Finding Great Real Estate Deals

Vacant homes. Run down homes.

Just wanted to give you a little tip. If you guys were thinking about investing in property or finding a property that's off the market right now - the market's so crazy hot. There's not a lot of inventory so you gotta find off-market deals and stuff like that. One of the ways that I do it in one of the ways that there's a lot of investors out there that will when they're driving around going to look at a property, going to view a property, I'm in between showings right now, going to view property on my own. So I can get the inventory area know what's going on. That way I could either help our clients and list property better for our sellers, know the inventory or just for myself, for investing purposes.

I just crossed by this house and you can see there are some tell-tale signs. There's no trees and the leaves and the gutter there, the grass isn't cut. Like over there. You can see the grass is cut in that house. There are little things. I just stopped really quick and pulled in the driveway to record this quick video tip for you guys that way you could see what it might look like. And again, the house over here, it's got the grasses cut, the same thing over here, the grass is cut. Nice. There are cars in the driveway, there are no cars here. It might be the male sitting on the porch. on the driveway. Those were those little tell-tale signs to for you to tip you off basically and say, "Hmmm, that might be a vacant home." You go look at like, we'll check that out and maybe you can contact the owner and maybe can get under contract. Maybe you can help them out. Maybe they need help and they need the property off their hands. You can help them. Get the property under contract, going and wholesaling out, maybe renting it yourself, flipping it, whatever it may be.

Just a little quick little tip. I was driving by here and really thought of it really quickly. I wanted to provide some value for you guys today and I hope you guys are having an awesome day. So I appreciate your time, your energy. Let me know if you guys have done this before on. This is something I just do a lot. Part of my job, but I also love doing it, right? Do It, do what you love, but more importantly, invest in what you love. I appreciate you guys, your time, your energy, most important asset we have. So these are fun assets right here, but your energy and time, that's the most important asset we have. So I appreciate it. Let me know what you guys' thoughts are and what you've done, anything like this before. Just kind of driving for dollars and seeing things and stopping and doing your due diligence. Let me know in the comments below. We'll talk to you soon.