Fact Of The Day: How Coronavirus Could Get You To Pay Lower Taxes

Just your little fact of the day, a little Coronavirus Fact of the Day.

Did you know Coronavirus could get you to pay lower taxes?

The government is thinking about reducing or eliminating the payroll tax going forward, or at least giving some reprieve for a little while. Once that pops, the fun doesn't stop. Once Americans get a taste of what they're actually getting taken from the government, they will not go back.

So please, please, please do that.

Please take the payroll tax from us for a little bit and we will all see how amazing it could be. FDR was the one that implemented that and just looks into that. We'll post something here, but it was all about politics. It was nothing about economics. It even says it from his mouth. He even talks about that. So check that out. That's a good one. You'll be pleasantly surprised.