved ones. During this time we have extra time. We have many of us, I guess, the extra time we have and know that there this too shall pass. There are better times ahead. There always are. There are always dark times hidden. There are always better times ahead. We're going these different things that anyone's ever studied "The Fourth Turning, " "The Different Seasons." We're going through different seasons and really all signs point to we're entering the winter season. And that's generally why we're seeing a lot of unrest and a lot of things that are happening whether it's financially, globally, nationally, whatever it is. Things are gonna happen and that's life. How do you deal with them up here? The economy is in your head. Your physical economy, your family economy, your financial economy, all those things are in your head. Everything is in your mind. Those who write papers choose to be different, those who choose to act differently, those who choose to do something different and make light of that situation, make proverbial lemonade out of lemons. Those are the people who are going to be the ones to flourish. Flourishing can mean any number of things and it's whatever you're aiming to do. That's how you're going to flourish.

I appreciate a bunch of you jumping on here, listening to me ramble. Again, as I said, these are just the thoughts I've been having and seeing so much of the things just pass through social media. I'm trying to like to do things for work. I'm trying to do different stuff and you can't even do things for three seconds without passing a million things that just make your head spin and just make you wonder what in the world is going on. So I appreciate you appreciate many of you are always jumping on here. That comment question, let me know any transformations you've had in your life. I would be very curious to know because I think it's fascinating. I'm on a never-ending quest to study the brain, to study psychology, just study really human achievement, but just human psychology. So I appreciate you. I hope you have an incredible Friday. I hope you have an incredible weekend. Enjoy some as weather, at least here in Metro Detroit, Michigan, it looks like some beautiful weather. Hopefully, you get out, get some weather and get some sun, some good weather and enjoy it. We'll see you guys soon.