eXp Realty NASDAQ Stock Awards & Agent Equity Program


Today, we’re gonna be talking about eXp and the stock and the NASDAQ and how that all works.

So yeah, when you’re a young kid and you’re growing up and you wanna have a career, I mean, don’t, we all think about working for publicly traded companies and feeling like that’s how I made it. And, so when you’re at eXp one of the coolest things is we are publicly traded. We got listed to the NASDAQ a few years ago and it’s been great.

It’s in real estate. One of the hardest things is figuring out what your retirement plan is and all things being equal. If you’re working somewhere else, doing your own brokerage, whatever you know, here at eXp we get shares of the company. Why does that matter? Couple reasons. One it’s extra value. We’re doing the same thing. You and I. If agent A’s over here and agent B’s over here, one’s at eXp one’s at a different brokerage.

They all do this. They do the same deal. One gets a stock award. One does not. That’s crazy to me. Why would you not take the stock? Because it could go up. It could go down. I had a very good friend of mine say, you know, Chris, you talk about the stock all the time. And yeah, I do because it’s awesome. And he goes, well, what if the stock goes the zero? Awesome. Then I’m just like you an agent with no stock. So why wouldn’t I take the stock? Like seriously, that’s what you want to do besides the fact that when you really get it through your head and understand this concept, that all the agents together, we all own the stock together.

So whether you’re with me or you’re in my rev share group, or you’re in my local area, I want you to win Mr. Arizona, Mr. California, Mr. New York, Mr. Florida, wherever you’re at. I want you to win as long as you’re with eXp. Why? Because when you do, cuz I’m a shareholder, we all win. We’re all owners. That’s a concept, not a lot of real estate agents get