How Is Coronavirus Affecting The Real Estate?

How is this affecting the real estate?

Right now, there really isn't too incredibly much that's being affected in the real estate world. I'm seeing some deals, people pull financing. But really at the end of the day, not too much, but really some stuff that, as a real estate person we need to look them up, be on the lookout for whether it's fellow investors, private lenders, whatever it may be, but massive bailouts coming. Zero-interest rates are here. No reserve limits, helicopter drops massive repo, market purchases right now, massive laws being passed in the middle of the night behind everyone's back in essence, right?

A lot of insane stuff going on and quite honestly. It's on us to be diligent, all of us to be diligent. Make sure freedoms aren't being stripped away. And as people in the industry that are dealing with most people's biggest investment, it's on us also to be vigilant, stand up and lead at this time. So stay safe.