February 2022 Real Estate Market Update – Macomb County, Michigan

Hey guys, Brandon here, Mitten Made Properties. We have your Macomb County, February, 2022 real estate market update. Can you believe it is February already? Let’s jump right into this thing. Always preface with two things. We have three years of data because we wanna see the trend. The trend is your friend one year data. We just wanna make any sense or be no context to that. So we have a month in years as well. We have February, we’re looking at not March because the month is done. It’s completed signed sealed and delivered. We have the data that’s hot off the press and we are ready to roll. So let’s jump right into this.

Days on market

Days on market is DOM or ADOM, CDOM. Anytime you see that, it just means days on market, basically, 60 days on market two years ago, 33 last year, and then 31 this year. So we’re seeing big decreases across the board again, and just more and more of a seller’s market. So it is remarkable. What’s going on only the powers that be know the plan. I don’t know how this changes there. There’s no, there’s no, for us lay people, there’s just, there’s really no good answer quite honestly. And I don’t care who, who tells you what any pontificators economists doesn’t matter. They don’t know what the hell’s going on. Only the powers that be the world leaders, the banking cartel know how they’re playing this out for the rest of us. So, my suggestion get into Bitcoin gold and silver and hard assets like real estate. That’s really it. That’s gonna weather the storm, maybe have a little cash on hand, food storage, stuff like that. You what the storm this decade. And, you’ll be better for it.

We’ll all be better for it. So let’s jump into this after more on that in our insider’s reports, by the way. So we’ve been preparing this in all of our clientele for years about what’s gonna happen. What’s going on right now. We’ve been warning about this for years. It’s on the tea leaves, just reading the tea leaves and they’ve been telegraphing this for years. So all the chaos inflation it’s been warned about, we’re not the only people doing it. There’s a lot of the brightest minds out there doing it. We just, we just follow people are smarter than us. And we relay that information.

Active number of homes in the market

Active number of listings. This is the people that actually, had their market or home in the market at that time. The one day that we, that data was taken at the end of the month, active number listings, 1,360 two years ago, 610 last year, look at that number and then 922 this year.

Month of inventory

So again, a little bit of a jump up, which is good to see cuz that number’s kind of all over the place. The difference from 21 to 22 here. So it’s good to see that jump up a little bit months of inventory obviously jumped up because of that one and a half, two years ago, 0.66 last year, which is insane and one this year. So one month of inventory and that’s at the rate homes are selling, how long would it take to sell every last home if no new homes came on the market, just to give you some context one to three months is a seller’s market. Four to six is balanced and seven plus is buyers market mean there’s a ton of inventory in the market and prices have come down. So we are very entrenched in a seller’s market.

New homes in the market

New listings, this number of newest things over the course of the entire month, 1,350 two years ago, 1,019 last year, and then 1,098 this year. So again, really not changed much since last year. A lot of these numbers aren’t, which is not great. It’s you know, a little bit of uptick, a little, a few more listings this year than there were last year. So we shall see how that plays out, going forward.

Price per square foot

Price per square foot, sold. So price per square foot, for sold house. So this is a $102, two years ago, $122 last year, $139 this year. So again, you’re seeing this, the trend of your friend. You wanna see the equity, just keep going up across the board in Macomb county, if you take $139 and multiply buyer square footage, you’re gonna get approximately what your home is worth. Now this is countywide number. So if you want an actual evaluation, you have to have someone on our team, a professional, an appraiser come out and actually value your property and see what it has to offer on an individual basis.


Sold listings, this is the last one here. This is the buyers. This is the people that actually at the closing table, closing on houses. So 902, two years ago, 931 last year and 867 this year. So it down a little bit. This number hasn’t changed all that much though. As you can see, kind of across the board in the different counties, it really doesn’t change that much at all.

So, that’s it guys. That’s Macomb county, February, 2022. We appreciate you guys joining in your time, your energy. It’s the most important asset we have. We love bringing these to you guys. It’s been six, seven years of doing these videos and we are just, we keep doing it cause we love it. You know, our entire team, we love providing this information and in educating the more education there is, the more value we can provide the better, we all are for it. So we appreciate you and we look forward to seeing you on the next one.