Final Walkthrough of BRRRR Rental Rehab | Roseville, Michigan

We have your final rehab video for our Roseville Property. Last time, we showed you about a month or so ago, and we had a bunch of stuff they'll need to be done and finished the flooring. We got all the vinyl plank, luxury vinyl plank and still had to get the rest of the kitchen in. I don't even think we had the countertops in last time. So, we just want to walk you through quickly what the finished product looks like.

The Bedrooms

We have the bedrooms here that you're seeing right now. We just basically cleaned everything, painted everything, got the vinyl plank.

The Kitchen

We have the rest of the kitchen here as you can see. We had to do some stuff. We had some spongy floors initially. So we had to put some cement pillar in there and then strengthen that and sister those joints and then coming in and hardening the rest of the property with the granite counters the porcelain tile floors, the bronze hardware, stainless steel appliances, and some kind of lighting. Just again, trying to decrease the maintenance as we go forward and attract a better, better resident. There are two more bedrooms you're going to see, and the whole premise of hurting the asset is, and that's really the philosophy we take, but it's like I said, trying to decrease maintenance going forward. So you're always going to have maintenance. We're trying to decrease that at least in the future as we go and we finance the property and take the lenders off the property and then refinance it with you know from cheaper debt from a bank or a credit union.

The Bathroom

So you're seeing the bathroom, we glazed the tub, we added some shelving in there. It was just a blank area before, a vacant spot. We put parts on the tile in there. We also have all new hardware, vanity lights and the whole works there. So in the future, we'll probably be just doing vinyl plank I would imagine throughout. We might forego the porcelain tile. You're seeing the third bedroom here and finishes there. So the vinyl plank throughout, and then as you progress into the mudroom, you see the same thing, vinyl plank.

The Utility

The last part of the house - we're not going to go outside because it's super cold, is the mudroom. The utility area. We got the furnace fixed up, actually had a lot of life left on us. We fixed that up. Got the high-efficiency intake and outtake. We have the new hot water heater we had to put in. Then we actually put an AC. So in here, this is the Sophos for the AC coils that are going out to the brand new AC so that you saw in the last video.

That's about it. So appreciate you guys tuning in and seeing this progression were in the future, we're gonna be doing more of these throughout the entire process. So you can kind of see the nitty-gritty of what's actually being done and probably looking over the shoulder more of the guys and what they're actually doing. And when you're actually swinging some hammers may be, and doing some more of that. But appreciate you guys joining in. Please feel free to reach out and let us know what you'd like to see if you like more of that style. If you like people just talking about it, or if you like to see people will actually swinging hammers and doing stuff like that. And then eventually going to break down the numbers and go through the numbers, the rehab, once it gets refinanced and then it coming weeks and rent it out when you go through all that and break that down. So I'll probably make a video a little bit later as we go through that and can do a little breakdown video. So appreciate you guys. And I appreciate all the comments, the questions, and concerns we get when we put these out. We really appreciate it. We look forward to talking to any of you who are interested. We'll see you guys soon.