For Top Producing Realtors

So if you’re a producing agent, obviously you know how to do transactions. You know how to process through things, get the deals done, get ’em to the closing table, collect your money. And you’ve ridden that rollercoaster of real estate

You probably have. And you figured out that there’s really some core basic things that you need to do, which is get leads, have listings generate leverage for your time. Because if you control the lead and you control the market with the listings, then you can control your time by leveraging out things. A lot of teams never figure it out. Those are really big, hard steps to get past. You have to know how to hire the right people and put the right people in place and then tell them what to do. It’s not for everybody.

And so our team Mitten Made Properties. We have that foundation structure already in place. If you were looking for a home, you just wanna simplify your life. You want to be able to just come over, do business, not worry about all the other stuff, but have some fun, you know, do some videos, get out, share the word. That’s what we’re about.

We’d love to talk to you. Just give us a call. We’ll set up a private meeting. Maybe not so private. It might probably be at honcho because I like tacos. And, hopefully you do too. And we’ll have a conversation. We’ll see where your career’s going next. Hopefully it’s gonna go to the next level