Final Walkthrough of BRRRR Rental Rehab | Southfield, Michigan

We have our final update video. One of the last ones here on our Southfield property. So I just wanted to give you a quick one here. The last one we will probably do will be kind of do is break down the numbers and looking at the numbers after it's all said and done. We invested a lot in these two properties way more, of course not way over budget on both properties. So we'll break down all that after we get them refinanced here and rent it out in the coming weeks.
The Kitchen
We went through a few of these things before, but we added a couple of hundred square feet right here in this Florida room because our contractor, Chad, had a great idea and we just had so many things going on that I just didn't even think about it. So kudos to him again, having A-players in your team is obviously a huge benefit. So we had this vented out because of the crushed ductwork underneath. We had to get it all resorted and set up here in the ceiling. And then we were able to vent this room as well, put vinyl playing down, and get some extra square footage. So it'd be big on the refinance, which is huge. So we vinyl plank, obviously throughout the house, fixed, had to jack up the house as well. So that was a lot of fun. We have like we've said before here, hardening the property. We have the granite, you can see it all fully done. Finally, the granite, stainless steel appliances, soft-close cabinets, porcelain tile, and plumbing are done in the bronze fixtures. Everything is in and ready to go. We got the properties cleaned last week and who knows? We still have things to be done. So we might be getting cleaned again. We just don't know. We're in between ten and people checking out the house right now, actually. So we're trying to get these videos done quickly. That way we're not in anyone's way.
The Bathroom
We have the bathroom here. Finally done there again. The water is also tough. Finally, we have all new hardware, everywhere - mirrors, lights, toilets, vanity, porcelain tile. We glazed the tubs and got all the cocking and trim work done. So that's finally completed.
The Utility Room
Then we have the utility room where we put a washer and dryer in. We have a new hot water heater. It's a nice little, pretty big room here, actually, surprisingly. So we have that, which is nice.
The Bedrooms
Then we will take you over to the master bedroom really quick so you can see that. That's the master. We had the soffits in there. You can see that we had to add and through the carpet. Not a huge, huge fan of carpet necessarily, but because we have the upstairs bungalow. We added some carpet on these. So in the future, probably be going vinyl plank throughout the entire house. Probably foregoing any carpet, foregoing any porcelain tile as well in the future. So keeping it even more uniform. Then up here, we have the carpet everywhere, obviously, in both bedrooms. Keep it a little bit warmer and just keep it a little more cozy. I guess if you will. This is one of the two bedrooms here, the bigger one of the two up top. We got the blinds in, everything's in. As I said, the final punch is pretty much done, about 99% of it done.
So that's it, guys. I appreciate you guys following us on this journey. These have been some interesting months at this Southfield house and some other projects we have going on. So I appreciate you guys joining in on those. Any questions, comments, concerns, please throw those in and we'd gladly answer them and get back to you. Like I said, probably one of the last things we're going to do with a breakdown video on the houses, all the numbers and everything, all the fun stuff that I know people ask about a lot of times. So we'll do that and we will go through all that to refinance. As I said, I have to refinance at the tenants in and have that. So in the future, please let us know what you'd like to see when it comes to videos. And when it comes to what you want to see, maybe more on the site construction videos. Maybe it's more videos like this. Maybe it's more breakdowns in between - before, during, and after. So please let us know because we are open to any and all commenting and editing tips, whatever it might be. So we appreciate you guys tuning in. It's an honor to have your attention because that's the most important thing we have. It's our time and energy, right? So I appreciate you guys and we look forward to seeing you on many videos to come.