Feb 2020 Insiders Report Fears and facts in the roaring 20’s

We have your February 2020 Insider's Update. It's a special one. It's an important one and it's something that is very pertinent, obviously, for the times we're in. We've been talking about this for years now. If you guys have been following us at all over the last five years, all the content we've been putting out, a lot of it has had to do with it, especially on the Insider's Report. This section of our content is something that is near and dear to my heart because it's the most important thing I think as someone that's a provider for my family, taking care of your family and making sure you're in the right place at the right time, et cetera. This is super important.

The Insider's Reports have really been my baby over the last five years we've been doing them just because they are so important. They really are the 30,000 macro-level views of what's going on in the market and how the market basically affects your life and all of our lives. Right? There's obviously is a big thing that's going on right now. Obviously, we are nearing the end of this week, which has been one of the most disastrous weeks in terms of the stock market and paper assets on record. Really, it's kind of interesting because gold, silver haven't jumped really much. Crypto is actually down in general and stuff like that. Gold, silver kind of state even. So we're seeing manipulations in the markets as we have now for a while and especially in the gold, silver market. However, there is some interesting stuff, I think, coming down the pike, stuff we've kind of talked about forever, truthfully. We knew these days would come. Maybe this blows over, who knows? I mean, maybe this blows over next week, it's just back to the usual. We'll see.

Coronavirus Fears

However, I think the Coronavirus fears are definitely here to stay at least for a little bit just because of the way the climate cycle and stuff like that play out. If it was getting warm really soon, then obviously, that might dry up faster. But we still possibly have some time where this is going to linger. It's going to spread. We're seeing more cases throughout the different countries in the world. So this going to play an important part. Really, it's very sad obviously for the people that are dying, that is affected. We're seeing a lot of the older people that are affected right now, respiratory issues, things like that. But this is going to wreak havoc in the markets. And that's what we're seeing right now. We're seeing this really wreaking havoc in the markets and the market is scared of what's to come. It's really because of things like Korea and in China quarantining people, shutting down school's work, et cetera. So things aren't getting done. And that's why we're seeing a lot of the fears, because a lot of the bigger companies in America have said, "Hey, the forecast could be half of what we were thinking of stuff like that." Because if you've seen any pictures, out in the ocean where the different freight lanes and shipping lanes they have just ships everywhere. Just sitting there, just idle and justices and I should say square miles and miles of ships just sitting in places and waiting to see what's going on. There's freight, there's cargo, there's food. Obviously, there are all these different things that aren't being shipped around the world, or they're being halted or it's very slow that normally would be otherwise. I don't claim to be some expert in Coronavirus and what's going on there at all, by any means. But these are just some of the things I've been seeing, some of the things I've been picking up and obviously the markets are reacting accordingly to what really economically people see coming.

Hopefully, this is a health concern that should alleviate hopefully sooner rather than later. However, it does have a huge economic impact. With us being such a global society now. Remember, 20 years ago, 30-50 years ago, we weren't so global. It was just a few countries that if one country went down, maybe the other ones would dip a little bit, but the rest of the country, the rest of the world wasn't affected. So now, because we're so global, there are so many emerging countries now, there is a global impact on what's going on. So something to think about and that's why we're seeing such a steep dropoff in some of the markets and stuff like that because things are so global. Historically, if things were happening in say an emerging country, you wouldn't see a sell-off may be as big or as steep or you want to see any as many issues. But because everything is so interconnected, that's why we're seeing some of that. So again, something to really be prepared before. This is something that getting everyone, this is just common sense this is the things that every family should be prepared with. Just some food storage, a couple of weeks of that, some money saved up for a few weeks, the very minimum of two weeks.

It matters to be prepared

I think the CDC, the Center for Disease Control just came out and said that this week. I think that's what kinda got a lot of people have arms, I believe it was Wednesday or yesterday and everyone was talking about that. They were just kind of put out some guidelines. But again, whether there's national disasters or sickness or the economy collapsing or an EMP or a solar flare taking off the electrical grid, you should definitely have some things. We've talked about some of these things, the five Gs things like that. We've talked about that over time as to what you should have on hand, what you should be prepared with for whatever life throws at you. Right? Something super important to just to think about, to know about how it's gonna impact you. Really. Probably most of you economically. Whether it be your school shut down, your kids aren't going to school or maybe you're out of work for a week or two, whatever it may be. It's going to be an interesting next couple of weeks, next month or two. It is to see what happens. But again, be prepared physically at home. Hopefully, most of you are prepared or have been preparing already just for anything. I mean, who would have seen this coming? Right? Just be prepared for things like this, any natural events or manmade events as well and being prepared, I mean, really two weeks, maybe in four weeks. If you can do four weeks, that'd be great. If you can have food storage and maybe some extra gas at your house, whatever it may be. So that way you can be prepared.

Market Collapse

Now I put myself on the spot with the five Gs. There's something you've always thought about, but it's Guns, Grub, Gold, Gas, and I never can remember all five. We're going to put well waters and ground, but we'll think of it. But anyway, you get the picture. Water isn't here. So water, food, obviously some gold and silver, gas, guns. We'll think of that one. But anyway, the whole point is I want you to see that and that way it's something simple to remember, right? So the fears obviously that knowing that, being prepared here, a market collapse, obviously, is yet to be seen. We'll see what happens. Obviously not a good week.

Diversifying your assets

If you're in paper assets, something that we've been railing on for years is to not just be in paper assets, whether you have a 401k or an IRA, pensions, retirement, any retirement stuff, 529's, you name it. I mean, there's so much of our economy is tied up into Wall Street now and you have to be diversified. You have to have other asset classes. Not just one asset class. We've been talking about that for years too, right? There are Four Asset Classes. There's business, there's paper, which is like we just said, that's the equities market. That's the stock market and bonds as well. So stocks, bonds, that's the paper market. It's all paper, right? The 529, the 401k, pension and stuff like that. Commodities, which are gold and silver and food, water, things like that. So those are are the commodities. Then real estate. So being in a real estate obviously is huge. And we're going to talk about some alternative down here a little bit and or in a moment.

Where is your money?

But then again, where is your money? Right? So if the market collapses, where is your money? Is it in just this asset class? Is it in just paper? Is it in just stocks and bonds? Hopefully, it's maybe in some of these other things. Are you investing in business possibly? Are you investing in gold and silver, stuff that's very cheap right now to buy, very easy to buy? And truthfully, you can probably put Crypto up here. That's honestly is a fifth asset class, emerging in away. Do you have some other things that you are diversified in? people talk about being diversified, but they really just usually talk about being diversified in the paper asset class - stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401ks, IRAs. But that's all the same asset class. That's a secret they don't tell you. That is just one asset class. Do you have any rental real estate? Do you have an apartment complex you own or a duplex or a single-family home you rent out? Can you rent out your home, maybe rent out rooms? Your commodities, as I said, gold and silver, do you have that? Are you making sure that you are diversified in some way? So where is your money? That's a huge thing to obviously, ask yourself, getting prepared, appear like talked about and then getting prepared down here. Are you prepared for what's coming? Whether it's coronavirus or whether it's something else that we may run into.


This is really the last thing and this is going to drive me insane. We are heavy obviously into real estate. We help people buy real estate. We invest in real estate ourselves. That's what our firm does. We help sellers either do a couple of things, we help them sell retail. If that's the best option for them or maybe the best option is to buy your home right there on the spot. Buy it cash right there, quick close and they're off to the races. Or maybe partnering with the seller, joint venturing with them, whatever it may be. So there are many options that a seller has that traditional realtor or someone else is not going to be able to tell you. They just don't have all the options. They don't have all those arrows in their quiver, right? So we want to be able to give people options. We are heavy in real estate. We have really all of these things. We have a little bit of all this because we want to be diversified and everything. Because it's interesting when you see the market going down, you see other things going up, which is the point of being diversified, truly diversified.

So where are you? What do you have? We're always looking for money and currency, I should say. We're always looking for paper currency to go invest and whether it's to help other people invest or maybe they have money that's sitting in this asset class right here and they want to go diversify. They want to actually truly diversify and go put it into say real estate. They want to go make money, make an 8%-30% return on their money instead of just sitting there and collecting 0.01% return in their money in their bank account or in their IRA, a 401k or whatever it may be. Where is your money at? Then the alternatives, like I said, we're always looking for money cause we're always trying to invest in something else and put our money somewhere else or park on somewhere else. The one thing I learned from Robert Kiyosaki is the velocity of money that the wealthy always have their money moving. It's constantly moving. They never have it parked in one place for too long because they're constantly searching for that next investment, the next place where they can go invest and put their money and make a really good return. Right? In the bank account, you can't make a great return. It's just impossible right now. So, 30-40 years ago that was the case. But now it's not. So where are we putting our money? Are we taking it out of paper? You might have penalties or taxes you gotta pay if it's in some of the retirement plans. But is it better with you having control of your money and making a larger return than sitting and waiting on it for five more years, 10 more years, 20, 30, 40 more years?

We're looking for you

That's up to you to decide. But as I said, we're always looking for people because we're always running out of money. We come into money and we run out of it. We come in because we're always investing in something else. So we're always looking for partners. We're always looking for people to invest and help them grow their assets and help them grow their investible assets base. So we're always looking for people to partner with. We're always looking for people to help them grow, help them grow their net worth, help them grow their asset column. That's what we do. That's what my team does. As I said, we help sellers sell either retail because sometimes that's the best thing to do. We find off-market properties, we find off-market deals because obviously, this market is not a lot of inventory and the prices, the things that are out there, they're actually, the prices are high. So we find off-market deals, we use our time and our energy and resources to find off-market properties. That way we can then help investors. We can grow our own portfolio or we can help other lenders or investors grow their portfolio.

So this is my plea to you to say, "Hey, if you know anyone or if you yourself are looking to diversify, truly diversify and get into more than one asset class and not just be diversified in one asset class, then please message me, please reach out to me and see how we can grow together and really grow our asset base together." We find lots of properties and we can't always take them all on because we are looking to grow our lending base. At the same time, we don't always just like you might not want to always deploy all of your capital. We don't want to deploy all our capital either cause we have to run a business as well. So we're always looking for money, always, always, always, currency, I should say. Money is gold and silver, the currency is a paper dollar. My team is always looking for currency to go then invest in intangible hard assets, rental real estate. So it could be a lot of single-family rentals, it could be small, multi-families, it could be apartment complexes, whatever it may be. Whatever we're running into, we are then going investing in that.

We have private money lenders that you could speak with and they can vouch for us. That's what we're looking to do. That's what we're looking to grow. What better time to do that than a time like now and think about that. As I said, it's something to think about and ponder about. If you have any more questions, message me. We have packets we can send out to people that kind of show the process and what we do.

That's our Insider's Report for today. So I hope that was somewhat informational. I'm gonna have to go put this in the comments later because that's going to bug the hell out of me. I'm gonna probably find it three seconds or remember it as soon as I come over here and shut the video off. But I appreciate you guys tuning in. It's the most important thing we have, your time. So I appreciate you more than anything, tuning in always for five years now and watching our videos, watching our content, all the feedback we've got for years. We just really appreciate it. We're excited to really add this new element, 2020 and beyond here through Roaring '20s. Because a great crisis really brings great opportunity for those who are prepared and those that are willing to make educated investments, educated take educated risks, right? So that's what we're looking forward to doing in 2020, doing a lot of that and really this decade doing a lot, taking a lot of people and helping us all get wealthier and build up together. And that's what's going to do. We can only do so much ourselves. We can only do so much ourselves. We have to partner with someone like you or we have to partner with others who are looking to grow and that's what we're looking forward to doing so. I appreciate you guys.

Let me give it one more crack at this 5Gs. Let me just put God in there because that works. It's the most important of all. There we go. I appreciate you guys more than anything, your time, attention, and energy, as I said is the most important asset we have out of all these assets. Your time is the most important, so I appreciate it so much. All the feedback, the attention, the love, we just, we appreciate it so much. We look forward to growing with you. Great times of crisis and panic really create massive opportunities. Massive, massive opportunity. So we look forward to speaking with you and we look forward to helping you and at the very least, look forward to just having a talk and helping to educate. So appreciate you guys more than a thing. We will see you at the next one.