Getting the Best Value for your Home through Real Estate Professionals

Selling your Home

You don’t have to just stick a sign in the ground and wait for the market to do its thing. There are many different ways you can get your home sold. Maybe get a quicker sale, less hassle, a cash offer, land contract. You could finance a property for another buyer and you could make more interest over time and then get a balloon payment so you’re making more of a course of time instead of just something upfront where you might get less money. There are, you know, lease options. There are seller carry-by. So many different things that you can do as a seller that you know, most traditional ways you think of just selling a home or just sticking a sign in the ground, putting it on the Internet and in getting it sold in the market.

There are so many, so many ways and it’s one way is one thing that me, my company are doing differently is giving homeowners, giving the seller’s options. We just had a gentleman close today who grew up in a home, for instance, there’s one of our quick stories. He grew up in his childhood home and his parents are no longer here and he wanted to get the home sold, get the cash out of the home as quick as he could. If we had just gone in there as a typical real estate agent or typical real estate professional and really had only had one option, “one size fits all option “of just put a sign in the ground and that’s all that can be done and hope for the best and market and do what we do. But the market is going to really decide what happens and you don’t know how long it could take. There are all those uncertainties.

There are Always Options to Choose From

We gave them a number of options. We gave them a cash option, will buy the home right away in seven to 14 days. We gave them an option to put the sign in the ground and go the retail route. We also gave them a seller carry-back option where he had the option to make more money as time goes on and on and on. We gave him numerous options. That way he can make the best choice for himself where most people would just think, “You know what, Brandon? I just want to put a sign in the ground and get my home sold.” Well, that one size fits all does not work for everyone. That does not fit all. There are a number of people, a large segment of people who don’t want to go that route.

This house, for example. It needed some work done to it. It has a lot of stuff in it still. It needs a lot of updating. That home traditionally on the market is not going to sell very well retail. So what are the options? What are the creative solutions that a real estate firm or a real estate company can give to you? That’s really the name of the game and it’s going to save you time. A lot of times going to save you money. It’s gonna save, you hassle. It’s going to save you headaches. It’s going to save you uncertainty. It’s going to save you stress. Those are the different ways that I and the partners I work with, not just our team, the team of the six of us on our Legacy Real Estate Team, but also the different investors that we have in Metro Detroit. The different rehabbers, the different renovation specialist that can either fix your home up if you still want it or sell your home retail or there might be that investing route where maybe you don’t need a bunch of cash right away. Maybe you want to make more money in the long run. You want to make some money off interest payments and then get your money, say six months from now or three months from now or 18 months from now, whatever it may be.

So think creatively when it comes to not only selling something but also the people that you’re going to use and the people that you’re going to entrust to get your home sold. There are numerous, numerous ways to get the home sold and it just takes finding the right people to give you those solutions and give you a little bit of creativity. So that is my PSA/Question of the Day because again, it’s something that we get a lot. It’s a question that we get all the time, which is, you know, “Brandon, what do I get from my home? How can I sell my home? When can I sell my home? What’s the market like?

Diversify in Investing

Well, the market is really just asking one thing and it’s like saying, you know, “Go, diversify when you’re investing.” Well, what most people mean by that is they mainly mean go into mutual funds. They just mean in one asset class when really diversifying truly means investing in all different asset classes. That way you’re actually safe. Or maybe it’s hedge funds, maybe you’re hedging. You have called puts options, straddles in the stock market. That way you make money if it goes up or down.

Truly, when people think you know of going to just, “Hey, what’s the market like?” Well, the market truly means something else. Most people just think of it in terms of what’s the retail market look like?” If you’re asking me that, my brain starts going into, “Okay, what’s the market like, what’s it look like in retail?” But also who do I know that might want to buy this right now? You know, on the spot, who do I want to know? Who do I know that could buy this in seven days? Do we want to buy this? Does our company want to buy it? There are so many different options that are available to you. So it’s thinking outside the box and thinking creatively.

So, I hope you guys had an awesome day today. I want to like I said, I want to give you that, that little PSA and that just a little food-for-thought, something to think about. I appreciate your time and energy that you’re spending it with us because it truly is the most important asset we have. So appreciate you and we’ll see you soon.